Abhigya’s destiny episode 54


Guyz guyz sorry sorry for the late update , i missed those comments,  but believe u me i really wanted to update my ff but my internet connection was down, this is through mobile data that i m uploading it,  i will try to make this episode longer but i don’t know if it really would be longer or not as i m not using my  PC,  ahhh well let’s get back to story…

Episode starts with nikhil saying to head of NGO mam where is the girl that used to live in that dark room,  the head felt something fishi, and said actually that girl,  we sent her to another NGO of another city but the bus got accident and she died,  nikhil said okay, he left and thought thank God she is no more , i couldn’t kill her just bcoz i never wanted to be a murderer but she herself left this world, hahaha and naina,  i love naina my daughter she is with pragya right now but i can’t go to her as pragya would get the doubt and naina doesn’t knows that Aliya is her mother and i m his father,  i love money more then anyone coz money is all that saves us, and money never leaves us, sorry naina but money is the thing i love…..
.  (guyz u must be thinking that how naina is with pragya and  i never took naina’s name in my any episode so who is naina so for the answer let’s get back to story)…..

Scene shifts to the flat: abhi says aliya com’on,  come to ur house,  aliya says no bhai,  abhi says why?  aliya said bhai  nikhil could come there so if he will see me then our plan would be failed,  abhi sayd u are right but i won’t allow u to live alone,  pragya says so nikhil doesn’t comes to our home so aliya can live at my home with maa, surbhi and jaanki maa,  with kids,  abhi says nice idea…..  Aliya says pragya, kids?  Pragya says what kids?  Aliya said u said na that aliya would live with kids in my home,  pragya says oh kids well it’s a long story, i will ask surbhi to tell u and yes there almost 15 kids,  aliya smiles and says i think u were gonna prepare a cricket team,  all giggle…  And left place..

Scene shifts to pragya’s home : surla says nikhil is so cruel he will pay for his deeds,  jaanki says us kay uper keeray parein, (may insects fall on him)  , surbhi says aliya come i will show u ur room,  abhi says thanks maa u,  surla says so what no thanks havn’t u heared law of mother in law,  abhi gets confused and sayd law of mother in law?  Surla says law of mother in law states that son in law nor says sorry to mother in law neither thanks,,  alll laugh! Abhigya along with purab left place…. Surbhi is with aliya, she says aliya this is ur room,  and suddenly sounds were coming of drums, and screams were coming of kids,  surbhi says again they started their fake brand, aliya smiles and says who?  Surbhi says kids, come i will show u their fake band, aliya goes with surbhi, surbhi opens door of a room and it was much big, which could accommodate 15 kids, all had their beds,  study table, it was half blue for boys and half pink for girls, in a corner of that room, there were pianos,  guitars,  drums, and all muical instruments, varun was standing with the mike and all 15 kids had musical instrument and with real voice varun was singing love love happy love,  love love happy love, roy was sitting over bed and saying stop it so worst u sing, i m a doctor i can check if therr is any infection in ur throat,  varun laughs and says bed joke,  avni says varun bhaiya joke was good, all children laugh,  roy says see avni is on my side,  avni says no roy bhaiya varun bhaiya sings well,  varun laughs and says see this cute lil avni is on my side, roy says okay okay u guyz won argument i lost, i gave up,  aliya laughs harder and claps,  all kids look at her, surbhi was also laughing,  avni sees her, she couldn’t resist herself and hugged aliya, aliya hugged her back, and went on knees, avni breaks hug and says u, i mean sorry i don’t know why i hugged u, aliya looked in her eyes, the innocence, avni’s eyes were much beautiful, and aliya said haha it doesn’t matters, varun says surbhi who is she?  Surbhi says she is abhi jiju’s sister, she would live with us for 2 or 1 day, all kids had smile over their face, aliya says so junior band can i join ur band, varun sayd afcoarse di, aliya lughed and all day she was enjoying with all kids, especially with avni and roy,.

