Abhigya’s destiny episode 50


Guyz thanks for all those lovely comments…….

Episode starts with abhi saying fuggi fuggi fuggi, finally i confessesd my love for the one i love, abhi kisses pragya on cheek, pragya blushes, abhi says u look so cute while blushing, pragya says so finally our contract marriage is not a contract marriage any more, abhi says yes! Pragya says how will we say it to our family, i mean after 6 months, abhi says fuggi, we won’t tell them now as i seriously don’t know how to tell them, pragya says then after 6 months? Abhi says chill fuggi, after 6 months we will say them that we can’t live without eachother, pragya says fine, but i won’t say them this thing, abhi says pragya u are such a shy girl, pragya says so what! Abhi says that’s why i love u, pragya smiles and gets call from surla, surla says pragya plz come home with abhi faslty, pragya says fine maa, pragya says suniyea, actually maa has called us at my home so shall we go there? Abhi says ur home, which ur home? Pragya says arey that home in which i used to live before marriage, abhi says so it is only ur home, abhi turns his face, pragya says no baba, sorry na, our home, maa has called us to come at our home, abhi says that’s like my fuggi, pragya smiles and says lets go……

Purab says dadi i m seriously nervous, i won’t be able to stop my laugh, bulbul says so i will make u cry by pinching u, surla says bulbul…… Bulbul says sorry ma, purab laughs, bulbul gets irked… Abhigya reached, they were smiling, pragya says stop smiling na, abhi says why? Pragya says acha baba continue….. Surla says pragya, pragya hugs surla and jaanki, abhi gets blessing from them, abhi says dadi u all here? Any work? Surla says pragya i have solved ur problem, dadi says abhi i have solved ur problem, abhigya are confused, pragya asks surla, ma which problem are u talking about,? Surla says pragya u always hated marrige, Right? Pragya looks confused and says yes ma, dadi says abhi u always hated arrange marriage right? Abhi looks confused and says yes dadi, surla says pragya u never believed in love right? Pragya looks at abhi and says no never, dadi says abhi u always believed in live, Right! Abhi says right… Pragya says maa, surla says pragya u always hated him, pragya says whom? Surla says abhi, pragya looks at abhi, abhi looks at pragya and they are confused, pragya nods, dadi says u always hated pragya right? Abhi looks at pragya and said yes! Surla said pragya u only agreef for this marriage because of ur father right? Pragya nods, dadi says abhi u agreed for this marriage because of me and ur father, right? Abhi says yes, bulbul says di u hated jiju so much that u said u couldn’t spend 6 seconds with him, how u would spend 6 months, pragya says yes but….. Dadi says abhi u also said same thing, right! Abhi sayd yes dadi but which problem u solved? Surla says pragya abhi was ur problem, and abhi pragya is ur problem, u both can’t spend 6 seconds, how would u spend 6 months, pragya and abhi both are confused, pragya says maa but 1 month has passed and we don’t hate eachother so much, abhi says dadi pragya is right! Dadi says but we both can’t see u in pain, pragya says dadi it isn’t a pain? We are okay with eachother, and why u opend this topic suddenly, abhi says she is right dadi! Surla says pragya in simple words i m saying i know u can’t live with abhi, but u are just living with him for ur dad’s sake, i can’t see u sacrificing ur life, ur precious moments, pragya is all stunned to hear those words, dadi says and i can’t see abhi in such condition, so we have decided to end this contract marrige within 1 month, pragya and abhi are shocked, and at same time they say What! Surla says pragya i knew u would become happy, pragya looks at abhi and says maa he is not too bad and this marriage was of 6 months na so? Dadi says we can’t see u, abhi says dadi but for our fathers we can live with eachother, pragya says he is right ma, surla sayd pragya its finished, surbhi go and bring those papers, abhi sayd which papers, purab says bhai ur freedom papers, pragya says freedom? Surbhi comes and hands over papers to pragya, abhi is confused, pragya looks at abhi and begins to open that paper, as it is folded, pragya was all shocked, she didn’t knew how to react, she stood like lifeless body, abhi comes to pragya and asked what happened? Pragya handsover papers to abhi, abhi was shocked, abhi says dadi divorce papers? Pragya says how can i give divorce to him, surla says pragya just sign those papers, bulbul give me pen, abhi says dadi but what’s the need? Dadi says i can’t see u fighting everytime with pragya, abhi says dadi okay then i won’t fight na, pragya says he is right dadi, surla says what’s the problem with u both ,firstly u weren’t agreeing for marriage and now for divorce? Pragya says maa bcos it’s 6 months contract marriage na, dadi says enough, u both go and sign, abhi says dadi i can’t, pragya says i can’t, surla asks why, pragya and abhi frustratedly at same time said because we love eachother, there was a minute of silence ,abhigya realized they said that thing, purab said i can’t control anymore, purab begin to laugh and all family members begin to laugh harder and much harder abhigya were confused, surla said u both hahhahaha, bulbul divorce hahahhahaha, purab said sign na ur freedom papers hahahhahahah, surbhi said 6 months marriage, and we were gonna end it in one month Hahahahhaha, dadi said aww see they are confused, stop it, abhi pragya, so the thing is, dadi explained everything, abhi and pragya looked at eachother, bulbul hides behind surla and purab behind dadi, pragya says bulbul i won’t leave u, abhi said purab i won’t leave u, u both gave us minor heart attack, surla says i m happy that u love eachother ,dadi says i too am happy, now this contract marriage is no more a contract marrige, pragya blushes, bulbul sayd maaa see di is blushing, pragya said stop it, i don’t wanna talk to u, purab says abhi i m happy that u finally realized that u do not love tanu, abhi said tanu kay bache, i wwon’t leave u, i won’t talk to u…… Dadi said surla jee we are going home with my permanent bahu, and now ur daughters are our, surla kissed bulbul and pragya and they left…….

They reached home, purab says abhi listen to me, bulbul said di listen to me, abhi and pragya turned back and said u better do not talk to u, pragya lets leave, pragya says who wanna talk to them lets go to our room, abhigya left, purab said they are much angry on us , Bulbul it is all ur fault, bulbul said is it so? U also supported me u gave some ideas also, purab said but whole plan wss urs now, Bulbul said now u are blaming me, u kharoos mehra, purab said how dare u call me kharoos, bulbul said stop fighting and tell how can we cheer them up, u know last time di was upset over me in 10th standard as i ate unhygienic golgappa, purab laughs and said that’s why u look like a gol gappa, bulbul pinches him, purab says so lets think……… Abhi and pragya are in room, abhi said everyone knows we love eachother, even we also accepted, how Lucky we are. …..pragya said yes …abhi hugged pragya ,pragya said how many times would u hug me, abhi said limitless ,why u do not like it when i hug u, pragya says its nothing like that, i was asking for General knowledge ,abhi says u are weird…. Pragya says for u Allah wariyan plays……

Pre recap: abhi had tears in his eyes , and said she is no more dadi, try to understand …dadi slapped him and said bring my grand daughter back……

Guyz thanks for reading my comment, andd yes i m disclosing a suspense here that i m not gonna seprate abhigya, and dadi is not talking about pragya but for another grand daughter , so who is she? So stay tuned for next update and last do comments how was the episode…….

Credit to: Somiya

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