Abhigya’s destiny episode 58


Sorry guyz to make u sad! Sorry lola! Guyz many of you said to post ff today! So fine its 7 35 here and i m writing it hope you like it and yes i said there would be no sepration… It means for a short time abhigya would hurt eachother but they soon would become one i have other thoughts so stay tuned and again i m sorry! Lets get back to story….

Episode starts with pragya wiping her tears and says i should! She takes deep breathe, and says i should observe how much i m important to all, that would…. She takes deep breathe and says it would be right! She goes to washroom and comes out with a fresh face, she leaves room!…

She was going down just then she heard robin and laxmi fighting over a room! Pragya comes and says what happened why are u guyz fighting? Robin says see na di, its so much dirt there in the room, i m saying her to go and clean it but she is refusing, pragya says why laxmi? What’s wrong? Laxmi says mam sahaab, dadi has asked me to bring some medicine, i need to go there but this ronnie, i m asking him to clean the room but he isn’t… Pragya asks why ronnie? What’s wrong, Robin says actually di, Abhi sir has asked me to get a file to him, it is important for his meeting, now tell me what should i do! U are only the one who could decide! Pragya says laxmi, u should go and bring dadi’s medicine, laxmi says thanks mam saheb, she makes irritating face to robin and leaves, robin says but dii, pragya says you should go and give this file to driver he would give it to him (abhi) , and then come back and clean this room, Robin says wow i should have thought this earlier, You are great di, i don’t know what will we both (robin and laxmi) do without you, robin leaves, pragya gets sad and says even they are dependant on me! Pragya goes further and listens to rabul’s fight, bulbul says Paris, purab says london, bulbul says paris, purab says london, bulbul again says paris, purab says london… Pragya enters their room and sayd what is this stop it…. Bulbul says so nice of you diii, u came on right time, purab says yes di she is right, u always save me on right time, bulbul says see di he is always irritating me, pragya says but what is problem can u explain it to mee! Bulbul says di we are planning destination ,i mean place for our honeymoon, pragya says oh ho! Purab says di stop it, pragya says so what’s wrong in it why are u fighting, bulbul says di bcoz i m saying we will go to paris for honeymoon but he is saying london, now see paris is so much beautiful but he is not…. Purab cuts her and says di see london is so much beautiful we should go there na, bulbul says london my foot we will go to paris, purab says bo london, and their nok jhok for London and paris continued, it was pragya who stopped and said plzzz stop it, purab says di now u should only tell ,i mean u should solve this problem , pragya says so for how many days are u going, purab says may be 6 or 7… Pragya says if for 6 days… Visit london for 3 days and paris for 3… It would become equal… Bulbul hugs pragya and says mind blowing idea dii, afterall you are my dii u always solve my problem ,purab says bulbul is right di, we don’t know what we will do without you…. Pragya pretends to smile and leaves the room… Pragya says it is getting harder for me, just then bunty bumps into pragya, pragya says are slow… Mitali comes and says come bunty do your homework, bunty says no first of all give me ipad, i will play and then i will study, mitali says no first of all u have to study and then i will allow you to play… Bunty goes behind pragya and says nooo, pragya holds bunty and says you are good boy na, bunty nods, pragya says so you will accept what i would say, bunty nods, pragya says see bunty how much tensed your mom is, you should never do this, firstt of all you should study and then you should plplay, bunty says but, pragay says bunty if u will study first, then i will take you to the park, bunty says promise, pragya says paka wala promise, bunty says then we also will eat ice cream…. Pragya nods and smiles, pragya kisses him… Mitali says thank you pragya, u always solve my each problem, i don’t know what we will do without you…. Pragya was much hurted bcoz today she didn’t wanted to listen these words, it was becoming very difficult for pragya… Pragya finally came downstairs, raj called her pragya went there and said can u help us pragya, pragya says surely why not, aakash says pragya bhabhi, look at this (shows some files) , pragya looked, akash says this is best place for factory to build, but raj bhaiya he saying no… Pragya says i agree with bhaiya, aakash says but why dii, pragya says just bcoz see near this place are many schools, if we will build this Factory here then in near future these schools would protest and it would be great loss for us, bhaiya so drop this deal! Raj says yes pragya you are right! I don’t know what would we do without you…. Pragya pretends to smile and sayd to herself noo! Just then indu dasi called her, pragya went there ,indu said see now di is not eating medicine, dadi says pragya say her i won’t eat, pragya says but why dadi? Dadi says just becoz they taste sour! Pragya says no excuses.. Dadi makes a sad face… Pragya says this won’t work, u have to eat it! Dadi eats it, indu says don’t know what we will do without you Pragya …. Pragya leaves room and says whyyy there are so dependant on me…. I should go to maa!….

Abhi gets a call and says what! He ends call and says i won’t leave kunal this time, but i will see what step pragya is taking and i m 100% sure what she will do!…..

