abhigya’s destiny episode 42


Sorry sorry for that much late update! So lets start with our story:
Its morning, pragya wakes up and sees abhi sleeping so she didn’t disturbed him and went to wardrobe, after sometime she gets ready and says Oh God! I hav got so much work today, i have to go with raj bhaiya for meeting as we are business partners so i must tell it to him(abhi), pragya sees abhi Sleeping, and says oh so he is sleeping ,well i will ask mitali bhabhi to tell him! Pragya leaves from room, and goes downstairs, she finds mitali and she says mitali bhabhi where is raj bhaiya actually it is important meeting today so i had to go with him, mitali says actually pragya, raj already left and asked me to say u to come to office sharp 10 am! Pragya says Oh well its 9 30 so i must go, bhabhi plz inform it to him(abhi), mitali jokes and says whom! Pragya says him, (unhain) ,mitali says whom tell me name? Pragya says aray mu husband, mitali laughs, pragya smirks! And leaves….. Abhi wakes up and sees pragya no where, abhi says uff again she left i had to say her sorry, and today at any cost i will say her sorry for sure! Abhi gets up, after getting ready he leaves from room and goes downstairs ! He finds pragya no where and goes to kitchen, pragya is not there! He says oh where is pragya, mitali comes and says oh abhi u here! Abhi says yea well where are all? Mitali says raj is in office, ramu kaka went to buy vegetables, robin is upstairs, dadi is in her room! Abhi says and…. Mitali says and bunty has gone to school, abhi desperately asks and….. Mitali says dasi is with dadi, abhi says and…… Mitali says purab went to office! Abhi says and….. Mitali says and I am here with u! Abhi sayd okay! Abhi begins to leave, mitali laughs, abhi is confused, mitali says ur pragya wemt to office with raj as she had meeting there! Abhi gets sad and says oh…… When she will be back? Mitali says after lunch time or before lunch time! Abhi gets sad and goes from there, he comes to his room, he sits at bed ,he says okay baba pragya isn’t here why am i missing her she will be back na, why it happens to me, when she is near me i feel relieved and when she is away from me i miss her, Why God why? Abhi looks at his and Pragya’s marrige pic Kaisa yeh ishq h plays……

Pragya is with raj, bulbul comes there, purab too, bulbul gets happy seeing purab, but then radhika joins purab! Raj says oh so radhika u are also here! Radhika says well purab called me, bulbul asks why! Purab says its non of ur business! I mean we are here for meeting na so lets start! Bulbul feels bad, raj and pragya are discussing about project whereas bulbul is getting jealous seeing purab and radhika’s closeness! Purab smirks seeing bulbul’s jealousy and holds radhika’s hand! Bulbul is at peak of jealousy!

Abhi comes out of his room and listens robin talking to someone on phone! Robin says hey laxmi listen to me na i know i scolded u but plz don’t leave me as i love u, i m sorry na! Just then robin gets sad and cuts the phone! Abhi says oh ho So many romeo’s in our house na, so romeo number 2 is ur Juliet angry with u? Robin says yes sir, actually i scolded her for no reason! Abhi then remembers that hee too scolded pragya for no reason ! Robin says sir can i get a leave plz! Abhi says at one condition ! Robin asks surely sir! Abhi says what do u mean by love? Answer my question and u can go! Robin says Sir love is a pious relationship, when u close ur eyes u see her, when u open ur eyes u see her everywhere even in ur dreams, when she is upset with u ,u want to cheer her up, when she is away from u, u miss her and when she is near u, u feel like u are luckiest person! Abhi remebers his moments with pragya and gets lost in it, robin shakes abhi and says can i go? Abhi says surely ! Abhi says so it means i m…. No i love tanu na, by the way things robin told to me ,i never ever felt it for tanu but i always feel them for fugg….. No way i mean how can I ,well i m literally confused, well i will say sorry to pragya as she would come back!

