Abhigya’s destiny episode 59


Guyz Thank you….let’s get back to story….

Episode starts with Abhi being angry and says kunal you will pay for this , how can you give wrong medicines to pragya, they could endanger pragya’s life. I won’t spare you…. Pragya is in wardrobe, she has much pain in uper abdominal, she can’t bear it, she says oh God! Its so painful, ahhh ahhh! I can’t bear it… She then remembers it is one of symptom of liver cancer… She thought how would i tell this to all, it’s better let me bear this pain, i won’t tell this to anyone… Abhi says i won’t let pragya bear this pain, tomorrow morning i will tell this to all.. I just need a proof, i will go to kunal tomorrow he will tell this truth himself…

Its next day: Dadi says indu, where is pragya i havn’t seen her since morning, indu says arey Didi, let her spend time with abhi, try to understand (Smajha karo) Dadi laughs…. Pragya over hears it and sayd Sorry dadi…. She leaves from there and as usual bunty bumped into pragya, Pragya thinks it’s better chance… She says in loud voice, are mad bunty can’t u walk slowly… Bunty gets feard of her voice and says Sorry chachi.. He leaves with tears in her eyes… Pragya thinks how can i do that nooo! Just then mitali comes and says pragya, why you shouted over bunty, see his condition he is so afraid… Pragya with some attitude says So what! I don’t care… Mitali says but… Pragya leaves… Mitali says how can pragya behave like this something is wrong, i should tell this to dadi..

Screen splits : Abhi throws all medicines of pragya in bin, and fills up their packets with vitamin medicine, so that pragya wouldn’t have doubt… Abhi says pragya, i knew u would take this step but pragya..I m ddissapointed…. Abhi leaves wardrobe and bumps into pragya… Pragya says ouch, abhi says are u fine, is it hurting, where? Tell me, pragya looks at abhi, Do pal ruka khwabon ka kaarwwan plays in background, Abhi says is it hurting, pragya says no, and is about to leave, abhi says pragya, from previous day you are behaving weirdly with me, you are not talking to me, tell me, what i did? Something that hurted you? Tell me, i can’t see you like this, plzz fuggy, my fuggy wasn’t like this, Pragya gets shattered inside but manages, with attitude she says please! Leave me i have much work! Abhi shouts Damn it can’t you see me, can’t u see my pain, Pragya shouts no i can’t, u understood? Abhi sayd why? In anger tone! Pragya says bcoz i m fed up of acting, i can’t act more, I can’t, ! Abhi holds pragya tightly by arm, and says acting? Pragya says yes acting,

I never loved you, and all long what i was doing was just acting, how can u think i love you, i hate you the most ,since university days i hated you how can u expect me to love you, i only accepted your proposal bcoz my father promised your father and i can’t betray my father, That’s it! But now i can’t do this acting anymore! I can’t… Abhi smiles and laughs, he claps…. Wow mrs pragya mehra, what u thought, your plan of betraying me will leave me with broken heart, no mrs pragya no, all long u thought wrong You know why! Bcoz same situation is mine, I never loved you, but for my father’s sake i did it! Thank God! I thought i would betray you, but i won’t, that’s so great na, So plan backfired! Haha cool i m happy there is no love in this relation! Abhi leaves from room and stands outside of room! Pragya was all shattered, she said how can he do that? How can he think of betraying me, how can he? Pragya cries hard, soon she wipes her tears and says Its good! Its good, he doesn’t loves me ,he would not get broken if i would leave me after 2 months…. Abhi who over hears this, thinks Abhi are you mad, see what you did, ufff but i would stop it, right today… Abhi leaves…

Scene shifts to rabul: Bulbul says first, we will go to paris then to london, purab says no madam, first we will go to London then yo paris… Bulbul says nooo! First… And their nok jhok of London and paris continued, soon bulbul saw pragya crossing from their room, she called out her and said diiii! Pragya stops and turns, bulbul says see na di, purab again is fighting with me, purab says no pragya di, see i m just saying her first we will go to london then to paris but shee… Bulbul says see di we should go to paris first and he…. They again continued their nok jhok, pragya without saying a word is about to leave, bulbul holds her and sayd di plz solve our problem na, Pragya with louder voice says why should i solve your each problem, its your honeymoon, you should decide and at each minor thing u are fighting, its not related to my business, Did u get that? U better get that! Pragya leaves, rabul are confused over pragya’s weird behaviour, ….

