Abhigya’s destiny episode 57 (Wrong decision )


Okay guyz, Thankssss for the comments, okay lets get back to story…..

Episode starts with abhi coming to room with breakfast in his hands, he closes door, pragya says why u brought it here i was coming down na! Abhi said don’t try to make me fool! I know if u had came down then probably u were gonna serve everyone and in that u were going to forget about your breakfast so sit quitely at the bed today i will make u eat breakfast, pragya says but, abhi said no but no cut, just do as i say, Pragya says okay commander! And sits on bed… Abhi makes her eat breakfast, pragya asked u ate breakfast? Abhi said yes.. No i mean, pragya says i knew u didn’t, pragya makes abhi eat breakfast, abhi says pragya today i m coming with u, pragya asks where? Abhi said so u forgot, doctor asked us to visit hospital for further tests, pragya makes irritated face and says all fault is mine i should have ate breakfast previous day, Abhi says see i was right ! Pragya feels like vomiting, she placed hand on her mouth, abhi got a call so he didn’t noticed, and went from room, pragya moves a little bit, and again she feels vomiting, she this time rushes to washroom,…. After sometime, abhi came back to room, and calls out pragya, pragya comes out of wardrobe, and wipes face with towel, abhi asks fine? Pragya says yes! Abhi says come we have to drop aliya to airport and then we will go to hospital, Pragya says fine! ….

At Airport : Aliya says i will miss you bhai, Pragya, abhi hugs him and says promise me u will come back soon, aliya says paka wala promise, Abhi says wait i will bring your bag, pragya says kids i will miss you…. Varun says di we would miss you too, aliya hugs pragya and says thank you, pragya says if again u will say thank you na then i will not talk to you, aliya gets sad, pragya asks what happened? Aliya says pragya if naina would ask me for nikhil then what will i answer to her? Pragya says she would never ask, if she would, tell her truth, because if u will hide truth, it will hurt her much, Aliya says its my mistake i trusted nikhil, 2 times…. Pragya says you never made a mistake by loving him, You should never regret loving, You never made a mistake, by giving him a chance, That’s a reason for strength not shame, U didn’t made a mistake by trusting him, believing him or being there for him, DO YOU KNOW WHY? Your actions reflect YOU, you would do this for anyone who comes your way, It just happened that he wasn’t appreciati’ve of your pure intentions, U didn’t made a mistake, The mistake was his choice to make… U understood? Aliya hugged pragya and said you always helped me in difficult time, Thank, no no thanks…. Pragya laughs, Aliya hugged her again, Abhi comes there and says how many times would u hug her? Let me hug my wife, Aliya says so mean bhai, she is my bhabhi, i would hug her 1000000 times, Abhi says she is your bhabhi bcoz she is my wife, if she wasn’t my wife, she was not gonna be your bhabhi, aliya was about to say something, pragya says stop it! I m a human, everyone can hug me, is this a topic to fight, abhi says but…. Pragya says stoppppp, all kids laughed…. Avni came and hugged pragya… It was time to go…. So aliya and everyone left… Abhigya waved them a bye, Abhi says lets go to hospital…. Pragya agreed….

At hospital…. Doctor says each test is done, we will get reports tomorrow, so thanks mr abhi, Abhi says doctor sanjana, is anything serious? Doctor says i don’t think so, but let reports come then… Pragya says i knew it everything would be fine but he, he wasn’t listening to me, Abhi says yea yea i wasn’t listening, Chashmish, pragya says don’t call me by that name, abhi says Chashmish, Chashmish, chashmish, pragya says stoppp it, abhi says i won’t and their nok jhok continued, doctor says stopp it, this is hospital, be silent, abhi says teach my wife how to remain silent, pragya says i know how to be silent u should learn it, doctor says MR ABHI, stop it plzz, abhigya said sorry, doctor says mr abhi i would go out of town tomorrow so i will ask my nurse to give u report, Abhi says fine doctor, Pragya says Thanks…. And they left…

Next day: pragya is sleeping , abhi comes out of wardrobe, abhi says still, he shakes pragya but pragya didn’t answered as she was in deep sleep, abhi says ufff this girl, sometimes acts like a child, sometimes like a mother and sometimes like a Proffesor, pragya opened her eyes and says i heard it, abhi gives ooops expression, pragya laughs…. Abhi says i m going your reports, pragya says fine… Abhi gets a call and says no i won’t, i m busy, i said na no…. No….. Pragya snatches phone from him, pragya sayd yes! The caller says Mam its important meeting today but sir isn’t coming, pragya sayd he is coming within few minutes, caller said thanks… Abhi says but pragya…. Pragya says go and attend meeting i will collect reports, abhi says but, pragya says shhhhh i m going na that’s it… Abhi kisses her on forehead and says bye… Pragya says bye and whispers Love you, Abhi listened to it and said I love you too, pragya blushed…. Abhi leaves…

