abhigya’s destiny episode 41


Episode starts with abhi sleeping on bed and pragya at couch, abhi wakes up and yawns, he says fuggy where is my coffee? After 2 min silence, he turns his head to couch and sees pragya sleeping, he then remebers his rude behaviour to pragya last night! He gets up in sitting position, he says oh! Fault is mine, bcoz of tanu, i behave rude to her, abhi goes to pragya and sits on floor beside pragya, he says fuggy, wake up, see its 7 am, pragya gave no response as she was in deep sleep, abhi says oh so she is in deep sleep, how to wake her up! She is looking too cute, so for waking up cute people, cute ways should be used! Ammm, i should bring coffee for her! ……after sometime abhi has coffee mug in his hand, he says hey fuggy wake up na see i have brought coffee for u, i made it! So get up, hurry up, fuggy, pragya in sleepy voice says only 2 minutes, abhi says aray this coffee would get cold, pragya in sleepy voice says its better na i will have cold coffee then…. Let me sleep, abhi says fuggy, get up or….. Pragya doesn’t gives response, abhi says daadi is coming….. Pragya jumps out of couch and says where is she? Abhi laughs and says dadi is in her room, pragya gets irked and again sits on couch, she is yawning, abhi says hey i made coffee for u, pragya gives a cute smile and says for me? Abhi says yea i made it as last night….. Pragya remebers it is her fast today as it is krwaa cchaut, abhi says drink it, pragya says no i can’t! Abhi says why i know u r upset, pragya says no baba i m not upset, i just don’t like coffee, abhi says no but this time u have to drink it for me! Pragya gets up and says no i can’t, abhi says u have to, just then in their fighting the cups get broken down, abhi was again frustrated, and says i thought to cheer ur mood up but u know what u don’t deserve it, it was first time i made coffee for someone! But u u are so stubborn, okay what would have happend if u just took a sip from coffee, nothing na then? Abhi goes to wardrobe, pragya isn’t hurt but she says how to tell u that i have kept fast, wait well i havn’t kept fast for u but dadi insisted me….. Pragya sits on couch, after sometime, abhi comes back to room, he ignores pragya and goes to dressing table, pragya gets up, she was going to abhi, but suddenly she keeps her foot over a piece of cup, she screamed ouch, ouch! Abhi gets panicked ,but he is angry so he said oh so now new drama would start great! U hav much acting skills…. Abhi combs his hair and leaves from room without watching pragya, pragya has tears in her eyes, she is standinh on one foot, she slowly with difficulty goes and sits on couch, she tries to remove that small piece of cup but she couldn’t as her right hand was injured already, and she had pain in her left feet, so it was paining much, and she couldn’t remove that small piece, she with difficulty went in wardrobe, it was bleeding from her foot……

Bulbul is walking in garden and thinking abiut the proposal, she said what to do, just then suddenly some one, holds her by arms, and turns her and he is non other then purab, bulbul sayd purab! Purab says yes me, u know, i was becoming so restless u havn’t gave the answer! Tell me if u love me or not! Bulbul is silent, purab says so ur silence means no! Okay then sorry, u know a girl proposed to me ,but i rejected her for u, but if u do not love me, then okay! I will accept her proposal, just bcoz u know she is my best friend radhika, we understand eachother very much so i will be happy with her, i know u r my first love, but abhi was right u r my Juliet but i m not ur romeo, so okay, from now we have different ways! Bulbul is astonished, simply shocked, she wanted to say something but purab leaves fron there, bulbul says oh no, bcoz of my mistake i lost him, i love purab then…… Purab comes and gives hi fi to a girl, girl says oh so finally work done na! Purab says yes radhika now she surely would confess her feelings! Radhika says now our plan would begin! Purab laughs……

