abhigya’s destiny.. episode 4


Purab welcomes bulbul in office, and assigns her task to complete work before 1 pm bulbul says she would finish her work at 12 59 pm purab thinks to himself crazy girl.. He observes how much bulbul is serious in her work.

Abhi is getting ready and is thinking to himself he has never said sorry to a girl so why should he apologize pragya, he flashbacks that how pragya saved him , and thinks to himself that he should keep his ego at side and apologize to pragya , abhi thinks to gift pragya chocolates..

Pragya meets nikhil and says where were u since 1 week, i think u don’t care about me ur best friend, nikhil says its not like that he was busy in his work. Pragya says lie is a lie, nikhil says u know me very well, pragya says afterall i m ur best friend com’on tell me where were u.. Nikhil says he is in love with a girl. Pragya says so my best friend has become a majnoo. And asks what is the name of his laila . Nikhil says tanu. Pragya asks who is tanu? Nikhil says she is a model . Pragya says so a producer is in love with a model haha , nikhil says stop teasing me. Pragya says fine , and says it’s getting late for her college so she must leave , Nikhil says if they can have lunch together, pragya says s surely after College u can pick me up, Nikhil says fine and pragya leaves

Its 11 am and bulbul has completed her work, she says yeah i did it before 1 pm she goes to purab’s cabin and knocks it purab says come in . Bulbul goes inside and says she has finished her work , purab gets impressed and says wow good. Purab says its break time so she can move to cafeteria, bulbul says sir i don’t know where is cafeteria ? Purab says okay i will come with u . They both go to cafeteria and sit on same table, they both talk with eachother bulbul tells about her family that she loves her family specially her di pragya she loves pragya di very much, in same way purab tells that my family is not in this world but i have my best friend who is more than my family bulbul says who? Purab says abhi , abhi the rockstar . Bulbul gets shocked

Abhi comes to college , abhi’s fans rush to see him, they ask for selfies at same time principal came and all students went back to their classes. Principal asks abhi why is he here? Abhi answers and explains what happened , principal says oh pragya has came to college and she is in commerce class which is next to her office abhi thanks her and leaves..

Bulbul says what abhi the rockstar is ur bes friend , how could he be ur best friend.. Purab says why can’t he be abhi’s bestfriend? Bulbul says that u know previous day what he did with my di. Purab says oh so that girl was ur di, bulbul says u know about that incident .. Purab says yes as abhi was really sorry for what he did and that’s why today he went to same college to say sorry to that girl. . Bulbul says really, purab says yes.. Purab asks bulbul if pragya would forgive abhi, bulbul says yes! Purab says how can u say this thing with so much trust ,bulbul says bcoz she knows her di very well and her di’s heart is very big. Purab says lets see i will ask abhi.. Bulbul says surely. Purab says its a challenge , if he will win this challenge then they both would become friends bulbul says fine challenge accepted..

Abhi goes to commerce class and finds pragya there. He calls pragya’s name , all students and pragya looked outside pragya gets shocked to see abhi, all students went outside to see abhi, pragya stops all students and said them to get back to their work as next day it is their test all students were upset and sat back at their seats . Pragya went outside and said abhi why is he here? Abhi says he wanna apologize . Pragya laughs and says for what? U r rockstar and i m a girl who can’t be ur maid (aap rockstar ho and m toh wo larki hoon jo aap ki nokrnaani bhi nhi ban skty?) abhi says sorry. Pragya goes back to class abhi follows her…

Pre recap: pragya is saying abhi(koi aa jayega) abhi answers (aanay do) she says (koi dekh laiga ) abhi says toh dekhnay do pragya says koi sun lega abhi saya toh sun nay do)

Plz do comment…… Can i continue it or ur bored..

Credit to: somiya

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  1. princess sparkie

    u can continue ur ff is good..

  2. Lovely , keep going

  3. Nice ff. Keep going and Pls write in english because I am from Tamil nadu I can’t understand it so pls hereafter write in english..and what was the conversation between abhigya in the precap.

    1. Pre recap: pragya is saying to abhi that some one would come, abhi is saying pragya let them come, pragya says to him some one would hear this abhi says so let them hear, pragya says some one would see us abhi says so let them see….

  4. Cute story… Keep continue…

  5. Awesome now I can rate this 9easily
    But pls update the next epi soon
    Today itself if possible

    1. Harini i have already submitted next written epsiode but this website is taking time to post it…

  6. Pls update in english as i don’t know hindi but your ff is soooooo good

    1. Pre recap: pragya says to abhi some one would come, abhi says let them come, pragya says some one would hear, abhi says let them hear, pragya says some would see us, abhi says let them see

  7. Nyc ff .Bt pls write it in English .

    1. Pre recap: pragya says to abhi some one would come, abhi says let them come, pragya says some one would hear, abhi says let them hear, pragya says some would see us, abhi says let them see

  8. Precap look like a song lirics yaar awesome

    1. Haha thanks…. Stay tuned for nest episode

  9. Nice episode

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    So cute……

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