Abhigya’s destiny episode 48

Guyz sorry for late update! 🙁 ,ahmmm well u know in last episode, the last part of that episode had much mistakes, so i m continuing it with some changes in it, so enjoy the episode and leave ur precious comments; -)

Its morning : pragya has cell phone in her hand and says tanu u are gone! She calls tanu and says i know ur truth, come and meet me at xyz place, tanu gets panicked, she says pragya, but pragya cuts the call, suresh is standing outside of room of tanu and says tanu now u are totally gone, tanu says oh God which truth was she speaking about! I must ask suresh, but how can i ask from him as wait i should take a gun with me so that if pragya would know the truth of this baby i will kill her, this would be fine! Suresh over hears it, he calls abhi and says hey abhi how are u, abhi says totally fine, suresh says i have some work can u plz meet me at xyz place, abhi agrees…….

At xyz place: tanu reaches, this place is really big and old, its dark there, some of rays’s of dazzling sun are coming there so its almost bright up by those rays’s, pragya comes and claps hard, tanu gets shocked, pragya says so Miss lier no no Miss Characterless has came, so how are u miss characterless! Tanu is angry, pragya says oh so miss characterless has become angry, OMG i m scared,, pragya gives a taunting smile, tanu says enough, pragya says hey miss characterless don’t dare to point finger on me, tanu gets angry and takes out gun and spots pragya, tanu says enough of it, abhi and suresh reached there, abhi saw tanu pointing gun at pragya, and is shocked, suresh smiles, abhi is about to go in, suresh says wait and see what happens next, abhi says have u became mad, tanu will shoot pragya, suresh says she won’t, suresh holds abhi tightly, abhi says let me go, suresh says if u don’t want to seprate from pragya then stay here, or else u would lose pragya, abhi is all shocked he want to save his fuggi but this time he trusts suresh, and starts watching tanu and pragya from far distance! Pragya laughs and says so weak u are, what u thought i would trust u so easily, u will say this is ur kid and i would believe it, haha u know i became doubtful form the day when he(abhi) said he doesn’t even remebers if it really happened! Tanu is shocked, abhi is too shocked, abhi says tanu lied! Suresh says wait a second! Pragya says ooo Shit ur plan failed, now what will happen,he (abhi) would leave u, u will be all alone, he will hate u from bottom of his heart, very bad, very much! Tanu is frustrated, pragya says i have belief over my kumkum, i m his wife and no one can seprate us, tanu laughs evily and says oh what u thought u have planned well, hahaha see now i m gonna end ur plan, want to see how, tanu points gun at pragyand says ur story finished, pragya has no fear over her face, she isn’t affraid, she firmly with a smile stands there, she has full faith, over abhi and her kumkum….. Abhi is all shocked, he wants to save pragya but for moment he freezed, suresh had holded his hand so tightly, finally tanu fires gun at pragya!………………………………. Abhi screamd pragyaaaa………….. He with all his energy was going to pragya, bullet hitted pragya and pragya felt unconscious, abhi reached near pragya, abhi said hey fuggi open ur eyes, fuggi open ur eyes, u said me na u won’t leave me, u promised me twice u can’t betray me, i can’t live without u, tanu is shocked to see abhi, suresh slaps tanu hard, abhi looks at tanu, he can’t control his anger, he got up anf slapped tanu so hard that she fell, suresh went to pragya, pragya was in unconscious state, he says weldone pragya, just continue ur acting for 5 min more, abhi says suresh check if pragya is breathing orr nnot, suresh says abhi she………. She isn’t! She is no…. Abhi says do not dare to say that word i know my fuggi is alive, he is about to go to pragya, tanu holds his hand amd says no u can’t leave me, abhi tries to leave his hand as he wants to go to pragya, tanu says not this time, u married her, i love u abhi ,i know i lied to u but believe me i love u, i love u abhi, i love u, abhi slaps her again and says i m not ur love, i m ur money bank, all way long u used me for money, i don’t love u, u characterless and cheap girl ,tanu says shut up ,first pragya and now u are calling me by that word, abhi says because u are, u are characterless, u are, i know my fuggi, she always sacrifices her life for everyone, even for u she was gonna end this contract marriage in 1 month, u know what….. Abhi was gonna say something but tanu intrupts and laughs, she says well i engaged u in my meaningless talks that u didn’t realized that pragya died, if u can’t live with me u can’t live with pragya, i killed her, now go and talk with her dead body because she is no more, a voice comes suresh can u get up, i m done with acting and this floor is so much dirty na, suresh says pragya u can get up, abhi and tanu both are shocked but abhi has wide smile over his face and tanu is all shocked, she says pragya! Pragya says so miss tanu! What do u think u separated me and him(abhi) oh u are thinking wrong, u wanna know how i became alive! So let’s start ….fb starts tanu picks gun form her drawer ,suresh watches it and says damn! What to do now, …….suresh says idea…… Tanu was about to leave from her home and bumps into suresh, suresh had a gun which looked same as tanu’s gun, suresh cleverly changed the gun, and gave tanu his gun, tanu sayd what that gun is doing with u ,suresh says it’s of security guard, he forgot his gun here last night and what that gun is doing with u, tanu says oh this gun, this gun is fake, Actaully u know today i will do ramp walk (sorry guyz if i m mistaken as i don’t know much about modeling) with gun, u know it’s theme, suresh says oh, tanu says bye and leaves, suresh says now ur fake gun would really became fake, ! Fb ends, pragya gives hi-fi to suresh, tanu says but, pragya says i know u would ask that how can a fake gun fire bullet, well let me clarify something ,this gun is fake and this bullet is made up of plastic it works and looks same like real gun, many actors use it, ya that bullet was in high speed, and my belly is paining ,but best thing is it wasn’t real gun! Abhi says fuggi u have became smart aan, pragya looks at abhi, abhi says i thought again u batryed me, but no u didn’t left me u are with me, abhi goes to pragya and hugs her tightly, suresh sees it and says how beautiful! I should click this moment in abhi’s phone, suresh already had abhi’s phone and clicked the pic, abhi is hugging pragya and says u know fuggi u are best, i was so much tensed but now i m tension free, pragya says i…. I really was too tensed! Suresh coughs and says is it done? Tanu wss leaving the place quietly, police man holded his hand, abhi sees it ,pragya too, they both smile, suresh says u better abort this child bcoz i know u can’t be a mother, u can’t become a gud person, pragya goes to tanu, and with loving voice says i understand u did this for his love(abhi) but think for this child, he would never get his mother’s love if u will be like this, tanu says oh shut up, i know how to become a mother abhi says u are gonna charged be for attempting murder, and the child would be unlucky if he will have mother like u, police man says sir thanks u know na these crimes are in great rates, every next day there is a murder case, so u tanu ,come with us, police leaves with tanu, tanu says i would surely come back, abhi says first of all go and then come back(pehlay jaa toh sahee phir wapis aana) ,pragya laughs, and says thanks suresh if u won’t have told truth then surely she was gonna spoil over lives! Suresh says abhi u are lucky to have pragya as ur wife, i loved tanu but she always wanted fame but pragya loves u alot so take care of her i m leaving , pragya feels shy, abhi could notice the magical smile over Pragya’s face and says yes she loves me!…… All left