Pragya is about to go out of mm, dadi stops her and says Pragya, Pragya turns, dadi says today i m getting many complains of yours.. What’s wrong? Pragya says i don’t think telling this to you would be of any advantage so please dadi, don’t interfere in my life, Dadi is shocked to listen her words and shouts Pragya! Pragya says don’t shout dadi, i also know how to shout! Abhi comes there and sayd Stop your acting pragya, pragya is stunned to see him, and screen freezed……

Pre recap: Pragya takes knife, placed at bed and……… Stay tuned ??

Okay guyz, i think i should have continued it, don’t worry guyz i will post my next episode today…. And yes Syya i wasn’t upset with the comments, i know all are fed up of abhigya’s sepration, so everyone out there is irritated, So i wasn’t upset as i too am irritated of this senseless dragging , i don’t know when they will end this tanu’s track well No Expectations….

Scarlett : Yes i do use instagram, i will provide my user name in the comments, Thank you so so so much, for lovely comments….

And guyz thank you alll for your lovely comments, And yes thanks to all those silent readers! Byeeeee……

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. Ooooih i want one epi now!!!!!

  2. Awesome…. Hope in next ff its wil b end…waiting ???

  3. Superb mai nahi bol rahi ye kyuki mere paas alfaaz nahi hai ji kehne ko aj isi se kaam chalao ???????????????????????????????????? and yes as u r best for me so i will give this to my fav writer ????????????????????????????????????????

  4. That’s not fair yaar u have finished the episode in the interesting part.. Anyways I will wait for ur next episodes and today’s episode asusual Awesome pls update it today itself plssssssssss eagerly waiting for next episode

  5. Hey anzu today’s episode is nice but I am little bit upset for pragya’s behaviour …and precap is giving more excitement for ugla episode …but for it mein wait nahi kar sakti hoon. ..pls ugla episode jaldhi upload karo. ….and u r rocking..

  6. really superb ….i was juat waiting for ur ff from 2 days…so pls update next episode also today itself….pls….

  7. hiii diiii till now I am a silent reader of ur ff but todays precap made me to post my enthusiasm towards nxt episode eagerly waiting fr this

    1. thanks mahi

  8. Its Awesome……..I loved it………????????????????????????

  9. Yar that’s not fair u left the episode here…but anyways today’s episode was awesome …..plz update the next part soon I can’t wait…

  10. Superb yaar… BT plzzzz end it as soon as possible

  11. Superb…. Waiting for next… Pls upld the nxt fast

  12. Amazing I loved it ???❤❤❤???its awesome and you are too amazing.I’m wondering how are getting wonderful ideas anyways this episode is amazing I loved it ?❤?

  13. Awesome epi dear loved it a lot and waiting eagerly 4ur nxt upd pls upd soon dr as i can’t bear no more suspence in ur precap thks a lot 4ur swt com dr

  14. you told u will upload next episode today itself…. but u have not uploaded……why?
    we r aiting for that….pls upload now itself….pls….

  15. Fantastic! ??Hope to read the nxt upd soon but i think i wont have enough time to read later as i am busy with my revision for exam?? ?? I really love ur ff alot??. No words to express how much i love….

  16. Fabulous dear?????

    1. Thanks kutty…. After so much time you comented, i m glad….

      1. Yup dear I was little busy..
        I read all ur episodes yesterday???
        I’m happy vth ur reply?

  17. Scarlett sorry i didn’t replied your comment… here is my instagram id Anzeela Aziz.. With profile picture of a quotation, (journey not the destination)…. Thank you… And all of u guyz thanks so so so much! Lola, vigan, reji, maya, nevithetha, Maahi, sharaya, pavi, smile, durga, abhigya, Shriti, Reshma….. Thanks to alll of youuuu….. And yes surbhi tujhe thanks nhi kaha ab na maarna ?? guyz i have already uploaded my next episode don’t know when telly updates would post it… And sana i m sorry to make you wait….

    And guyz some of you like udaya, sweety, tweety, Akshaya, suhriti, rahab etc aren’t commenting, may be i do not deserve them, or may be you aren’t liking my current track… I m so sorry for that! I won’t force you to comment but plz tell me mistakes of my ff so that i could wrote my better…. Thank you alll…. Maya i m eagerly waiting for your next update….. I can’t waittt

  18. Much better*

  19. I do not comment often … ..but i love ur ff somiya. ……

  20. somiya…..u are really awesome…..plz..update sooonnnn…….ur imaginations are simply superb..somiya…..loved it…a lllllllllllllllooooooooooooottttttttttttttt

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