Abhigya’s destiny episode 49


Episode starts with pragya going to her room and says he should have not talked to me in such way, see how he changed his behavior with me when that faria came, pragya sits on couch, abhi comes into room and says hey pragya i m going with faria so i will come late, where is my phone? Pragya frustratedly says how would i know go and ask ur faria, abhi comes to pragya, pragya gets up and is about to leave, abhi holds her hand and sees tears in Pragya’s eyes, abhi says hey fuggi why are u crying? Pragya says i m not crying, abhi says if u are feeling bad when i m with faria, pragya remains silent, abhi says oh ho so madam is feeling jealous of faria, when faria hugs me or kisses me, u feel bad right, pragya remains silent, abhi says u feel bad right, hhh fuggi like a kid u are behaving, u are only feeling bad for that thing, pragya says yes yes i m feeling bad, abhi holds her tightly by arm and says why, why are u feeling bad? Pragya says because i can’t see u with any other girl especially when u are with faria i feel like to kill her, abhi says why why? Pragya says u won’t understand, leave me and go with faria, pragya leaves the room, abhi says how stupid i m, i hurted her,! So much that she had tears in her eyes seriously i m stupid but Mr Abhishek prem mehra, u have to cheer her up! I love u fuggi, i seriously love u, and tommorow is the day when i finally would tell what i feel for u! Allah wariyan plays……

Its morning, pragya mitali and bulbul are serving breakfast, Pragya’s mood is off, abhi notices it, and says bulbul what special u have made today, bulbul says jiju i have made pasta, pragya has no smile over face, abhi says pasta? In breakfast…… I mean we should eat something healthy na, what do u think fuggi, pragya leaves to kitchen without saying a word, dadi says bulbul it doesn’t matter i would, help u okay so u will learn how to cook faslty! Bulbul says thanks dadi, pragya comes back with juice jug in her hands, abhi says can u serve me juice fuggi? Pragya comes to him and serves him juice, abhi whispers are u still feeling bad fuggi? Pragya says no i m not and leaves, she sits with dadi, dadi says abhi and pragya u both have to go at rose garden, there u would meet mr sameer kumar, he would give u some papers so u both go there, pragya says dadi he (abhi) could go alone na, dadi says yes he could but the actuall thing is today all cars are busy as i and indu would take one car, purab and bulbul another car, mitali and rajwwould take the third car, and 4th one has some problem, so abhi is afraid of rikshaaw, bulbul says afraid of rikshaaw? Purab says actually he has rikshaaw phobia, all giggle, abhi says stop it yaar i know i doesn’t like rikshaaw ,i m scared of travelling in it, all laugh, pragya has no smile she says fine dadi i will go with him……. Abhi thinks oh God 1st thing is i really am afraid in traveling in rikshaaw, and 2nd thing is pragya is really upset what to do?…….

Abhi and pragya over road are waiting for rikshaaw, abhi says so how are u feeling, pragya says how i must be feeling, abhi says no i mean its 2nd time i m gonna sit in rikshaaw and i m really afraid of it, pragya says its my first time! Abhi says so leave it we will go by walking, pragya stops a rikshaw and gets in, abhi with his finger crossed, and eyes closed sits in rikshaw, pragya tells uncle we have to go to rose garden, abhi says pragya plz leave we will go by walking na, u know na walking is gud for health, pragya says if u wanna go by walking go, i will enjoy my rikshaw ride, abhi says i can’t leave u, rikshaw man says shall we go! Pragya says yes uncle but see plz u know its my first time i m sitting in rikshaw ,so drive fastly so breeze could touch my face, and i have to enjoy this ride so drive as much fast as u could, rikshaawan laughs and sayd okay daughter! Abhi was about to say something, pragya holds his hand tightly, Kaisa yeh ishq h plays…… Rikshaaw starts to move, this time abhi closes his eyes, and holds pragya’s hand tightly, its almost like he is sitting in roller coaster, rikshaaw man drives rikshaw as fast as he could, pragya is enjoying it and says fast, run it fast ,fast (tez or tez or tez) rikshaaw man says fine and speeds up his speed of rikshaaw ,abhi is all scared he moves forward and sayd hey old man, see i know u have lived ur life, u have seen ur kids and also ur grandkids but see i m so young, its been 1 month to my marriage, think for me, i havn’t seen my kids, my grand kids, i have so much work to do, i havn’t even published my album, my fans are waiting for that so i can’t leave my these unfinished work, i can’t die so soon plz think for me atleast, i have no intrest in reaching my destiny so soon because if u would go with same speed we won’t reach to rose garden but surely we will reach to God, plz slow down speed, pragya sees abhi so scared and listens to convo, she says uncle slow down speed, abhi gets relieved and was about to hug pragya but pragya says stay away from me, abhi thinks i have made her upset so much……… Abhi and pragya came to rose garden, they met mr sameer, sameer holded them somee ppapers, sameer left, abhi holded those papers to pragya and said go home i have some work so i will come later, pragya nods and leaves…. Abhi says now i have to prepare my surprise…….

Time passed, pragya is cleaning her room as it is messed up by clothes all over bed, she says he loves faria, he even didn’t apologized me, so rude i won’t talk to him, bulbul over hears it and says how can this happen ,i must tell it to both families……. Pragya recieves a call from abhi, abhi says hey fuggi what’s up, fuggi says any work, abhi says can u meet me again at rose garden, pragya says its 8 pm right now i won’t come, abhi says fuggi come or else i will do something to me, pragya gets panicked she says hello hello ,suniyea , abhi cuts call, pragya says i must go, i don’t know what he is upto, pragya leaves…….

