abhigya’s destiny episode 39

Well guyz sorry for the late update ! And thanks for comments! And yea! Naveena i m glad ur back with a bang! Tisha, u always rock! And others queen, harini, ria, reji and therr are many more but i don’t remember names but yes i used to read all ff’s ,wait a second, i will tell u a thing and u all would be jealous of it :-p haha i got surbhi’s autograph! Haha, i don’t know how she creates her story! But yes she always creates a different story, she is amazing ,i love all ff’s but her ff is best and i m fan of her! Well if i will start praising her i won’t stop so let’s get back to story!

Episode starts with bulbul walking with surbhi in garden she recieves a message from purab to come to room 187, bulbul says surbhi i will be back within a minute! Surbhi says fine! Bulbul gets into lift and she reaches at the floor where room 187 is, she finally reaches at room and knocks the door, the door is already opened so she gets in, it’s all dark there, bulbul says purab! Purab! The lights get turned on! Bulbul sees a beautiful decoration with her pictures every where, just then purab comes and bulbul is stunned she doesn’t knows how to react what to say! She was silent, purab says bulbul! This day i had courage to say that thing i wanted to say since 2 years, i don’t know how but it just happened! I never liked a girl, but i don’t know why i liked u! Bulbul i never loved u… Bulbul was shocked! She was all long silent, purab continues bulbul i never loves u byt walked in love with u, yes bulbul yes! I love u, i love u, i don’t Know but u have became my life, whenever i m alone or among people i just think for u, bulbul i love u! Bulbul wasn’t expecting this she believed in love and she too loved purab! But she was confused bcoz she was the girl who couldn’t trust anyone! She wasn’t sure if purab truly loves her! Purab holded bulbul’s hand and said bulbul! I love u, bulbul was standing like a staute, she stepped back without saying a word! Purab was stunned! Purab was almost shocked! Bulbul didn’t spoke a word and left from there without confessing a word! Purab thought oh God bcoz of my love i will surely lose her friendship…….

All are having dinner at hotel: purab is continuosly watching bulbul! Abhi feels it amd whispers to purab what if she is ur Juliet and u r not her romeo! Purab pinches him and says its nothing like that! Just then bubbly starts crying, mitali tries to stop her! But bubbly was continuously crying! Pragya asked what happened to her! Mitali says she wants to go on a walk! Pragya says well she is only of 9 months she can’t talk so how u understood ! Dadi says pragya beta once u wilk become mother u too will understand, i hope abhi too could! Everyone laughs, pragya feels embraced and says dadi we are only together for 6 months! Dadi says let’s see if u guyz would part ways after 6 months! Abhi thinks to himslef why am i feeling disappointed for pragya’s words of 6 months! Bubbly is still crying, pragya says mitali bhabhi i will take her out! Mitali says. But pragya ur food! Pragya says i will eat it later! mitali hands bubbly to pragya and pragya goes out in garden! Dadi says it seems pragya is more attached to kids! Abhi says actually u r right dadi abhi explains all about how pragya said to poor man that she will look after her daughter’s expenses ! Bulbul says there is a reason behind that! Purab asks which reason? Just then bulbul felt something !she felt happy but she doesn’t shows it ! Surla continued ,actually after her university ended she wasn’t ready to join my business so soon! She hated child labour, and so opened NGO she looked after the children’s expenses! She always behaved with them like a mother! There were almost 60 kids in her NGO she knew everyone’s name and there likes and dislikes! She never played holi but these children! She played holi with them! And then the festival of diwali came! The day she lost alll children! Abhi was shocked! He was amazed by this thing that pragya loves children mist! Surla continued, pragya brung crackers for everyone, 60 kids were there, and so u can think so many crackers would have been there, unknowingly they caught fire! At that time pragya was out of NGO talking on phone! Her face was truned, soon the building caught fire! Pragya turned back and she screamed she wanted to go inside but cops came ans stopped her, everything was finished! Just ash was left, pragya was continuosly crying, she then went inside NGO, only burnt bodies were there and she was continuously crying, she went on with a hope that someome would have been alive, but she didn’t knew that she was fighting a lost battle! Everything was finished, no one was left! Pragya was all broken, she loved kids more than anything, but….. Pragya was in shock for 2 months but then jaanki encouraged her to leave the past and live the present just then pragya joined my business… She recoverd but….. Surla stopped! Bcoz pragya at the time came! Evryone had tears in their eyes, they didn’t knew what to say! Bubbly was a slept ,abhi couldn’t resist himslef and said pragya, pragya sighed him not to talk as bubbly is slepping, she hands bubbly over to mitali, mitali said thanku….well i m done with my food and so everyone else is so plz continue ur dinner! Everyone got up without saying a single word and left ,abhi was still sitting (guyz tanu and kunal weren’t there) pragya said suniyea! Abhi didn’t responded as he was thinking that pragya had suffered so much but she has always a smile on her face! Pragya sat near him, she holded his hand, and dipped it into hot soup! Abhi still was lost, pragya was amazed! She said suniyea in a loud voice! But still no response ! She now started her acting and screamed ouch its paining alot, abhi came back to his senses he was all panicked and said where is it paining he holds pragya’s hand and they share an eyelock! Kaisa yeh ishq h plays…. They got back into senses! Pragya said where were u lost! Abhi mistakenly says inn u, just then he chages topic and sayd plz contcontinue ur dinner! Pragya felt something fishy! prgya continued her dinner, abhi was lost in her he said fuggy ! Pragya said yes! Abhi said nothing(kuch nhi bas unheee) …pragya was done with dinner and they moved to their room!

