abhigya’s destiny episode 47


Okay guyz u must be thinking that why i started this track, well u know cv’s could have ended this track in just 2 to 3 episodes but this track is just being dragged and dragged and dragged ans still there is no end point to that track, so i just thought to end that track in just few of episode, and i won’t drag it as we already are fade up, so guyz enjoy this episode, and i hope much that u guyz would like it 😉

episode starts with pragya coming out of wardrobe, abhi is sitting on couch, abhi has tears in his eyes he got up and said pragya, pragya with that attitude face , she acted like nothing has happened , she went back to wardrobe , and brought a blanket and asked , can u plz take a side i have to sleep, abhi moved , pragya was about to sit on couch but abhi holded her hand and said pragya i still say that i don’t know how it…. pragya interrupted and said well its gud that she is gonna be mother of ur child so take a chill pill and let me sleep, abhi said so u aren’t feeling bad! pragya said why would i ? abhi said because u know a wife can’t bear this thing but u are acting like nothing has happened to u , pragya says its just because those wives love their husband, and we never had that type of relationship u were just my friend nothing else so i m not feeling bad! abhi was shattered to listen those words, he moved a side and sat on bed where as pragya , covered her slef with blanket and slept.. pragya thought so mission just started he felt bad.. it means he loves me , Oh God! i have never felt like this , this feeling is so much especial , at an other side abhi thought , so she doesn’t loves me , i loved her , i m glad that i didn’t proposed her or else i could have lost her friendship, pragya thinks now this friendship would turn into love….. Allah Wariyan plays……..

its morning pragya got up and said so i have to accomplish both missions today , i will spy over tanu and would ignore him,she looks at abhi and said i never thought that one day i would love u so much! u are so cute! time passed , pragya was in kitchen , she was doing work over there, robin was helping him, abhi came there, pragya looked at him but ignored! abhi could feel that pragya ignored him, pragya was cooking something, abhi said fuggy can i get my coffee, robin said here it is sir! abhi said i asked pragya to get it not u! robin said actually sir mam asked me to give it to u! abhi felt bad as pragya did it just to ignore him! abhi said i have not mood to drink coffee can i get , bread and jam , pragya left from kitchen , robin brought bad and jam, abhi felt bad. pragya went to dadi’s room , dadi said here u are pragya i was just coming to u! abhi too came there! pragya said dadi why? dadi said actually day after tomorrow it is purab’s wedding so u must look after all arrangements , abhi said dadi we both will take care of it, pragya with bit ignorance said no dadi i will manage, pragya left to her room , abhi could just not bear that ignorance and followed pragya, pragya came into her room, she closed door and said uff its getting difficult to ignore him ,

i want to talk to him but concentrate over mission… she heard some foot steps and said now step number two towards jealosy , and acted like she is talking on phone, abhi came inside room and said pragya , but pragya was busy on phone! she was laughing oh God ronnie! hahaha , u are awesome man,i love u for this, abhi was at height of jealousy he called out pragya, but pragya asked him to keep silence , she again begin talking on phone, and said no ronnie nothing, u continue as the one who is calling me isn’t really important to me! abhi felt very much bad as he cant listen those words , he said bye pragya i came here to say u that i m going to park, he left from room, pragya felt bad and said i think i over acted ! he felt bad! pragya said i should go to him…… abhi came out of mm and falshbacked pragya’s words and said i just want to leave this earth now , it was first time i realized my love but she doesnt loves me and tanu i don’t know how she became pregnant , abhi sat in car and left ,

pragya came out of mm and saw abhi leaving and said oh God he left! he was coming back to house , she heard tanu speaking on phone. why don’t u understand , i know this child is urs not of abhi’s but u can’t fulfill my needs and abhi can , i love u but i can’t compromise with that child so its better u leave me, pragya was shocked , she said how characterless she could become! i don’t know , pragya silently left place, she flashbacks how abhi and she bumped with eachother for first time! music of yeh dororiyan song begun…….

Yeh dooriyan
These distanc

In Raahon Ki Dooriyan
The distance of paths

Nigahon Ki Dooriyan
Distance between our eyes

Humrahon Ki Dooriyan
Distance between companions

Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan
May all the distances be vanished

pragya had tears in her eyes with wide smile over her face, she flashbacked how she losed balanced and abhi holded her, how abhi and she got into small small fights!

Kyun Koi Paas Hai
Why somebody’s close

Door Hai Kyun Koi
Why somebody’s far

Jaane Na Koi Yahan Pe
Nobody knows

Aa Raha Paas Ya Door Mein Jaa Raha
Am I moving closer or apart

Janun Na Mein Hoon Kahan Pe
Don’t know where I am

abhi was sitting in park at a bench and flashbacked how he realized love for pragya, he was all lost and had tears in his eyes!

Kabhi Hua Yeh Bhi
There was a time

Khali Rahon Pe Bhi Tu Tha Mere Saath
You were with me even in empty streets

pragya wiped her tears and begus to go to park , she was running, and flashbacks how abhi hugged her tightly at his birthday…..

Kabhi Tujhe Milke Lauta Mera Dil Yeh Khali Khali Haath
Sometimes, even after meeting you, my heart was not content

Yeh Bhi Hua Kabhi, Jaise Hua Abhi
Sometimes, just like now, this also was happened

Tujhko Sabhi Mein Paa Liya
That I met you in everyone

Tera Mujhe, Kar Jaati Hai Dooriyan
This distance makes me closer to you

Satati Hain Dooriyan
The distance is suffering

Tarsati Hain Dooriyan
Distance is longing

Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan
May all the distances be vanished
(pragya was still running on road)………

Kaha Bhi Na Maine
Didn’t I tell you

Nahi Jeena Maine, Tu Jo Na Mila
Without you, I don’t want to live

Tujhe Bhule Se Bhi, Bola Na Mein Yeh Bhi Chahun Fasla
Even unknowingly, I don’t want any distance with you

abhi saw a couple hugging eachother and imagined pragya and himself at their place, he smiled but he came into sense……

Bas Fasla Rahein
Only the distance remains

pragya reached at park , her eyes were only searching for abhi, she looked at a man , she called him , but he wasn’t abhi. she again started to search abhi ……..

