abhigya’s destiny episode 46


Okay guyz, i know it’s a late update but seriously sorry! And yes many of u want abhigya to confess their feeling soon but guyz this twist is really very important for pragya to realize her love so without wasting time let’s get back to story….

Episode starts with crowd saying once more once more, abhi smiled and said thankuu all for ur love and support and i hope (abhi looks at pragya) that the one for whom i sung this song understands my feelings for her, pragya unknowingly smiled……

abhigya reached home , they were in room, abhi said pragya did u liked my concert? pragya said yeah very much, it was amazing, u have soulful voice….. abhi smiled and said well because i really felt this song, pragya says for tanu? abhi said what do u think? pragya said ummmm i thought it wasn’t for tanu but for m, pragya stopeed because she was gonna say me! abhi thought to himself com’on pragya , com’on yes i sung this song for u ….. pragya said it was for any other girl~ abhi said yes because this time i m sure about my love .. pragya said to herself why why am i feeling like that song was for me! pragya then asked abhi , can u name that girl, abhi said no its top secret! pragya said oh she felt jealous but managed, she asked do i know her, abhi said yeah! pragya became jealous , so her name starts with which letter? abhi said f …. pragya said f, acha but i do not know any girl whose name starts with f …..

abhi said CID officer , are u done with questions , its 1 00 am right now, gud night….. abhi slept on bed and said fuggy , yes it starts with f , now i wanna see ur desperation to meet that girl! pragya said why am i feeling bad, oh God this is a weird feeling, i have never felt like this for anyone! Allah wariyan plays…….

its engagement day of rabul: at abhigya’s room: abhi is selecting sherwani to wear for engagement of rabul, pragya comes in , abhi said fuggy can u plz help me which sherwani i should wear? either white or Blue? pragya said blue color is my favorite , so wear that one , abhi said no i would wear white, pragya gets irked and said so why did u asked me ? abhi said for wasting ur time. pragya gets irked and her phone rang which was placed over side table, it was from ronniee, abhi gets jealous and thought again that double battery called pragya, pragya was about to pick up the phone from side table, but she losed her balance and was about to fall , abhi holds her, Allah Wariyan plays, phone again rang and they both came back into their senses , pragya picked up call and said hey ronnie, ronnie said actually pragya , i need ur help , which sherwani i should wear blue or grey? pragya said blue sherwani would suit u ,

abhi got jealous and thought how dare he asked pragya for sherwani , is he pragya’s husband ,no na i m her husband , so i have only right to ask pragya , if she said me blue sherwani , then i would wear it, abhi leaves to wardrobe , where as pragya finshed her talk with ronnie…….. time passed pragya was ready (she wore same dress , she was wearing during kidnapping track) abhi was wearing blue sherwani, abhi was stunned to see pragya , pragya said oh so u wore blue one, i m quite impressed, abhi smiled and said u are looking beautiful, but one thing is missing , pragya said what? abhi said ur specs , abhi make them wear to pragya, pragya said no fine! abhi said yeah! they left from room……….

at hall: purab and bulbul exchanged rings, pragya hugged bulbul , purab hugged abhi, dadi and surla hugged eachother, surbhi hugged bulbul, pragya says so finally bulbul is gonna become bulbul mehra! bulbul said stop teasing me di! pragya laughed.. everyone got busy talking to eachother, some girls were singing, some dancing, tanu was too there, pragya asked bulbul , u really love purab, bulbul said yes di! pragya said what if this isn’t love? bulbul says di no this is love u know why am i sure just because love is a weird feeling,, u do not realize it until u do not get seprated by ur love, pragya thought for abhi and said no i m not in love! bubul left ….. pragya was left in thoughts! abhi was with purab and said so man u are gonna marry! purab says finally! abhi smiled and saw tanu fainting , he said excuse me purab, abhi went to hold tanu, no onw saw them, abhi lifted up tanu and went to a room,

he said tanu get up, hey tanu, abhi thought doctor is already here in function so i must call her, abhi went out of room , and went to lady and said her to come with me, pragya saw abhi leaving with doctor, pragya said is everything fine! pragya followed abhi, doctor checked tanu and said congratz sir she is pregnant, abhi was shocked, doctor left, pragya reached at room door and stopped there, as she saw tanu with abhi, abhi said damnit how can u become pregnant tanu? tanu said abhi , this is ur child, pragya was almost shocked she didn’t knew how to react, whether to smile or to cry , because she was confused, it was like someone had said those words, which stabbed her heart , abhi said how can u become i mean nothing such happened , i always said u na we will be in our limits, u were only my girlfriend , nothing else, tanu said abhi no we love eachother na! abhi said love my foot, nothing such happend !i was always in my limits and i even don’t remember something! tanu said because u were drunk abhi, said no!