Bulbul id at surla Mansion ,all rushingly came there ,bulbul says so there is shocking news for u mehra family and for u too arora family, dadi says tell what news, surla says com’on telk which news, purab says quickly, mitali says which shocking news? Raj says com’on bulbul, jaanki says don’t test our patience , surbhi says enough, tell na, bulbul says so listen…. Bulbul tells everything..
Everything is muted

Scene shifts to pragya, pragya comes in garden, its all dark there , pragya says where are u, see i came, where are u ,now u are scaring me , suniyea! Lights get on, pragya is stunned to see such decorations, with rose petals covering garden, with heary shaped balloons, splitted all over garden, with red ,white and pink lights spotting pragya, pragya is stunned to see pictures of her and abhi hanging on wire ,she went near and saw a pic when she and abhi bumped for first time, a wide smile comes over her face, she moves forward and sees another pic where she and abhi are fighting over glass of water, she sees another pic where she is shouting over abho, another pic where abhi was shouting on her, another pic where abhi is dancing with pragya, another pic where they in college for first time shaked hand, another where she was running after abhi for watch, another where she was hugging abhi, another where abhi wss hugging pragya, another when they both were hugging eachother so tightly ,this pic was recently clicked by suresh… Pragya had tears in her eyes, she had smile over her face, a voice comes, i m stupid, pragya turns , he is abhi, abhi says i agree i m stupid, i wss in live with u since i met u but i never wanted to accept that thing ,we fighted much when we were in university, 2 years passed, do u know how hard it wss for me to live those 2 years without u, i everytime got up in morning and wished to bump in u, i wished to fight with u but the university ended, pragya smiles and says same ,i never wanted to accept that i love u, do u know when i first time met u. I fighted with u but i had a strange feeling, i wanted everytime to meet u ,bump into u anf fight with u for nothing ,abhi has smile over his face, he moves forward and says so that strange feeling is no more strange ! Right, pragya says yes and now i m sure, abhi moves forward and says i love u fuggi ,i love u to the moon and back ,i love u…… Pragya has a wide smile and tears, she says i didn’t fall in love with u, i walked into love with u with my eyes wide open choosing to take every step along the way, abhi continues and sayd i do believe in fate and destiny but i also believe we are only fated to do things that we would chose anyway, pragya continues and sayd And i would chose u in a hundred lifetimes, abhi continues in any version of reality, I would find u and chose u….. Pragya says i love u ,abhi sayd I love u too ,they both gave eachother a bone crushing hug ….kaisa yeh ishq h plays…

In surla mainson evryone is sitting like statue, everyone is shocked face, bulbul gets up and says i know u will be shocked ,purab says once i can agree that abhi could love tanu but hee ,surla says they hated eachother so much, jaanki says whenever pragya used to come from university she always said bad about abhi i mean she always said he is this he is that i hate him, surbhi says even in university that used to fight so much, bulbul says but believe it ,pragya di loves abhi jiju and abhi jiju lives pragya di ,i know this is a shocking thing, dadi says first time this shocking thing is best, i thought surla ji and me are temporary mother in law’s mitali laughs and says but for now permenant pragya would live with us, bulbul says guyz i have idea! Bulbul explains ,dadi says no we can’t do that, bulbul sayd arey dadi if we won’t do this then they would never accept infront of us that they love eachother, surla says bulbul is right, dadi says let them come home now they will recieve shocking news.. All giggle

Pragya breaks hug and says but u were in love with faria na, abhi says stupid i just did it to male u jealous, pragya says oh ho well these pics where u got them? Abhi says frim CCTV camera’s of our university ,home , i got them and collected them, pragya says i never accepted love but today…. Abhi says i always thought tanu as my love, pragya says but we two were only fated, abhi says and that’s good enough …..abhi says pragya i wanna share something with u, pragya says sure! Abhi says i had a dream 2 years back before re opening of our university ,pragya says u still remember that dream? Abhi says yea because it had special story in it, pragya says i also had a dream two years back before opening of ur university ,leave it telk which dream u had, abhi says i had a dream of u and me, pragya says seriously ? I also had dream of u and me, abhi says i saw that i was a rockstar and u as a proffesor ,pragya continues and then one day we met eachother ,i was assigned as ur assistant ,abhi says how u know? Pragya says we had same dream? Abhi says how could it be possible? Pragya says isn’t it crazy ? Abhi says lets continue , pragya says i ws assigned as ur assistant for days as u were gonna perform in our college ,abhi says and at first i behaved bad with u, pragya says after that i saved u from media, abhi says then i asked for apology ,pragya said after that i forgave u we became gud friends , abhi says soon i realized my love for u. , pragya says then we both went at nikhil and tanu’s wedding ,abhi says and weird thing is Nikhil is Aliya’s husband ,pragya says yes and then ritika ,she was imaginary character u tried to create rifts between us, i realized my love, abhi says then i proposed to u , pragya says i accepted that proposal, then my maa and ur dadi asked us to marry person of theri choice we were left heart broken , abhi says then we came to know that our families actually wanted us to get married , we both were happy , pragya says but at engagement time u were mistaken about me and purab and u left me, abhi laughs and says then our dream took 3 month’s leap, pragya laughs and says u thought that i had a child wasn’t it foolish thing, abhi says so what it was a dream na, pragya says then after some hard ships we were together and were married ,abhi laughs and says this dream had no sense , pragya sayd and most crazy thing is we both had same dream ,and we both are married and we love eachother…. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and says this dream had shown us that we only are fated for eachother and no one can seprate us ,pragya smiles and says yes and they both hug eachother tightly ….Allah wariyan plays. …

Pre recap: dadi says abhi i have solved ur problem ,surla says pragya i have solved ur problem, abhi and pragya are confused …..

Guyz thanks…. Bye May God bless u bye bye…..

Credit to: somiya

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