Scene shifts to purab in his room, he says finally di is back i missed her so much, bulbul came in the room, purab saw her and hugged her tightly and says bulbul bulbul bulbul, i m so much happy today, bulbul broke hug and said gud, she went and was searching for her mobile, purab thinks oh stupod purab, she is upset with u how can u forget, purab goes to bulbul and holds her by the arms and says bulbul i m sorry, bulbul looks away and says for what, purab says i know what i did was wrong, bulbul says no nothing was wrong, wait i will call laxmi (imaginary character works as servant in mm) , laxmi comes and sayd yes mam sahaab, bulbul says do u know how to cook, laxmi says haan mam sahaab, i know to cook Italian, Chinese, indian ,desi dishes, bulbul says good, so do u know how to take care of everyone ,laxmi says yes mam sahaab, i know like dadi’s fav dish is allloo ka pratha, purab sahab’s fav dish is italian rice, abhi sahab’s fav dish is began ki sabzi (egg plant) , bulbul says good do u know how to manage things, laxmi says i know it very well ,like i know when to give bunty chocolates, when milk, when i should clean home, when i should cook food, i greatly manage everything, bulbul says excellent, laxmi says but why are u asking it? Bulbul says purab sir wants to marry the one who know’s how to do these things, laxmi says taubah taubah taubah, purab saheb i m already married, bulbul mam i m going now, purab says what the hell bulbul, bulbul says laxmi u can leave, purab says how u thought that i would marry laxmi, have u seen her, she isn’t beautiful, neither attractive nor i love her, bulbul says so MR purab mehra, do u love me beacause i m beautiful or i m beautiful becoz u love me, purab says bulbul i m sorry na, bulbul says why are u saying sorry, fault is mine i don’t know how to cook, how to manage things, how to take care of everyone, purab says bulbul, bulbul without giving response leaves the place….

Next day: abhi,is in mall, pragya has gone for change, according to their plan, …abhi gets a call and leaves the place, pragya comes out of changing room, she is wearing golden wig, short dress and high heels, pragya says oh God this dress is too short ,it must be for 15 or 16 years old girl, and these heels, oh God they are so high, like Eiffel tower, and this wig, oh i m hating it, well where does he (abhi) went, abhi comes ,and stands beside pragya, he didn’t realized that its pragya, pragya says how am i looking ,abhi. Doesn’t knows she is pragya, abhi says beautiful, abhi theb looks here and there, pragya says arey why are u looking here and there when ur wife is standing near u , abhi says bad joke, i know i m a rockstar it doesn’t means that every girl would become my wife, my wife is fuggi she is gone for change, pragya thinks oh so he doesn’t knows i m fuggi, great, pragya steps forward, abhi steps backward, pragya steps forward, abhi steps backward and says hey miss what are u doing i m married go from here, pragya with some light voice says hey don’t get affraid i know u are married but we can be together, abhi says kia together , what together, i will do something then all people would come together, pragya steps and says i don’t care, abhi says fuggi, fuggi see this women, pragya says ur fuggi won’t come ,we together, pragya goes near him, abhi says stop it or else, pragya says or else, i willgl gether all people, and will say u are teasing me ( tum mujhe cher rhy ho) ,pragya goes near him, this time abhi screams helppppppp, pragya quickly places hand over his mouth and says shhhhhhh, abhi gets lost in her eyes , sanam re plays in background, abhi says fuggi, pragya says ufff, abhi hugs her and says fuggi u in this attire wow haan short dress high heels, pragya says this is so worst na, abhi says but everything suits over my fuggi, pragya stop romancing we have to go to nikhil na, abhi says i m coming with u , pragya says fine baba but change ur look or else he could have doubt, abhi says okay i will wear a fake beard and goggles, pragya says fine come now….