Pragya reaches to surla mansion, she gets in, surbhi is reading a book, she looks at door and finds pragya there, she rushes to her and hugged her tightly, she said thank you so much di for coming i missed u so much, pragya says oh! How much! Surbhi says very much! Come na di! Surbhi says surlaa maa, maa , janki and surla came out out of kitchen and said pragya… The went to pragya and hugged her… Surla says take rest beta we will come we have some work… Surbhi says di, come i will show u my book story of faith, it’s chosen as best book and i m gonna be awarded with it u know when they asked me what was my inspiration i said my pragya di is my inspiration bcoz of her i wrote this book, u don’t know di i just can’t live without you, u know i m fully dependant on you know ,i don’t know how would I live without you, she hugged pragya, just then a tear came out of pragya’s eyes…. She thought why i loved them so much, its getting difficult for me to think which step i should take…..

Back at Mm: abhi went to empty room and thought to himself pragya you are not doing right! I know, what step will you take but i will let you take that step, i will see how long you will act….

Pragya comes back to her room ,she thinks why God why, why everyone is dependant on me, why they love me so much ,whyyy i need answe why why why! Pragya cries much, she wipes her tears and went to wardrobe, and came back with laptop , she Searched symptoms of liver cancer… And result was…..
upper abdominal pain,unplanned weight loss,appetite loss,jaundice (yellowing of the skin or white area of eyes), …. She switched off her laptop, she went to wardrobe and came back with medicines that doctor suggested, she had one! Just then abhi entered pragya rushed to wardrobe and locked cupboard she came out, abhi said hey pragya, pragya thinks now you have no option… Pragya sat on bed and started reading a book, abhi thinks to himself i knew you would do this… Abhi says give me reports Pragya, pragya becomes tensed and says reports were normal, abhi said i know reports were normal but give it to me na, pragya in louder voice said why don’t you understand they were normal, normal means normal… Abhi sits beside her and said are you fine pragya, pragya says its just that i don’t want to talk to you, abhi says why! Pragya gets up aand says my wish! Abhi says something is wrong, pragya takes deep breathe, just then she started feeling pain in upper abdominal, she managed and said bcoz i, i don’t want to talk… Abhi feels something fishy and says to himself i think these are medicine’s effect, i won’t leave kunal! Pragya goes to wardrobe ,she can’t bear this pain…. Screen freezed over pragya’s painful face, and abhi’s angry face…

Pre recap: pragya behaves weirdly with everyone, abhi comes and shouts over pragya stopp your acting…

Sorryyyyyyy, but this is only way, to make abhigya closer, i said na i won’t seprate them this is just for feww episodes, guyz i hope you understand and plz its a request don’t compare this sepration with real kkb’s sepration track, bcoz that track is of no use, in that track abhi and pragya are going apart of eachother, there is no trust, no love in real kkb, it’s just tanu’s show… The name of Real show should be Tanu’s child bhagya, bcoz here we do not see any type of kumkum bhagya, its all based on tanu and her child’s Future…. Ughhhh i m frustrated over it…. And guyz this track would bring abhigya more closer ,and as you know i never drag any track, same i won’t drag it hope you understood, Sorry again if i made you angry or Sad …..Sorry ,its just a ff! I am sorry ??
Bye guyzzz

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. Wow…thanks yaar….u have updated today itself….this episode is really awesome…you r superb….

  2. It’s super plz update fast next part tooo longggggggggg I want……..

  3. sana ( abhigya )

    Awesome somiya ………….hope their love become more strong ……… nd I hope pragya’s weird behaviour will be revealed by abhi in next episode ………nd don’t be srry yaaar ………… be happy always ….unite them faster

  4. Nice yaar…thn the name u given 4 real kkb s awesome n also apt name 4 tat coz thy doing lk tat only… Thn today s not tat much sad so u don’t feel sry thn the best part s abhi knows the truth so the step taken by pragya vl won’t b tat much hard n hurting coz abhi vl be thr to make it as a normal…

  5. Pls update next episode now itself yaar…pls…

  6. super depentant on pragya scence.

  7. Somiya ??? kb story of faith book ???? award pagal hai kya waisey kehne ki kya zaroorat tu to hai hi pagal abe 4 page b nahi padhega koii ar kabad me jayegi book so alag ar tu award ki baat kar rahi hai ???????anyways khushi hui dekh kar ki abhi ka dimag chalta hai ar mje pata tha wo tu hi chala sakti hai achhi baat kisi kaam aana chahiye us bewkoof ka dimag episode mast jhakaas bindaas ar super duper hit tha madam???????????????? reshma tumhara kya kehna hai ye kch zyada sorry bol rahi hai ise ek punch to milna hi chahiye ???????

    1. Haaa Surbhi, Ye kuch syaada hi sorry bol rahi hei………Mujhe lagta hei,Ek punch se ye sudharoongi nahi……..Hame tho kuch syaada hi sochna Padega……….Haa Ek aur baat ,Tum kyun Meri another Favourite FF ko bura bol rahi hoon……Kisne kaha 4 Page bhi nahi Padegha aur Kabad mein jayengi book???? Thume bhi dapad ki zaroorat hei……Arey Bhagvan ji,Mujhe raasta dikhaavoo na Meri iss 2 doston ki Pittayi karne keliye………KYUN SAHI KAH RAHI HOONA MEIN??????

