Abhigya’s destiny episode 52


Guyz thanks for such lovely comments, and yes hani thanks for ur comment haha i all day was smiling only becoz of ur comment, guyz don’t think i kept smiling only bcoz of 1 comment, ur all comments make my day and yes guyz in my ff i only had abhigya’s scenes so i thought to add a family drama track so this doesn’t mean that there would be no abhigya’s scene, my upcoming track would have main objective that would be Abhigyaa so lets come back to story….

Recap: abhigya ignored rabul, but they patched up, pragya assures that aliya is alive, abhi hugs pragya…..

Episode starts with aliya sitting in dark room, where no sun rays could touch her face, no breeze could touch her, she was all away from mellow sweetness of environment, she had fear on her face and in her eyes, tears were coming out of her eyes, sge begun to spoke in crying voice, bhai bhai plz save me, plz save me na, nikhil is cruel, he only wanted my property which u gifted me after my marriage, this marriage, had no meaning, it got lost into greed, i lost my son, u weren’t knowing but in the year i got married, next year a small little child, beat of my heart, came into this world, now he is of 5 years and he hasn’t seen me, the day i was just gonna jump from cliff was only bcoz of nikhil that cruel evil, devil, someone enterd room with a long steel chain in his hand, he said so miss aliya mehra hahaha no no sorry Mrs Aliya can talk, aliya was in anger and turned her face, nikhil goes to her and says look at me, look at me na, look at ur husband whom u loved, aliya says i never loved u, dadi only asked me to get married to u, nikhil says dadi only asked u but u also started to like me, hahahha aliya said if i knew that u would do this i would never had married u! Nikhil laughs….

Scene shifts to abhigya’s room, abhigya’s room, abhi was holding Pragya’s hand and said thanks, pragya said stop saying me thanks before i conffesed my love we were friends na and their is a law of friendship, abhi said i have heared law of momentum, law of newton, law of gravity but what is law of friendship, pragya says law of friendship states that if two people become friends they neither say sorry to eachother, nor thanks, abhi laughs and said so founder of this law was ur salman khan, pragya said u are so intelligent, abhi said afterall i m ur husband, pragya laughs! Just then again abhi started to think about aliya it was like he had much pain, he wanted to cry on someone’s shoulder, but he couldn’t he had gathered so much pain in himself that he wanted to burst out, pragya felt it and kept hand on abhi’s shoulder and said i can’t see u in pain, if u want to tell something, tell it, if u want to burst out all ur anger /pain, u can, if something is bothering u, feel easy and tell me, i m here for u, to support u! Look in my eyes, (pragya cups abhi’s face) and said tell me, abhi said yes pragya i want to tell something, i can start from starting (calm manner) ,pragya says feel free, think me as ur soul and tell me! Abhi started, flashback starts : a girl in her room, the room is almost pink, with her pictures everywhere, fluffy toys are there, books tooo are there, but room is messed up with dresses ,she says Robin and turns, she is non other then aliya, aliya says where is my lucky dress, my pink dress, aliya shouts much, abhi and dadi came there, abhi said what happened aliya di, aliya says bhai plz don’t call me di, i m irritated of it, abhi laughd and said so what happened my princess, aliya said bhai, my pink dress it is not here, i asked robin but he doesn’t know! Abhi said but aliya u can choose anyother dress na see there are 1000 of dresses in ur cupboard pick one, its ur eam today ,aliya says actually bhai! Its my exam today and that pink dress is lucky one, i want it ,i want it, i want it, (aliya sat on bed) then nikhil entered and said is this ur dress, aliya lookd at got happy, she said yes, i got it, aliya thanked and asked from where u got it? Nikhil says it was in tv hall, placed over sofa, i heard yr screams so got it, dadi smiles, and said nikhil beta come with me, aliya left….. Days passed aliya and nikhil became gud friends, aliya had no feelings for nikhil, nikhil too didn’t had, but dadi thought them as great couple and so asked aliya for marriage, nikhil agreed, aliya didn’t ,aliya said dadi no, plz ,dadi, try to understand, abhi sayd if she doesn’t wants to get married leave her na, dadi asks okay do as u wish, i asked her as before dying i wanted to see aliya happy, aliya felt bad, abhi too but he supported aliya, days passed aliya thought that she can live with nikhil, she can marry him just for dadi’s sake, aliya agreed, abhi asked her to think for the decision, but aliya remained steadfast, the day came aliya got married, aliya wasn’t intrested in marriage, nikhil too wasn’t but no one knew why nikhil married aliya, bcoz of some financial problems nikhil and aliya had to leave their home, abhi supported them my gifting aliya property, nikhil changed his behavior towards aliya, and got attracted to her, he always cared for , something was strange, year passed to their marriage, after that aliya was unhappy, she decided to commit Sucide, and jumped of from cliff…. Fb ended, abhi had bursted out his pain, that this was how aliya jumped, pragya consoles abhi and said but why did aliya jumped why after u gifted property nikhil changed? Abhi sayd i don’t know why aliya jumped, but i guess nikhil was all lost in greed, but its only bcoz of me i could have saved her, pragya said listen (suniyea) , then where nikhil is now where is the property ? Abhi said plz don’t tell this to dadi , pragya nodded, abhi said i don’t know how but aliya gave all her property to nikhil before jumping off from cliff she said its bcoz she loves nikhil but something was strange, after aliya jumped off from cliff, nikhil was left heart broken i don’t kmow if it was real or not, but he said he would take care of Aliya’s property, pragya said then i m 100% sure he had forced aliya to do so! Abhi said i don’t want to think any thing i want my sister back! Pragya pacifies him……