Commissioner says so surbhi are u ready, that’s the time! Surbhi says yes sir today i will go to prutima taai’s home, her home is quite big so i think children would be there! Surbhi leaves from there and reaches at a house it is big, much big, surbhi says di, i will give ur happiness back to u, surbhi moves in…. A women is shown , she is fat, almost looking like a villian, she is prutima taai, many kids are standing in line, prutima says so we will start from u lil avni how much u earned today, girl says 50 rupees, taai slaps her ,girl falls down, taai says only 50 rupees, i need more tomorrow, avni is crying, avni is small girl with pretty eyes, she is wearing ,poor clothes! Just then taai says so roy well doctor, hahahahahha, roy gets angry, he is 10 years! Taai says so how much u have got, roy says i didn’t begged and nor i will ever, i know pragya di, would come here, prutima taai says oh, she holds Roy’s face hardly and says but ur pragya di thinks u are dead hahahah, don’t u remeber diwaali day… Fb starts: surbhi leaves from NGO, taai says hey u all kids com’on we have so many gifts in truch lets go there, all 60 kids go with taai and they went in truck ,taai gives a wicked smile and locks all kids inside of truck ,she addresses one man to place some bodies which they got from grave in NGO and burn the NGO, man says okay…… After sometime, NGO catches fire, and pragya screams Nooooooo! Fb ends…. Taai laughs harder and says so haha ur di thinks u are dead, she was such a fool na she had 60 kids she could have used u to earn money but fool! She always loved u like a mother, just then a boy says bcoz she was our mother and u, we all hate u, taai is angry and says so ankit could talk, haha, just then a man says taai a girl has came to meet u! Roy says she is our saviour, we don’t kmow who is she but she is here to save us! And u will get punished taai! Taai is angry and slaps him, roy says oh so u are scared! Taai says beat him as much as u could, i will go and see who is the girl! ….taai leaves…. She comes out from a room, big enough that could fit more then 100 people, the room was in opposite side of her house so she crosses garden and then reaches to her house, surbhi sees her coming from that room! She had a doubt! Taai comes and says surbhi uu, oh what a pleasant surprise , surbhi says yea actually i came here to meet u how are u, taai says fine, what about u, surbhi says i too am fine! Well can i ask u something, taai says afcoarse, surbhi says what is in that room? Taai gets tensed and says ha in that room nothing but trash, surbhi says its big enough na! Taai says yea, surbhi sayd why are u looking like u are tired are u fine! Taai says totally, surbhi sayd actually i came here to give u good news! Taai says gud news? Surbhi says actually u know i would be working in a office that is near to ur house so if it would get late sometimes i would come and stay at ur house! Taai becomes happy and says great! U know na abhimanyu, my abhi! Abhi modi, he is in london so u know i feel alone in this house so it would be great if u will accompany me! Surbhi says yeaa well i m getting late, so i will leave, taai hugs her and says bye……. Surbhi leaves the place she sits in car and says for di i will stay at abhi modi’s home whom i hate that much! But anything for di and i m 100% sure that children are in that big room that’s why taai became tensed!

Its evening! Abhi is back home, dadi says great u are back before moon came! Abhi says moon? Dadi says aray its karwaa chaut na, and pragya had kept fast! Abhi gets stunned and says fast for me ?dadi sayd leave it well robin told me that pragya wasn’t feeling well so go in room and check where is pragya, coz all day she was in room and i thought not to disturb her! Abhi says fine and moves upstair… He is standing near his room! And says Shit! I again made pragya upset, it was her fast and i shouted on her, now Finally i would says sorry to her, abhi gets into room and sees pragya sleeping, he goes to wardrobe without disturbing her, he is selecting shirtfor himslef and then his mobile falls down he says oh GGod! Hope my phone is fine, he gets down, and sees blood spots, they were dry, abhi remebers pragya’s scream and says again i misunderstood her! Abhi comes into room, he removes blanket from pragya’s feet and sees that small piece of cup is still there, he slowly begins to take it out, at the time pragya got up and says ouch, abhi says is it paining, Pragya says leave it na it is paining! Abhi says hold on i will take it out, abhi slowly begins to take it out, pragya is saying ouch ouch ouch! Abhi finally takes it out and dresses pragya’s wound! Abhi says better, pragya says yes! Abhi says pragya, just then dadi enters and says pragya are u fine! Pragya says yes dadi! Dadi says so just go and wear that red saree i gave to u, function has ended and everyone is waiting for moon! Pragya says dadi u should have told me about function ! Dadi says robin told me u weren’t feeling well so that’s why well get ready quickly… Pragya gets up from bed, she is now feeling lite pain so she could walk by herself she gets into wardrobe, abhi says i must say her sorry! After sometime pragya comes out of wardrobe, abhi is memorised by pragya’s beauty, abhi says beauty ful ! Pragya says what? Abhi says saree is beautiful na, pragya says okay! Pragya leaves from room, abhi says i should say sorry to her!

Time passes: ladies break their fasts just then everyone had dinner, abhi wants to say sorry, pragya after Finishing her work, says dadi can i go to my room i m not feeling nice! Dadi sayd okay take rest, pragya goes to her room and she again sleeps on couch, abhi comes and says ughh how many times would she sleep……. Now i have to wait for next day just to say her sorry!

Pre recap: abhi is missing pragya, as pragya is busy in her work and abhi hasn’t seen pragya since morning….

Guyz okay i don’t know how the episode is and today i wanaaa thankuuuuu all for such cute and happy comments, they always bring a smile on my face, thankuiuu so much guys…..

Credit to: Somiya

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