At hospital, : nurse says Mrs Mehra, Doc sanjana is out of town today so these are reports and yes consult with Doctor raman, he is Hepatologist, pragya asks but why? Nurse says i don’t know, Doctor sanjana asked me to inform you! Pragya says thanks… Nurse leaves, at some distance she met a man, and he gave him money, nurse left…. Man turns, afcoarse he is non other then coward oh I mean Kunal, kunal laughs evily, whereas pragya leaves to Doctor Raman’s cabin…..

U guyz can imagine doctor raman as corporator of real kkb!

Raman says Mrs mehra, Pragya says yes! Pragya Abhishek mehra…. Raman says plz sit, pragya sits, Raman says Mrs mehra plz give me those reports, pragya hands over those reports to Raman, Raman stood up amd turns to wall, he laughs evily, just then he brought a shock expression over his face and turned towards pragya, pragya says is everything fine doctor? Raman says Mrs Mehra, actually you… Pragya says yes? Raman says you are fighting with that disease! Pragya asks which disease, tell me doctor…. Raman says you are fighting with….. With……. With…… Pragya asks yes! Raman says You are fighting with liver cancer and its last stage, pragya stood in shock for 5 minutes….
Raman says i m sorry but u can only live upto 2 months not more then it… Pragya stood like a life less body, her heart stopped beating, it was just lub……… Dub……. Lub……. Dub……. Lub……. Dub….. And its fastenend lub dub.. Lub dub… Lub dub… Lub dub…. Raman says this is list of some medicines, u will feel better if u would have them… Pragya managed herself and said doctor are u sure bcoz i never went through any type of symptoms, Raman sayd it happens sometimes symptom for this disease appears at very first stage, some times at last stage… So take care of your self, I will inform it to Mehra… Pragya says no no don’t ,i i will inform myslef…. Raman says fine, pragya leaves the room….. As she leaves kunal came and sat on table, he was eating apple and said thankyou Raman bhaiya… I love you… Raman says i can do anything for my younger brother…. Kunal says everything is going so perfect na, now u will see that pragya would live in this depression and would never tell this to abhi.. And this depression would seprate them…. He laughs evily, someone hears their conversation and leaves the place…

Pragya comes out of hospital all shattered,she says no no way this can’t happen, this Can not happen… Pragya cries hard ,she says i have to tell it to him… No no i can’t, he will break down, i can’t tell it to anyone… I should go home…. Pragya looks at the report and says why always these things happen to me! She cries hard….

Pragya all shattered came back to mm, and opened door of her room, suddenly her phone beeped ,she took the phone and it was a message from his loving husband that he would be late today, so she shouldn’t forget about lunch and dinner as he will be back at night…. Pragya’s hands were shivring, she placed her phone over bed, and went to wardrobe she took a file, A file, It wasn’t only a file but her life story, she kept her all achievements in it, she kept her all sorrows, grief in it, it contained about all her life, she came back with that black file and opened it, she took a paper, on that paper, She had written all her wishes, that she wished to do in real life before dying… Those wishes included…
To be a happy person…
To prove her mom that how much she loves her…
To prove her sister, what she means to her(pragya).
To live every moment like she is gonna die tomorrow ….
No grief… No sorrow ……happiness to overcome it…
And her one of best wishes was to prove to her husband how much she loves her, yes yes she never believed in love ,so what we also do not believe in Magical powers of princess but we do wish to have those powers, same as pragya never belived in love but she wished this, she didn’t knew if these wishes would ever come true or not..
She wanted to travel…. She wanted to explore this beautiful world….. She wanted to be crazy all the time because she wanted to be herself…..
She wanted to……. Oh No! pragya closed the file we can’t further read her wishes…
She took the file, placed it in cupboard and locked the cupboard, she also placed reports with file…. She like a lifeless body sat on bed and saw her marrige picture, she said how! I mean i have no more strength to tell u this thing, sorry i know,she took a deep breathe….. I know it would be wrong decision but i can’t tell it, you love me so much, u were panicked when i just fainted but this time, i would die.. She stopped saying further, i….. I know u love me so much, but…. Pragya begins to cry………. You all love me so much, if i would tell u these things then probably u all would get disturbed, you all would get so much sad even when i will leave u after 2 months u all won’t ne happy and whole life u all would live in sorrow… And i can’t do this, i can’t fill up your whole life with sorrow…. And if i wouldn’t tell you all and would suddenly leave u after 2 months, then i m 100% sure, you all would live your whole life in great shock… Now tell me what shoul i do, what should i do… Tell mee, why u all love me so much tell me! Problem is you all love me! Why don’t u hate me, if u would have hated me then it was easy for me to leave you all…. She cries hard this time…. And screen freezed over pragya’s sorrow filled face, kunal’s evil face and abhi’s happy face….

