abhigya’s destiny episode 43


Episode starts with abhi being restless in his room, abhi sayd enough yar since morning i m looking for pragya but i don’t know where is she, hey may be she is that much angry with me thats why she hasn’t met me since morning, actually i m fool, i without any reason scolded her ,its all my mistake, suddenly abhi’s phone rang and it’s tanu, tanu sayd hi abhi, u know i m missing u so much, we havn’t met from 2 days, so i m coming to ur home now! Abhi says no, i mean we can meet tomorrow na, it’s late so i think u should sleep or else u will get dark circles, tanu says abhi u are right, we will meet tomorrow, abhi ends call, he sayd oh God, 2 days and i m not missing tanu, 1 day and i want to meet pragya! Okay i accept i m missing her, i m missing her very much! Its 10 pm, she must be coming back to room!

Pragya at road meets purab, pragya says purab why did u called me here? Purab says di tomorrow is abhi’s birthday , pragya says oh! Purab says so di we should makee this Birthday memorable for him, pragya says i got idea, we are going to celebrate his birthday at 12 am today so call all friends of him, and relatives, just 2 hours are left com’on hurry up! Purab says fantastic di! They left and got engaged in work!

Abhi in his room says uff yar where is pragya, abhi remebers robin’s words, and says is this love? Abhi gets phone call from random number, man says come to garden of ur home, if u won’t come, pragya ur wife will be gone for ever! Abhi gets shocked and says hey don’t do anything to pragya, she is my life, i m coming….. Abhi then rushes to garden and its all dark there! Abhi says pragya! Pragya! Pragya where are u, see if u are again going to play prank on me na then play, but just come infront of me, pragya! Just then a light spots pragya, abhi gets happy seeing her, pragya says happy birthday to most wonderful person of my life, abhi smiles seeing her and looks at watch, its 12 am, abhi smiles,

pragya says oh ho so birthday boy, u are amazing person i have ever got in my life, may u live long, well i m upset with u but that doesn’t matters coz this is ur day! This is the day u came to this earth for irritating me, abhi laughs, pragya says happy birthday, just then all lights get on, all guests are there, abhi is stunned to see the decorations ,dadi blesses abhi, purab hugs abhi, bulbul says happy birthday dearest jiju of mine, abhi says thankuu dearest sister in law of mine, bulbul hugs abhi, dasi blesses abhi, surbhi too wishes him, surla blesses abhi, purab says attention, abhi com’on cut the cake, abhi cuts cake, and makes it eat to all family memebers, he makes it eat to pragya, time passes guests are talking to eachother, pragya too is talking with guests, abhi sees her and goes to her, just then pragya leaves from there, and hugs ronnie, Ronnie kisses her, abhi was at peak of jealousy ,abhi comes there but pragya leaves and goes to dadi, she asks dadi, u ate medicine, dadi says aray i said na they taste bitter ,pragya says very bad dadi i will go and bring medicine, pragya leaves, dasi laughs and says u have got best bahu, abhi comes and says where did pragya went? Dadi says to bring medicine from my room, abhi leaves…..

Purab is with radhika, bulbul gets angry and jealous, purab announces this is rokstars party we all should dance, so music! Purab dances with radhika on song tum hi ho, bulbul became jealous, purab was continuosly watching bulbul’s jealousy, just the bulbul took a juice and splitted it over dance floor, radhika slipped, purab says are u fine radhika, purab helps radhika in standing, bulbul gets angry and leaves from there! Purab makes radhika sit and goes to bulbul…..

Pragya has medicine in her hands, she was passing from her room, just then someone pulled her into room, and it is non other then abhi, pragya is stunned, abhi says sorry pragya i know u are angry with me but plz forgive me na, pragya thinks oh so he is thinking that i m angry so let’s act like i m angry, pragya pretends to be angry and was about to leave from room, abhi holds her hand and sits on knees he says sorry pragya i m really very much sorry, pragya was stunned, she says well i m not upset with u so chil, abhi stands and pinches her abhi sayd so u were acting, pragya laughs, abhi hugs her, pragya was stunned, pragya tried to leave, but abhi says promise me u won’t ever leave me, pragya says what happened to u suddenly? Abhi says no promise me, pragya says okay baba i promise, abhi tightly hugs her, pragya then breaks hug, they both fel awkward, kaisa yeh ishq h plays, pragya leaves, abhi says so this is… Abhi smiles and says so finally i m not confused…
Bulbul comes at corner of garden where no one can see her, she is crying, purab comes and sayd what have u done bulbul, u hurted radhika na u know na that i love…… Bulbul turns back ,purab is astonished to see bulbul crying, bulbul says so i hurted her right! Uhn what about me every second u are hurting me, what about that,

purab says when did i? Bulbul says so Mr purab mehra even doesn’t knows, don’t act like u no nothing, u huged her, u know at that time i was so much hurt, u holdrd her hand, i was hurted, u danced with her, i was hurted but why will u care, u love her na so go kiss her, hug her marry her i won’t care, purab was smiling continiosly, bulbul says why are u smiling go na go to her, she must be feeling pain, purab says but why are u feeling hurt when i am with her, why are u feeling hurt when i am hugging her, why are u feeling pain when i m dancing with her ,why bulbul why, answer me why, bulbul says bcoz i love u stupid, i love u to the moon and back, all guests look at them, abhigya too as the scream was too loud, purab hugs bulbul and says i love u too, bulbul hugs back and sayd why did u then said k radhika loves u, now go to her na, purab says to make u jealous, my jealous girl, bulbul beats him, abhi looks at them and imagines bulbul as pragya and himself as purab, all guest clapped, rabul were shocked to see them, abhi comes back to his sense, pragya says oh ho so my bulbul loves someone, bulbul blushes, pragya says oh see who is blushing! Bulbul says stop it di, pragya says i won’t stop, surla sayd so again we aill become in laws, dadi says haha right surla, so lets get them married soon! Bulbul hugs pragya! Abhi hugs purab…… Evryone leaves…..

Purab is in his room! Abhi comes, abhi says romeo! Purab sayd don’t call me that, abhi sayd i will, purab says once u will get in love with someone na then i too will call u romeo, abhi says but i love tanu na, purab says u really think so i mean have u ever felt special when that tanu is withh u, have u ever missed her when she is with u, have u evee enjoyed her company no na ,abhi says u are confusing me, purab says close ur eyes and think for the girl whom u love and her pic will appear infront of ur eyes, abhi says stupid, purab says coz love is stupid, purab leaves, abhi closes his eyes, he then thinks for girl, and she is pragya, he flashbacks his cute moments with pragya, 1st time when he bumped inti pragya, the way they fought, he flashbacks all scenes and says i m in love, i m in love …….Allah wariyan plays..

Pre recap): abhi imagines pragya everywhere, pragya comes to know that children are alive, surbhi gets kidnaped..

Guyz u know i was really upset to see just few comments, i felt like no one is liking my ff so i should stop writing my ff just then i thought what about those 15 people who commented over my ff thankuu all ur comments really boosted me up to update this episode,
Especial thanks to
Sugan, Thankuuu so much
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Shree, i m glad u liked my episode thankuu
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Reshama, i was really happy after reading ur comment….
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I will be looking forward for ur next comments ,till then May God bless u all, bye, and yes at last plz tell me ur mother tongue! Thankuuuu


Credit to: Somiya

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