In room: abhi mistakenly places his feet over pragya’s, pragya shouted ouchhhh! Abhi said is it paining? Pragya says yes! (in painful voice) abhi jokes and says so what can i do? Pragya sayd how mean! Abhi copied her How mean! Pragya said ughhh i won’t sleep with u i m going to bulbul! Abhi said freedom finally, (aazaadi) pragya gets irked and leaves! Time passed abhi thought pragya would come back, but she didn’t so abhi thought to call her back, he went to bulbul’s room, and knocked the door! Bulbul with sleepy voice, says who? Abhi said aray ur jiju! Bulbul is half a slept and says i don’t have a jiju, abhi said ughhh, she is so irritating! Bulbul opened door and asked what did u said? Abhi says oh actually i came here for pragya ,is she here! Bulbul says no di isn’t here! Bulbul closes door! Abhi wonders where is pragya? He one by one goes to each family member’s room but answer he got was no! He was now woried he said where can pragya go, he went in garden, and looked Pragya laying down on garden, abhi says so dhe slept here, he goes near her, but she was awaken and was looking at stars, abhi too comes in sleeping position, and was looking at stars, pragya didn’t noticed that abhi came, she turns her face and finds abhi, she said u here? Abhi said actually i was woried about u and was wandering where u went? Pragya smirks and says woried for me! Abhi thinks to himself God now i m fully confused !abhi says what were u doing here? Pragya said i was talking with my children, abhi says while looking at stars? Pragya said yesss! Those children are my star and they shine down from heaven for me ! Abhi smiles! And sayd wow, so can u name them all! Pragya said yes…. No wait but how u camee to kknow about all the children as i havn’t told u yet! Abhi says i know everything about u, well leav it and tell me the names of those stars! Pragya with a deep voice, almost a crying voice! She points at a star and says she is avni, the youngest of all only 5 years old, she was so nyc to me, i always loved her, she hated it when i cried! And that star is roy, my buddy, he always wanted to become a doctor, u know he said to me that whenever i will come to him for checkup, he won’t ask for fees, then next star is rokstar varun, he always wanted to become a. Rockstar and guess what he was inspired by u, and next star is ananya, she always needed me, at evry moment and i now need her! Abhi says hey why are u crying! U said na the kids hated ur tears then abhi wipes pragya’s tears, and pragya continued with stars, at last she couldn’t control and cried bitterly ,and hugged abhi (guyz they were laying down on garden just the way we sleep) , she palced her head over abhi’s chest, and cried she said i miss them, plz ask them to come back… She cried, abhi consoled her and said hey pragya ,u r my fuggy, plz don’t cry, look those stars are getting dimmer, it means ur kids are feeling bad na, pragya cried and tightly hugged abhi, abhi consoled her, she was bitterly crying, just then she slept, abhi was consoling her, and he realised that pragya slept, he rolled his eyes on pragya and pragya was still hugging him tightly ,he tried to move, but pragya had tightly hugged him, abhi now too slept on grass…… Time passed some rays of sun touched pragya’s face she opened her eyes, she saw that abhi was sleeping while hugging her, she tried to break hug, kaisa yeh ishq h palys, she felt embraced! She looked at sunrise, it was damn beautiful view, pragya said suniyea get up see this sun rise! Its so beautiful !abhi opened his eyes and saw that he was hugging pragya ,they shared eyelock ,kaisa yeh ishq h plays, they got their sense back, and abhi felt awkward ,pragya for normalising the situation said, hey this sunrise is so beautiful na, they both got up, and saw the beautiful sunrise , they were holding eachothers hand pragya didn’t knew taht she was holding abhi’s hand tightly, but abhi knew , he smiled….. While pragya was looking at beautiful sunrise….. Allah Wariyan palys..

Precap:everyone is back home…… In room of abhigya : pragya turned back at saw abhi sitting on knees with a ring box in his hand…

Guyz i seriously don’t know how bad is episode so olz leave ur comments ,thankuuuuu

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    Lovely, awesome and damn cute the episode

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  20. A super cute episode, but the children’s death because of pragya its untolerable,she is not that type of girl plz change the reason except pragya.and make them loving each other deeply like in tamil movies heroes dying to get love from his love and protect her from everything.

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  22. Awesome yar…. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

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