abhigya’s destiny episode 5


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Epsiode starts with sarla chosing bridal wear for pragya she choses same bridal wear which abhi’s dadi has chosen shopkeeper says it is last piece left.dadi says sarla to buy it sarla says dadi to buy it. It continues for 30 min shopkeeper gets irritated and says who will buy it.. Daadi says i wanted to buy it for my bahu and i don’t know who is gonna be my bahu sarla laughs and says same here i don’t know who is my daughter’s groom. Sarla and daadi laughs..

Abhi follows pragya and says everyone that he will attend this lecture pragya says what how can he attend this lecture. Abhi says principal has permitted me, pragya fumes abhi sits on his chair. Pragya continues her lecture and throughout the lecture abhi was holding his ears and was lipsing sorry and pragya was continuously ignoring him, bell rung and it was break time, pragya left class abhi was about to leave class but his fans came around him..

Purab says to bulbul let’s get back to work. Bulbul says okay. Sarla says to daadi she is leaving as it’s too late. She has to cook lunch dadi says fine. Daadi thinks to herself if this women was so good then her daughter would be an angel..

Bulbul took a stool to take files as they were placed at top of cupboard she slips but purab holds her and kabhi jo baadal barsay plays. They both get back into sense bulbul gets down and says thanks and leaves the place. Purab smile.

Pragya ordered coffee for her, abhi came there, pragya ignores him. Abhi says to pragya i m sorry plz forgive me na. Pragya says no rockstar i m sorry! Abhi says but pragya. Pragya takes her coffee and leav abhi holds pragya’s hand and took her to a empty room. Abhi says pragya i m sorry, ya i know what i did was wrong i accept it, plz pragya forgive me i m a person with ego, i know u hate me but plz forgive me, i m really really sorry.. Pragya takes abhi out of room and says him look around there are so many beautiful girls and each girl has crush upon u then why are u saying me sorry, abhi takes her a side and says they are beautiful by face and u by heart, u saved me yesterday. Abhi says yes i know i flirted with u but there was a particular reason for it. Pragya says Particular reason? Abhi says yes everytime when there is my concert, assistant is assigned to me, i m not not that type of person that ur thinking of, those assistants take advantage of a perfect situation, they come closer to me so that i may like them and everytimr i rejected them. Pragya stand confusingly.. Abhi continues and says this time i thought to flirt so that i could see how would assistant react but as u know u were appointed as my assistant and u were different u pushed me back, and i m sorry i m sorry. Pragya calms down.. Abhi sits on his knee’s and holds his ears, pragya says what are u doing? Abhi say i m sorry pragya,

pragya smiles and says abhi to get up abhi says no, pragya with nervousness says koi aa jaye ga abhi says toh aanay do pragya says koi dekh laiga, abhi says so dekhnay do pragya says koi sun lega abhi says to sunay do. Abhi intrupts pragya and says plz forgive me i m sorry.. Pragya says okay fine.. I have forgiven u abhi stands up they share an eyelock and (kaisa yeh ishq h palys) abhi says so can we be friends, pragya says yes why not. Abhi thinks to himself why is he asking pragya for friendship as he only came to apologize. Pragya asks him what happened? Abhi says nothing and gives her chocolate box pragya says chocolates. U know i m fan offf chchocolates. Abhi says i knew it and they laugh.

Pragya and abhi went outside in garden of college, abhi apologizes again and pragya says it’s fine baba. Nikhil comes from back and keeps his hands on pragya’s eyes and asks pehchano kon pragya answers mera budhu bestfriend they both laugh. Nikhil hugs abhi, pragya asks whether they know eachother. Nikhil says yes they worked together for 5 months pragya says oh abhi thinks to himself if nikhil is pragya’s boyfriend. So cheap selection is of pragya, how can pragya love her, pragya says abhi what areu thinking, abhi says i was thinking that ur jodi looks awesome. Nikhil says oh brother we are just bestfriends, pragya says yes they are best friend from birth as rhey were born on the same day on the same time in the same year.. Abhi gets happy hearing this and says oh , Nikhil asks pragya com’on let’s go for lunch pragya says yes as she is very hungry, nikhil says meri bukhar bestfriend pragya pinches him, nikhil asks abhi if he wants to join us abhi says no! Pragya says until and unless u wouldn’t have lunch with us i won’t forgive u abhi says but.

Pre recap: pragya holds abhi’s hand and kaisa yeh ishq h plays abhi gets happy…

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Credit to: somiya

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  1. ur ff is nice but try to make it as a single episode

  2. i dono english.yaar somiya..ua ff s nyc…don convy thyr convos n hindi..

  3. Hey gud one yaar .. I was so irritated on abhis behaviour towards pragya tat day
    Bt u gave some reasons tas gud
    N my suggestion pls don use Hindi many ppl frm othr languages read ff so its difficult fa us to understand .. Hope yoll understand

  4. awesome yaar
    somiya u r updating ff tomorrow

  5. awesome yaar & romantic
    somiya u r updating ff tomorrow

  6. awesome yaar &
    somiya u r updating ff tomorrow

  7. Wowww so cool and nice yaar

  8. Cute amd cool

  9. Really u given a excellent reason for abhi behavior & good episode..

  10. nice ff yaar

  11. Reshma Pradeep


  12. Write only in english plz

  13. i dono hindi … plz try to update in english.. i like ur ff

  14. Guyz i m sorry i wasn’t knowing that many of u don’t know hindi so the convo between abhigya is some one would come abhi says let them come pragya says some would hear abhi says let them hear pragya says some one would see pragya says let them see
    Budhu bestfriend means crazy , mad
    Bukhar means a person who is always hungry

  15. Superb ff n awesome thn ur ff s really mind blowing n the way pragya take him to lunch n their conversation thn asking sry n also give a valid reason for abhi’s behaviour s nice in short all soooooooo cute n awesome no words to explain I really loved it

    1. Thankyou girl. . I read each comment and each comment makes a smile on my face thankyou

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