At nikhil’s place: abhigya come, nikhil greets them ,nikhil says oh Miss jenny and Mr Robert, how are u … Pragya as jenny and in british extent says Mr Nikhil nice to meet u nikhil hugs her ,abhi is all jealous, nikhil says come sit, pragya as jenny says so Mr nikhil we have decided to do this project with u, nikhil sayd i m glad but how much this project will benefit me? Pragya says 2 coror’s , nikhil gets astonished and says 2 coror’s wow and in excitment hugs pragya, abhi is just jealous and says Mr nikhil , nikhil breaks hug and says when we are sstarting this project ? Pragya says as u wish she keeps hand over nikhil’s shoulder just to seduce him , nikhil holds her hand and says right now, but abhi was at peak of jealousy, he wanted to beat Nikhil as much as he could but he couldn’t, pragya felt that jealousy and smiled , pragya holds nikhil’s hand tightly so that she could enjoy abhi’s jealousy , abgi thinks why is pragya holding his hand i won’t leave Nikhil, pragya says to abhi: Robert don’t waste time, give papers of agreement to Mr nikhil, abhi says Fine mam, abhi gives papers , nikhil says let me read papers , abhigya get panicked and said no no, nikhil says what? Pragya as jenny says Mr Nikhil if u don’t believe us fine, we can give this contract to someone else, nikhil says no its not like that, Pragya says so trust me look at me and sign papers without reading, nikhil thinks she is a prey to catch, i can’t lose my 2 coror’s, nikil cups pragya’s face, abhi is at height of jealousy, nikhil says okay i will sign them by looking at u , abhi hands over the pen and paper to nikhil, nikhil looks at pragya and without reading papers, he signed them, pragya says thanku Mr Nikhil it was pleasure meeting u, pragya gets up, nikhil holds her and pulls her towards him, pragya falls on him, nikhil says why so quickly, we can spend time , pragya slaps him hard, and gets up, abhi says so Mr Nikhil u deserved that slap, u were having eye over my wife na, nikhil says wife, pragya removes her wig and says Yes Mrs pragya abhishek mehra , abhi removes his beard, and goggles ,, nikhil says abhi ,pragya, what the hell, pragya says our work is done, lets go, nikhil says what, what work, abhi says how stupid arey this property belongs to my Sis aliya, so we just wanted ur sign, nikhil says what the hell, this cheating, abhi says cheating cheating cheating, so what, com’on pragya lets go, pragya was standing near nikhil, abhi was standing at lil bit distance, nikhil saw knife and took it and holded pragya, and targeted her neck, abhi got panicked, and said leave her, aliya comes rushingly and nilhil is shocked, Nikhil says stop or else i will stop pragya’s breathe, aliya stops and says of u want to kill me, target me leave pragya ,abhi says leave pragya, nikhil says give me those papers back, pragya says no no, abhi says fuggi ur life is in danger how can u think fir property, avni comes from behind of nikil and sighs everyone not to do any reaction, she has rope in her hand, she quitely fixes it to nikhil’s foot, nikhil says give me those papers back, abhi says we won’t give, do anything ,we don’t care, pragya says how mean, abhi says fuggi i was bored of u , pragya says bored, an han, nikhil leave me i will get him know what is boredom, abhi sayd no nikhil don’t leave her or else she would start giving her lecture, pragya says lecture my foot i won’t leave u, and they started their nok jhok, abhi was doing it so , so that avni could tie rope perfectly, nikhil gets angry over the nok jhok stop ittt, abhi says okay, all kids from behind pulled the rope ,and nikhil fell down, pragya rushes to aliya, all 15 kids were pulling rope and nikhil was on floor being pulled, he was trying hard to stop, but 15 kids had enough energy to pull him towards garden, they went in garden, they got him wet, avni poured mud over him, roy poured the colors, varun poured black paint, abhi said wow nikhil it is ur holi today go on bachas, go on kids, all kids were beating him, some were over his back and pulling his hairs, some were painting hime some were jumping over him, nikhil was trying his best to get uo but couldn’t , police came, aliya abhigya were laughing, police says stop kids, he is done with ur punishment we will punish him further , police takes him ,nikhil says aliya u got me, but u will never get ur daughter, even if she would be near ur eyes, u won’t know she is ur daughter… Nikhil leaves saying this ,al8ya gets sad ,abhigya too…. Kids too

Episode ended..

I think it is longer may be, but sorry guyz…..i don’t know if this episode is good or not ………so do comment ,thankd for all ur comments 😉
I was looking for someone to inspire me ,motivate me, support me, keep me focused ,someone who would love my thoughts, some one who would cherish me and then i realized i was looking for all ur sweet comments, those comments make me focused, guyz thank uuu alll, u know i m very sharp in remembering the names of those who make me happy, i remember all names of those who comment or commented over my ff but now some of those persons are not commenting, i don’t know why may be my ff is boring one, but thanks to all those who comment over my each ff ,thanksss…

Guyz actually now i wanna tell u something, guyz i m ,i am ,i am ……………………. Ending my ff…….. Haha no ways i m not gonna end it so soon or u guyz probably would kill me, guyz for 2 weeks i would be busy in 3 family weddings ,so for 2 weeks i won’t be able to update my ff and any ff could full fill my ff’s place as each ff has a different and great story, each day a new ff is coming ,and i m liking their story very much so keep reading other ff’s and do comment whether u liked my episode or not, i will try my best to update next one sooner……

Credit to: Somiya

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      Sorry yaar I knw Hindi little bit…
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