      Telly updates Plzzz post this……Don’t delete this…….plzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

      1. Reshmaaaa…….. So sweet of youuu….. Thanks welll, or haan mujhe thapad maro na maro, surbhi ko zaroor maar dena, She deserves more…. ????…pitaaee toh tum yahan say kar nahi skty m bach gayeee…. Yeahhhhhhh!

      2. Areh Reshma tum mje maaf karo galti ho gayi par is somiya ko samjhao ye zid pakad k baithi hai mjse baat nahi karegi poocho to zara aisa kyu keh rahi hai ????

      3. Reshama haha…. Surbhi say ek din baat kiyea bagair nhi reh sktyy mmm…. I love her soooo wala muchhh… And she knows it, i m a dramebaaz….. ?????

      4. Reshma totally agree vth u???

    2. Reshma iss ki baat mat suno, apne ff ko kabaadr bol rhy h, surbhi tu na mujh say baat hee na kar….. I also thought mein kuch ziyda hee sorry keh rhy hun ???

      1. Haa…Haa…Bachu…Tum kuch Zyaada hi sorry bol rahi dhi…Kahani he Yaar…Twist tho aathi rahthi hei…..Bina Twist ki Kya kahaani hei….Bina gham ki Kya Zindagi hei…..Tho tume sorry bolne ki koi zarrorat nahi hei….Samajh Gayi ?? & Haa Kya hei Ye??Surbhi Mujhse Complaint kar rahe ki tumne uss se baat Karna chod diya….Galat baat hei Meri dost….Tumne tho tumari FF KO kal Boring kehlaya thaana….Tab vo thujhe daandkar maaf kar diya….Aaj Vo apni FF KO aisi kah rehye tho ,tume bhi usse khoob daatkar maaf Karna chahiye…….Usse itna daatoo itna datooo ki uski kaan band Karna chahiye…Par baat zaroor Karna……& Haa Somu,Meine tho bedi comment likha dha…Par Telly updates vo delete kar diya…..

        Telly updates plzzzzzzzzz post this comment…..& its 3rd time I am commenting here……plzzzzzzzzz ……its a request……..

  8. Ya anzu I am happy that I guessed one of ur nick name ….this is very nice and waiting for tomorrow’s episode mein tumhaari ff mujhe bahuth pasanth hai lekin i have no time to comment …maaph karo. .

    1. That’s fine! I will be always waiting for ur comment, whenever u will comment i will have wide smile over my face….. Thanks

  9. I hate dat real kkb . love ur ff nice track ur ff is nice than kkb waiting for next episode love u dear.

  10. Really fantastic and hope abhi finds out abt Pragya’s weird behavior soon!!!?

  11. superbbbbbbbbbbb

  12. Just one word amazing awesome excellent I know I said one word and wrote three words because I’m in dilemma what word will suit you but fortunately every word will suit you you are tooo amazing

    1. Awwww so sweet of you sharaya, thank you so muchhh

  13. Awesome…pls update the next part soom

  14. Hey dear tdays epi is awesome i thnk tht abhi knew abt kunals plan anyways i know u will unite abhigya soon & dear i too know that abhigyas reunion will be marvelous,OMG!!! I am really crazy abt u na dear as both of us have same characters,haan dear i too love making frnds & 4 me my wrld will remain incomplete without my frnds& by the way i am too a grt chatter box,haan dear i am also the youn one in our home its sooooo swt to be youn thn oth na thnks a lot dear 4ur com as they really mean a lot to me thnks once again dear 4 bringing a wide smile ovr my face by ur lovable com “I LOVE U DEAR” oops!!! Don’t take me wrng but i really like u a loooooooooot dear

    1. Lol pavi, why would i take I LOVE you in wrong way ??? you are a girl…. So thanks pavi…. And yes surbhi really deserves the award……

  15. Yup i 4get to say u something u’ve really done a good job dear by giving award to surbi di as she really deserve it haan dear we shld speak to tellyupdates abt this award by the way dear ur new title to kkb is awesome dear we shld surely suggest thm to change the title

  16. Thank you so much for updating it soon dr and coming to the episode it was amazing dr I really loved it abhi knows something about pragya so only he is calm yes I understand ur feelings and I know u will not separate abhigya or drag the story u will definitely solve the problem in ur rocking manner so keep going and I am eagerly waiting for the twist…

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    1. Thanks shree

  20. i know u are upset for the last comm.i know there has to be a twist in every story otherwise it will be boring. it is just that i am or most of us are feed up with the real kkb and we can’t see them separate. u are a great writer. i love love ur ff because is diferent.is something we want to see in real.sorry if i hurt ur feelings.

    1. No no syya Not at all…. I wasn’t upset dear…… I m a happy person ??? lol well syya i know we all are fed up of that meaningless sepration but this sepration is something different and don’t think i m upset bcoz of your comments …Thankss…..

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