Abhigya’s destiny episode 53


Guyz sorry for late update, actually my network was down! Well let’s get back to story……

Episode starts with abhi practicing in his room, he was trying to compose song, but his all concentration was over aliya, he thought if pragya is right, if she saw aliya 2 years back, then Aliya must be alive, but 6 years before she jumped of the cliff, naming all her property to nikhil, she hated nikhil, she was not okay with nikhil then why she named her property to nikhil, if she is alive then why she didn’t came back to me, oh God! What to do, what to not, i can’t go to nikhil as dadi has asked me to not have doubt over nikhil, i don’t know what to do,? Fuggi, yes fuggi is the way she always solves my problems, she will also solve this one! Let her come back…..

scene shifts to aliya and pragya : they were coming out of that NGO, aliya hid her face with saree, pragya asked why aliya? Aliya said may be nikhil could see me, pragya said i m with u na, nothing would happen, aliya said pragya plz take me there where no one would be, pragya says we are going to ur home! Aliya said no, pragya asked why? Aliya said nikhil could come there, pragya says mmmmm okay then i have a flat, it’s empty from 5 months we can go there, aliya says surely, pragya says come sit in car, i will drive the car, aliya says thanks…… Pragya says ufff ooo, plz don’t say thanks, aliya had smile over her face, seeing this pragya also similes and they sit in car! And drive off to that flat….. After sometime pragya stops the car, aliya says we reached? Pragya says not yet, i will bring something for u, u just wait here, aliya holds Pragya’s hands and says no, plz don’t leave me, pragya says trust me i will be back in 2 minutes, aliya nodded, pragya got down from car and went to a shop, after sometime she was back, with a shopping bag in her hand, and they again drove off to flat….

Scene shifts to purab looking for his wallet, he couldn’t find it, he calls bulbul (frustratedly) , bulbul comes and says yes any problem? Purab said i can’t find mt wallet, where is it? Bulbul said it will be over that drawer ,or inside it, purab said it isn’t there, bulbul was busy in keeping dresses in cupboard, she said arey baba ot would be there, purab says it isn’t, bulbul says it is, purab now shouts and says if i m saying it isn’t there it means it isn’t, bulbul turns, purab is still angry, purab says i don’t know why i married u, who doesn’t even know how to cook, how to take care of everyone, how to manage the things, i should have married someone else! Bulbul had tears in her eyes, purab was annoyed, and frustrated, bulbul went to the drawer, she took wallet and went to purab, she gave it to him and said i m ur wife not servant who should know how to cook, how to manage things, how to take care, saying this bulbul leaves and purab realizes his mistake and said oh no, what i said to bulbul! Its all my mistake!