Scene shifts to nikhil and aliya, aliya said u would better pay for it, u greedy evil, u greedy beast! U are worst of beast! Nikhil laughs and says ur words won’t have any affect on me, aliya said that’s why i called u beast! Nikhil holds Aliya’s hairs tightly, and said u are admitted where widows and lonely women live as they have no man in their life, these women are happy with eachother but u, u always are locked into this room, do u know why? Nikhil says it’s just bcoz u tried to escape that day, and pragya saw us! Aliya laughed and said Everyone believes i m dead, but pragya saw me, if she would tell it to my bhai, then ur game would be over, nikhil laughs and said how would pragya tell it to abhi? They hate eachother so much, they even don’t like to see eachothers face and u are saying that pragya would tell it to abhi hahahah, every door in ur life is close! Aliya says i don’t know why but i feel like pragya is my door who would come to save me……

Scene shifts to abhi feeling relaxed and pragya comes out of wardrobe, she gets a call and said okay i would come, abhi sayd where? I mean where are u going, pragya sayd Mr rockstar, learn to live without me , abhi came to her and hugged her and said i won’t ever leave u, neither i would learn, and don’t dare to say that thing, pragya broke hug and said okay sorry baba, now cheer up ur mood, abhi says u are forgetting law of friendship! Pragya says oops! Abhi laughs, pragya says i n going to meet a women, who is head of NGO, it is where all widow women live or other women who have no one in their life, abhi in teasing manner said so i will come inti their lives, come on, i will come with u, and i bet each women would have crush upon me, pragya says stop saying abiut their crush or else i wilk crush ur heart, abhi sayd don’t dare my fuggy is inside my heart! Pragya says u are a true dramaybaaz ! Abhu giggled!

Time passed: pragya was with the women who was Head of NGO, the women says mrs pragya, this building has become old so we want to renew it, pragya agrees, theywere wwalking and talking to eachother , then pragya realizes a dark room, closed , scene shifts to aliya and nikhil ,aliya says plz plz give my son back to me, plz he is just 5 years old he needs me, nikhil slaps aliya, pragya asks why is this room closed? Women says the girl in this room is from 5 years, she has fear from everything and always wants to remain in dark, i don’t know but she doesn’t allows anyone to come in! Nikhil says i m leaving now but will come back, the head of this area doesn’t knows that i m ur husband and come here to meet u, its gud enough! Nikhil leaves from a backside door which goes out from NGO and locks the door, aliya cries hard…. Pragya says can i go in? Head says sorry mam without her permission we can’t let u go in as she never wants to meet anyone, pragya sayd i don’t know why but i want to go! Plz, head sayd u are daughter of close friend of mineso i can ppermit u but be back soon! Pragya nods and begins to walk to the room, aliya is crying hard and sayd God where is my Savior? Pragya slowly begins to open door ,the rays of sunlight cane into room, Aliya’s head is in down direction over the knees, pragya looks at her, as the head is down so she doesn’t realize that its aliya, pragya said hey can i come in with calm and sweet voice, aliya slowly rose her head and saw at door, because of much kight from behind she can’t see Pragya’s face, aliya never permitted anyone to come to her room but this time she said yes with a feard voice, pragya doesn’t sees Aliya’s face and begins to go to her ,aliya also stood up , she begin to go to pragya, it was much dark so they weren’t able to see eachother, just theb head switched on lights, Aliya’s eyes got close bcoz of much brightness, pragya was stunned to see aliya, she was almost shocked, she said aliya, aliya heard the name and rubbed her eyes, she slowly opened her eyes and said pragya ,pragya and aliya hugged eachother, aliya said i knew u would come, pragya! Aliya was crying hard ,head was confused, pragya pacifies aliya, aliya broke hug, pragya sayd u here? Aliya said pragya i will tell u everything but get me out of here and plz take me where no one is ,no one just we both plz pragya, pragya says fine but don’t cry ,pragya sayd to head mam plz can aliya, head sayd yes pragya as aliya for first time wants to tell something so u can, aliya says but mam plz don’t tell anyone that i am going wuth pragya ,tell them that i m shifted to another NGO of another city ,plzzzzz…. Head agrees ,aliya again hugs pragya and said i know u would be my Savior , pragya hugged her back! Screen freezed…

Pre recap: abhi hugged aliya tightly, so does purab, abhi and aliya hugged pragya, a new plan of pragya to get property back from nikhil….

Guyz plz tell me if its boring ! I have tried my best! Thanks

Credit to: Somiya

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