tanu looked at pragya standing at door like a lifeless bosy, who has neither smile over her face nor tears, it was like she had almost died listening to their conversation! tanu said pragya, abhi turned andd was shocked to see pragya! pragya stepped in , she didn’t knew how to react! abhi said pragya believe me nothing such! pragya pretended to smile and said congrats tanu, she hugged tanu, abhi was shocked to see her reaction, it was like pragya wasn’t sad or shocked or upset~ abhi said pragya! pragya said hey u know na its love so everything is fair, tanu is going to be mother of ur child and best part is i have not to live with u for 6 months i will leave u just in 1 month~ abhi said u said that u would leave in just one month! pragya said i myself decided well congrats again, pragya left with heavy heart she wanted to slap abhi, she wanted to scold him, she wanted to shout over him, but she couldn’t just because she was confused that why should she care, she went in hall, dadi said come here pragya ,

pragya got engaged in work, abhi came and saw pragya , he called her , but bulbul made announcement that pragya di would sing a song! pragya said no but bulbul insisted her so she sang Hasi ban gaye song , and was continuously watching abhi, abhi was feeling guilty , he tried to speak to pragya but pragya ignored… time passed all guests were gone , pragya was in room , and was cleaning room , she was lost in thoughts of abhi , abhi came in room and called pragya’s name , but pragya didn’t responded , he called her 5 to 6 times but pragya was all lost, abhi holded her by her arm and turned her towards him and said where are u lost, pragya came back into senses she moved back, abhi came forward and she again moved back, abhi said believe me pragya nothing such happend , i don’t know how ! i remember nothing such happened!

pragya said i didn’t asked u for any clarification so chill , i m okay with it as we were just friends , abhi said may be it is tan’s plan , u know she is much clever, she would have acted like she fainted and paid to doctor for this, pragya says cheep thinking, how can she lie for that! abhi said no we will go to another doctor and i won’t inform this to tanu! then her plan would get over! pragya said as u wish, abhi said u are also coming with us, pragya said why should i? abhi said because u are my wife and should no everything! pragya said fine and she left room , abhi was teary eyed~………..

it was next day: abhi sat in car and pragya at backseat , abhi said why are u sitting there , come here , sit beside me! pragya said no tanu would sit there~ abhi said ufff i will look like a driver and people would say rockstar had become driver plz come and sit with me! pragya said fine! pragya sat with abhi and they drove to tanu’s place after picking up tanu they went to hospital, tanu said abhi why u brought us to hospital? abhi said to check whether i m pregnant or not! pragya said very funny! doctor came and took tanu with her, after sometime, doctor came back and said congratz she is pregnant it is 1 and half month pregnancy! pragya was almost shattered coz she can’t listen that thing again and again, abhi was shocked ,

tanu came out, doctor left, tanu hugged abhi tightly, pragya pretended to smile, abhi was standing like statue, pragya was standing there she had tears in her eyes , tune jo na kaha song was playing in background~ pragya was looking at them! abhi had tears in his eyes! the trio left, this time pragya sat back! tanu had smile abhi was upset…..
abhigya came to their room , there was minute of silence and the song ws being playd in background

Dard pehle se hai zyaada
The pain is more than the previous one

Khud se phir yeh kiya wada
I than made a promise to myself

Khamosh nazrein rahe bezuban
The silent eyes should remain dumb


Abb na pehale si baatein hai
Now the conversations are not like the previous ones

Bolo tho lab thar tharatein hai
Now when I speak, my lips quiver

Raaz yeh dil ka, na ho bayaan
I am not able to say the secret of my heart out loud

Ho gaya ke aasar koi hum pe nahin
No effect has done to me

Hum safar mein toh hai, humsafar hai nahin
I am in a journey, but there is no partner with me

Dur jaata raha, paas aata raha
I kept on going away and coming close

Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Just for nothing, without any reason I kept weaving dreams.

abhi said pragya, pragya said congratz , and went to wardrobe she closed door, abhi was about to knock the door but he didn’t, pragya broke down into tears, she was crying much as she could, song was being played in background
Haal tera na hum sa hai
You situation is not like mine

Is khushi mein kyun gham sa hai
So why in this happiness there is a sorrow

Basane laga kuyn phir woh jahan
Why are we settling our world again

Woh jahan dur jisase gaye the nikal
The world which we left before

Phir se yaadon ne kar di hai jaise pehal
Seems like the memories have become aggressive again

Lamha beeta huwa, dil dukhata raha
The past kept paining my heart

Khamaka bewaja khwaab bunata raha
Just for nothing, without any reason I kept weaving dreams.
she was sitting on floor , finally she got up and went near mirror she wiped her tears and said why am i crying? pragya flashbacks bulbul’s words di u won’t realize ur love till u don’t get separated by ur love! pragya looked herself in mirror and said i , i………i love him….. i love! she gets sad and said whats the advantage now tanu is pregnant, pragya then remeberd that abhi was again and again saying that nothing such happened , pragya said if he is sure about it then i think there is something that i should know! i have to leave him , but if it is plan of tanu i won’t leave her she has to pay for that if she is kying for this child, i will keep eye on her! and i m now 100% sure something is there and he is speaking truth, pragya washed her face and said so mrs pragya finally realized her love 😀 i love mr abhishek prem mehra ,

but what if he doesn’t loves me.. mmmmmmmmmmmm well i have solution to that thing, i will keep ignoring him, and will act like i really don’t care if tanu is pregnant or not , so mrs pragya start ur missions , 1 mission is to search out the truthand 2nd mission is to ignore him , i m not going to leave u tanu! screen freezed over pragya’s smiley face and abhi’s upset dace! Allah Wariyan plays!

pre recap: Pragya came to know about tanu’s truth! abhi can’t bear pragya’s ignorance

okay guyz i know u will curse me! guyz i know u me and we all are fade up of this pregnancy track of tanu , its been one year to that track! so well i just thought that cv’s could have ended that track in just 2 to 3 episodes but they dragged it :3 guyz i really want this track to be ended soon so i thought to end that in my ff, so sorry if u guyz didn’t enjoyed . i m really very sorry.. negative and positive comments are welcomed 😉

Credit to: Somiya

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