Banke Kasak Jo Kahen
Tells and echoes

Ho Aur Chahat Yeh Jawan
That, may our Love blossom

abhi saw pragya running towards him, he got up , pragya wiped her tears and was coming to abhi, abhi thought its imagination he turned away……

Teri Meri Mit Jaani Hai Dooriyan
This distance between us should vanish

Begani Hai Dooriyan
Distance feels strange

Pragya gave a bone crushing hug to abhi tightly from back , abhi was all shocked because it wasn’t his imagination..

Hat Jani Hai Dooriyan
Distance should be gone

Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan………

abhi broke hug and turned to pragya, pragya had tears in her eyes, abhi too had, pragya wiped abhi’s tears and they both hugged eachother tightly, abhi said pragya, pragya said i ….. i love……. pragya came into her senses and moved back, she wiped her tears, abhi holded her by arms and said pragya! pragya said well i was searching for u , abhi said why were u searching for me? who am i to u ! no one na! pragya said no i wasn’t searching but tanu was , she came home! abhi said so why u hugged me? why u have tears in ur eyes? pragya said why u have tears in ur eyes! abhi said why should i tell u , i will tell it to tanu,! abhi said ofcoarse she is ur past, present and future! abhi holded prsgya by arm tighlt and said u are wrong u are my present, and future kaisa yeh ishq h plays,

pragya moved back and said i have a surprise for u! abhi said tanu can only give me surprises , pragya felt jealous and said u said me that i m ur present right so why can tanu give u surprise! abhi says some one is jealous! pragya says yes! abhi said who? pragya said u! abhi said me? pragya said u are jealous of me and ronnie , abhi said so what , that double battery hugs u , and he kissed u too ,who is he to u ? nothing na , i m ur husband and never did it and who was he to ask that which sherwani he should wear! is he something to u no na! pragya said he is ! abhi was shocked and said who is he to u! pragya said i love him! abhi was shocked and said u love him! pragya said arey he is my brother! abhi became so much happy and hugged pragya, pragya hugged him back, abhi broke hug and said so u really love him as a brother! pragya said yea he is my czn brother! abhi smiled , pragya said lets go home! abhi holded pragya’s hand and they left! pragya thought oh wow he loves meeeeeeeeeee! Allah wariyan plays ……….

time passed it was evening , tanu was with abhi, abhi had no interest in her talks, pragya was jealous nad said so this witch would talk with my husband, so characterless she is , pragya intentionally threw juice over her dress and said sorry! tanu said what the hell, u spoiled my fav dress,pragya said i m sorry, tanu said character….. pragya with anger said i know who is characterless and who is not, i know how u are! so mind ur language and the one who can listen can also talk(jo insaan sun skta h wo suna bhi skta h ) . i said i m sorry now come with me i will give u dress,abhi was stunned to see pragya that much angry, tanu and pragya left room………they went in room, pragya gave a dress , tanu left her phone at bed and went to washroom! pragya was about to leave room just then tanu’s phone rang , pragya went to have look at that, she saw suresh’s name over the screen of phone!

pragya said suresh! he was manager of our company and good friend of surbhi and bulbul , why is he calling tanu? tanu came back and gets panicked to see pragya with phone, she snatched phone and said its personal call! pragya left room , she stood out side of room and listened to talk, tanu said i said u not to call na, i m not coming to meet u , i m at abhi’s home , plz leave me alone! pragya was shocked and said i must go to suresh! ……….. pragya called suresh and said i want to meet u! suresh agreed!

at cafe: suresh explained everything to pragya that how tanu betrayed him , and said that the child is of abhi’s, pragya said i have a plan, pragya explained, suresh said it can risk ur life, pragya said i know but for me his life is important , suresh said okay i will call abhi at that place, pragya said and i will call tanu…………………..

its morning :pragya called tanu and said i know ur truth, tanu said which truth, pragya said come and meet me at Terrance of xyz place! tanu agreed , she left home with a gun…….. here suresh came to abhi’s room and said hey how are u , abhi said hey man how are u , suresh said fine but plz can u plz come with me at xyz place… tanu reached that place , it was big and old enough! pragya said so miss characterless gir u are here, pragya clapped, tanu said why are u calling me characterless, pragya said so what can i call u cheap? ugh well characterless suits u much better, tanu said enough pragya, she took gun and fired on pragya, bhi came to that place and was shocked to see tanu firing gun at abhi……..

pre recap: abhi slapped tanu hard, suresh too slapped her!

okay guyz as i said i won’t drag it and i kept my promise well there is a girl baby (well that’s her name ) i don’t know her but i literally smiled over her cute comment , she asked me to pay penalty for posting my ff so lately 😀 i laughed …nop i m scared i have to pay it , so baby thanks for commenting i surely would try to pay that penalty……. and guyz thanks for all those lovely comments , and guyz u read my episode now leave ur comments and tell me if u were at cv’s place then what u could have done? how u would have brought tanu’s truth out, feel free to forward ur opinions over it , i will see what are ur thoughts~ thanks guyz will meet u soon hope u enjoyed this episode and at last May u all get all happiness of ur life that u guyz actually deserve! 😉 may God bless u

Credit to: Somiya

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