Surbhi comes to prutima taai’s home and askd servant where is taai? Servant says she went to a village she would be back after 3 hours, surbhi comes out of house and says best! I can go into that room and can start my plan! Surbhi slowly and carefully goes to room where kids are, she closes the door and sees that roy was saying com’on avni don’t lose hope na i said na one day well will meet our family! And ananya i know u miss pragya dii very much but without hope we have nothing ,surbhi gets tears in her eyes and says roy my doctor! Roy and all kids see surbhi and they rushed to hug her, varun sayd surbhi di i know one day we will be saved! Surbhi sayd oh plz do not cry, it will be all okay na! Avni sayd plz get us out of here, surbhi says surely but after my plan! Listen roy i m going today but will come soon! So this is a ring it has voice recorder in it, okay so i have switched it on ,so it will be proof for police against taai , varun says but di camera would be best if we will fit it into ring so that police could see evryone’s face! Surbhi says well taai can have a doubt na well u guyz are only 15 in counting where are rest? Roy says actually di when taai kidnaped us and were in truck na so after sometime they stopped, and chose us ,15 kids and taai asked her man’s to get us in another car! We went in another vehicle, and remaining were in truck we continueed our journey but truck’s break failed and they all. …… Surbhi says oh no di surly again will get hurt! Byt i won’t leave taai, well i m leaving now take care and do not tell anyone that i came here ! Kids agreed , surbhi left room , she was in garden and says how cruel taai is, she then bumps into someone and it’s abhimanyu (abhi modi whom surbhi loved but now surbhi hats him) abhimanyu is shocked to see her and says surbhi u here, surbhi is normal ,she isn’t pretending but she is normal and sayd well i came here to meet taai, abhimanyu says i don’t know where is she, i just am here from airport searching for her! Surbhi says fine i will meet her tomorrow! Abhimanyu feels bad and says i should not have ditched her…..

Pragya is back home, mitali is siting on sofa and listening to music, pragya shakes her and says bhabhi! Mitali says u are back so soon, pragya says soon, i means its 2 pm, mitali says oh no and i havn’t prepared lunch! Pragya says okay then i will go and make it quickly, mitali says okay i will help u…. Time passes food is ready, and pragya keeps everything on dinning table, and says bhabhi i m done and i have much work to do so i will eat lunch later, and han i will be working in room that is next to dadi’s room! Mitali says oka! Pragya leaves she had bundle of files in her Hand ,she goes to room thats next to dadi’s room! Evryone comes and sits on dinning table, abhi too sits and looks for pragya, raj says what happened whom are u looking for? Abhi sayd for no one, all are eating lunch except abhi, he askd raj, bhaiya where is pragya she was with u na ,!mitali says oh pragya Actaully she had much work so she in room that is next to dadi’s room, she id working there! Abhi gets happy and leaves from table and goes to that room! He says finally i will say sorry to pragya he opens the room door and sees pragya no where, he sees files over bed and wonders where is pragya, he leaves from room and pragya comes out of washroom, she wipes her face with towel and says oh i think he came here (abhi) ,i must go to my room, she goes to her room, (abhi ‘s room) , she opens door and at the moment abhi gets into wardrobe, pragya says oh he isn’t here, she says i must go to dadi to give her medicine, pragya closes door and abhi at same time comes out from wardrobe, he says i think pragya came here, she must be now in dadi’s room, pragya comes to dadi’s room and says dadi com’on hae ur medicine , dadi says no they taste bitter ,pragya says no com’on! Dadi eats medicine, pragya leaves, abhi comes there and says dadi, did pragya came here? Dadi sayd yes! Abhi sayd where is she ,dadi says i don’t know, pragya is going to her room just then bunty says chachi plz help me in my maths homework, pragya agrees and goes with bunty, abhi comes near his room and sayd where did pragya went ? Today when i want to meet, she isn’t here! He sees dasi and asks from her about pragya ,dasi says oh pragya, she went with bunty to help in his homework! Abhi gets restless and goes to bunty’s room, pragya says so bunty are u done, bunty says thankuuu chachi! Pragya says no give me kiss, bunty kisses her! Mitali says pragya plz tell me which saree i should wear come with me to my room, pragya agrees and leaves, abhi comes to bunty’s room and he can’t find pragya there! Bunty says chachu, chachi just went with maa, abhi says thanks bunty! Abhi moves to mitali’s room, just then pragya leaves mitali’s room, abhi comes there and sayd bhabhi did pragya came here? mitali says yes, abhi says so where is she now? Mitali says sorry i don’t know……. Pragya got a call and leaves from mansion ,abhi is badly missing pragya ,he says oh God i missing her Very much…….. Kaisa yeh ishq h plays. ..

Pre recap : a birthday surprise for abhi from pragya. ..

Guyz u know what i m badly missing my buddy surbhi without her my day is like, atom without electron! I m missing her badly, well she said to give a message from her side that she won’t be able to post her next update for some days as she has gone to her hometown ….

Well guyz i know there was nothing special in the episode but plz leave ur comments and yes queen u are going superb so go on !and Tisha u are best at everything so i just love reading ur ff!

Credit to: Somiya

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    Why.sooooo late
    It was just Soo cute n awesome
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  4. Divya chandru

    Very cute yaar., lovely

  5. ohh god very awesome dii i loved it pls upload daily na feeling bad as i miss surbhi a lot too waiting fr her to returen…

  6. Nice yaar… Y u r feeling tat thr s no spl I love it a lottttttttt coz it’s soooo cute na tat abhi want to meet her bt he can’t find her anywhere its sooooo cute n even it express how much he loves her superb yaar…

  7. Nice enjoying abhi missing fuggi.

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