At home, abhi comes to his room and is overjoyed he says yes yes Yes tanu isn’t pregnant with my child yes yes yes ! I know i this time should have angry face, but fuggi i m only happy because today i knoww u won’t ever leave me yes! Abhi picks up his shoe and says let’s suppose this shoe to be a rose ,lets just supposhhi have to practice na how to propose pragya, he holds shoe in such way like he is holding rose, he says pragya u are best i love u, abhi says no not in this way, he says i love u will u marry me, abhi says arey stupid we already are married no not this ,,, abhi says pragya i love u, i don’t know how but i love u, abhi was freezed over that position ,pragya comes into room and was shocked to see abhi holding shoe in his hand with a smile over his face, pragya bursts out in laughing ,abhi came back to his sense ,pragya says are u okay u are holding shoe in such way a person holds a rose, i think i should consult with doctor ,abhi says very funny, pragya says so finally no tension right! And no confusion! Abhi says which confusion? Pragya thinks how to tell him that i love him and i m not confused, abhi shakes pragya….pragya says confusion! Ya confusion in such way that u were confused na how can tanu become pregnant! Abhi says yea but leave it ,to do hell with taht tanu ,i now would be able to propose my love! Pragya feels jealous and sayd where she lives? Abhi says in my heart, pragya says no actual address ,abhi says arey she lives in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, in my room, in my house, she lives every where! Pragya says is she begger (bikharee h) i mean she doesn’t have fix place to live, abhi says u won’t understand because this is love, pragya says i would better understand, abhi says what? Pragya says nothing tommorow is bulbul and purab’s wedding so i m leaving there is much work……..

Its mext day: bulbul has worn a bridal wear she comes down, purab is already sitting in mandap, pragya is with bulbul ,she is wearing a beautiful pink saaree, abhi is stunned to see pragya, bulbul sits in mandap, priest asks them to just wait for 10 min , pragya goes to abhi, abhi says wow u are looking beautiful, pragya says thanks u are also looking handsome…. Abhi thinks step one:jealousy….. A girl comes wearing same saree as pragya ,she hugs and kises abhi ,pragya is at height if jealousy, abhi says faria u here what a pleasant surprise , faria says u liked my surprise, abhi says very much, i missed u so much ,faria wss about to hug abhi, pragya comes in between and faria hugs pragya unknowingly ,faria says what the hell, she breaks hug, pragya says sorry, faria says oh pragya ,abhi she is ur wife na, abhi says yea pragya mehra ,leave her come i will give ur intro to my dadi, faria leaves with abhi, pragya says how rude, he gave my intro like i m not his wife but his neighbors wife! Pragya is at height of jealousy and reminds that abhi said that the gurl whom he loves, her name starts with f, pragya says so he loves faria, but how can he, like he calls me fuggy, so f is also there na, faria keeps her hand over abhi’s sholdrr ,pragya says how can she kis hug and keep hamd over his sholder i m his wife and see how he is enjoying with her like i doesn’t matter, priest says its time for marriage, pragya comes and stands with abhi and makes dadi stand closer to abhi so that there could be no place of faria to stand with abhi, abhi feels it and thinks yea this plan is working , time passes marrige rituals are done, faria says abhi today i will spent my night with u ,we will enjoy we will go for long drive we will go to ur fav restaurant, abhi says fine ,pragya says how can u go i mean u are not going with anyone we have much work related to business na ,abhi says u and ur business arey raj bhaiya would help u, leave it ,come faria we would go, pragya this time doesn’t feels jealous but feels bad she says fine go with her she leaves, abhi says oh shit i made her upset! But pragya wait for tomorrow …..Allah wariyan plays…

Pre recap: abhi’s surprise for pragya, a shocking news for mehra family …..

Guyz sorry sorry sorry for late update and yes i m so soon done with track but these cv’s they are dragging it so much i don’t know why! Leave them leave ur comments! Thanks bye see u soon!

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