Pre recap: Abhi thinks to himself Pragya you shouldn’t do that….

Guyz belive me i m not gonna seprate them, and yes reshma, Shriti pardon me, i won’t ever comment on my ff ? i won’t decide if its boring or not…. So thanks guyz and go through my last episode i will surely reply to each comment…. ?? okay tata bye bye, have a great day, Guyz its 3 05 pm here i don’t know when telly updates is gonna post this episode…. So thanks again……

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. nice yaar i didnt expect this twist somiya this kunal he should get a ni8ce slap yaa but todays episode was really awesome

  2. i hope u don’t separate them.today’s epi left me a little tense.i will be waiting for the next one with good news.

  3. Superb yaar awesome twist but I feel sad for pragya.. Eagerly waiting for next episode…

    1. And thank u soo much for ur lovely reply dr after reading ur reply a wide smile comes on my face too love u so much I know u r upto some twist that will be great treat to us eagerly waiting for it keep rocking????

  4. Oh im sad

  5. wow..really superb yaar…but what is this twist..it will make abhigya apart from each other?no..no.. dont do like that…pls don’t separate them…..pls….pls update next episode today itself…pls…

  6. Superb……

  7. ash(akshaya kannan)

    It’s awesome please continue soon
    It’s gearing up suspense.
    Please don’t separate abhigya
    Please update it today itself

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhh sooooo sad yaar… BT I thk plzzzzzzzzzzz dnd tz track I mean liver cancer drama track as soon as possible yaar… I know she doesn’t hv tat disease n also I felt tat pragya vl do things as a result their family mem vl hate her anyway waterever is hpn bt dont make soooooooooooo sad yaar…

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  11. ho pls yar dont do diss pragya will do family hate herself no noo pls make know truth to pragyaa and abhi

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    1. Somiya are you on instagram? If u r thr means pls tell me pls

  13. sema twist ya very super..

  14. that’s like my good sister. anyways sis
    u should not say sorry. in friendship no sorry no thank you. but todays episode was mind blowing u just read my comments I will go & read once again. tata bay bay

  15. Interesting!!! Hoping to read the nxt one soon?

  16. Oh so saaaaaaaaaaad dear i was really upset pls don’t give any sad mom bet abhigya as it will make us feel so sad pls dear pls reveal the truth as soon as possible dear

  17. Its really sooooooooo swt of u dear & once again u brought a wide smile ovr my face by ur reply& also by ur com to my ff shall i ask u something will u be my frnd forever dear its just a req i will not order u in this case

    1. Ohhh soo sweet of you pavi….. Why not! I love making friends so friendship accepted ????

  18. Awesome somiya, this twist is what we really needed, i don’t know why all your fans are saying not to seprate abhigya, but to be honest seriously hats off to you di for such an amazing job and i know you will be little bit upset that no one is liking current track but believe you me the way you have explained each scene of pain is amazing, i loved it and i m loving it and guyz plzz think positive ,See her creativity, but you all are burying her creativity by saying not to seprate abhigya….
    Sorry of I hurted youu all….

    Somiya are u on instagram? I will love to be your friend……

  19. That’s like my Gud girl………Its Superb..
    …I am sure that u will never separate ABHIGYA……….. Such an Excellent writing……….. Its for this Awesome Episode……????????????????☺???????????????????????
    Plzzzzz Telly updates Post this Comment…….. Its second time I commenting this….First one was deleted….soooooo Plzzzzzzz post this Comment……..

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    Awesome somiya but don’t separate abhigya eagerly waiting for ur next episode

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  23. Awesome somiya…. Just like u???❤

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