Scene shifts to aliya and pragya entering the flat, aliya felt relaxed and sat on couch, pragya had water botel , so she gave it to aliya, aliya drank it and said pragya ! Pragya said hishhhhhhh, pragya takes a dress out of shopping bag, it was of same type that aliya wears, aliya got up and said pragya this… Pragya said go and wear it, be relaxed and fresh up ur self, go! Aliya said promise me u won’t leave me! Pragya said pakka promise go, aliya hugged pragya and left for changing, pragya said how much aliya is affraid, but i. Promise i won’t leave nikhil if he is reason behind Aliya’s situation , pragya then remebers abhi and said wow, i got idea to surprise him…… Pragya dialed abhi’s number, abhi picked up call and said fuggi i m missing u, pragya says save me, save me, abhi gets panicked and said what happened fuggi, fuggi, pragya says plz come to xyz address and save me (it was address of same flat where aliya and pragya were) ,pragya cuts call, abhi said hello, fuggi, abhi got much panicked and rushed to that address, purab saw abhi tensed he went behind him…… Time passed abhi reached to that flat he rang bell, pragya opend door, pragya said come in, abhi hugged pragya tightly and said what happened u know the way u said me save u. ,i was so panicked, pragya broke hug and with abhi went in the flat, abhi said pragya u know i was so much tensed, u know i came here so rushingly ,what happened tell me na, what happened, are u mad, don’t tell me u played prank on me, arey u aren’t answering and smiling, (pragya was continuosly smiling) u know how much i wss scared, abhi continued on saying pragya, as he was much panicked, aliya came out of room wiping her face with towel, she saw someone talking with pragya, she went forward, she realized its abhi, she could see Pragya’s face but not abhi’s ,she saw abhi’s back, abhi couldn’t see aliya as she was standing behind him, abhi said so miss pragya now u are smiling what’s the problem, here i m tensed so much and u are smiling, then inbetween aliya with painful voice said bhai, abhi was about to say something but he heard bhai word, there was Minute of silence, abhi turned back and saw aliya, abhi couldn’t stop his tears and gave a bone crushing hug to aliya, abhi said where were u aliya,i was ssure u would be alive, i was searching for u since 6 years and now u came, abhi broke hug and said i hate u! Abhi turned away from her, aliya kept hand on his shoulder and said listen to me bhai! Abhi said oh u saw pragya she is calling me bhai and infront of my eyes she jumped from cliff, aliya broke down in tears, abhi could feel it, he hugged aliya and said plz don’t cry, aliya said bhai….. Bhai……. Abhi said keep silence, stop crying see i m with u, see look at me (cups her face) believe me trust me nothing will happen, purab came into that flat and said aliya di, aliya looked at him and hugged him tightly, abhigya were watching them, abhi saw pragya smiling and said what is problem? Pragya looked at abhi, aliya and purab looked at them, abhi said u got me so panicked, u could have told me politely but no, u just know how to give me heart attack, i got a minor heart attack when u said save me, u know i was so much feared so many bad and weird thoughts were coming in my mind, pragya said but now u are okay na after meeting aliya, i just wanted to give u surprise, abhi said what a surprise, see aliya, see purab ,after giving a heart attack she is saying she wanted to give me surprise ,pragya says so mean u are, abhi said what mean, u are mad, pragya said u said me mad, abhi said yes i said u are mad, pragya and abhi started their nok jhok, purab and aliya became irritated and aliya shouted stopppppp ittttttttt, abhigya stopped, aliya went to them and said purab don’t tell me they are in love, purab says okay di i won’t tell u that they are in love and neither i would tell u that they are married, aliya said what? I can’t believe, u hated eachother so much, abhigya laughed, aliya said purab can u tell me how this impossible thing became possible, purab explained from A to Z, aliya said this was ur destiny, i knew u both will get into love , abhi said well ur lil brother is also married , aliya said wait i know whom he is married to, abhi said so ur guess? Aliya said Pragya’s lil sisiter bulbul, pragya laughed and said i must say aliya u are intelligent, aliya said after all purab always talked about her, all giggled, abhi went to aliya and said aliya look at me , tell me evreverything that happened….. Aliya nods and tells bhai that day when i agreed for marriage , and after we were married, Nikhil and me didn’t shared any type of relationship neither of Friends nor of husband and wife, he always ignored me, always came late to home, and after that when u gave me property, his behavior changed, he started to care for me, we came so close, we were happy, and then when i became pregnant he was feeling restless, he alwayd wanted me to sign those property papers and give it to him, i realized something is fishy, i didn’t signed, i didn’t told u all about my pregnancy, after 9 months when finally my child, my daughter was with me, nikhil threated me for signing those papers or else he would kill my daughter , he said me to jump off from cliff so everyone should realize that i m dead and as no one knew about my daughter so property was afcoarse after me nikhil was the one who could rule over the property, i said no, but he kept threating me , i wanted to tell u but he left my daughter in bath tub, she was gonna die i saved her, then i agreed for jumping off from the cliff and named my property to him, abhi could hold his anger and said i told u not to marry him, but u married him for dadi, aliya kept her head in downward direction, pragya hugged aliya, purab hugged abhi ,abhi said i won’t leave nikhil, it means that, before jumping off the cliff u saw Nikhil, aliya said yes he had naina in his hands, (naina is name of Aliya’s daughter) , pragya said enough, u tolerated very much abhi said yes now its nikhil’s time to suffer, pragya said i have a plan….. Pragya explained…………………………………., purab said brilliant, abhi said no he can take advantage of you, aliya said bhai so much insecurity , pragya hugged abhi and said don’t u trust me, abhi hugged her back ,i trust u but, pragya said i m doing this for aliya , abhi agreed and kissed her on forehead…. Screen freezed over nikhil’s evil face and abhigya’s face…

Pre recap: bulbul isn’t talking to purab, pragya had full get up in which no one could realize that she is pragya, she is wearing a golden wig, with short dress and High heels…

Guyz u know what whenever i read those paragraphic comments i feel like on cloud 9, and whenever i read those minor comments, they gave me vast happiness so continue ur comments and salma i didn’t got ur comment i mean which thing is making u confuse? Tell it to me i will try to clarify it, and guyz i don’t know if this episode is up to mark or not but plz leave comments thanks………

Credit to: Somiya

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