abhigya’s destiny episode 38

guyz i was really very happy that day and so replied to each comment 😀 thanku guyzz…..

Episode starts with everyone having breakfast at hotel: Bulbul says so whats the plan for today? purab says cinema! abhi said cinema? purab said yes we all are goint to cinema for watching the movie Annabelle. pragya says what! annabelle, abhi said i won’t go! bulbul asked jiju , i know di is faint-hearted(darpok) but u , pragya pinches bulbul, purab says actually abhi too is faint- hearted (abhi bhi darpok h), abhi says its nothing like that… dadi says if u guyz are going to cinema what about us , 4 old ladies… purab says never mind, well i have booked tickets for u for the movie Hum Sath Saath hain… surla says oh that’s my fav movie… purab said bulbul told me that! pragya whispers to bulbul now a days u r telling evrything to purab what’s the matter ( aaj kal tum har cheez purab ko btaa rhy ho kya baat j ) in joking manner, bulbul says di he is just my friend nothing else. pragya says this matter is of love (yeh pyaar ka maamlaa h ) bulbul blushes. pragya says see who is blushing, bulbul pinches pragya…. Just then raj says u guyz are going to cinema okay then i will take bunty to jahawar circle! abhi says okay fine! then me and pragya would roam around the city :D…….
bulbul, purab and surbhi went to watch Annabelle , dadi , dasi,surla , jaanki went to watch hum saath saath hain! time passed , purab, surbhi and bulbul were in theater ! just then suddenly ghost comes on screen , bulbul hugs purab (in fear).. tune of sangemarmar plays! surbhi coughed , and they both got back into sense .. bulbul said sorry..purab said its okay…
pragya and abhi were walking on road … abhi saw a shopping mall and said pragya we won’t go for shopping! pragya said so who asked u for shopping!abhi said no actually girls they are crazy for shpping na and i hate shopping! pragya laughed and said well i don’t have interest in shopping! abhi laughed and said thank God or else if tanu was here na then she surely would have dragged me towards shopping mall, pragya laughed! soon pragya sees a man hitting 9 years old poor girl…pragya goes there, abhi follows her and says hey fuggi where are u going? man was about to slap the girl (man was looking like as he was from a rich family and girl was from poor family) , pragya stops the man! man says who the hell u are! abhi said talk with manners he is my wife! pragya looks at abhi! pragya says i m no one! but u can’t hit that girl.. she was just asking u for the money na then can’t u give her or say no to her nicely what is need to slap her? man says so have u any problem! pragya said yes, man was in anger so he was about to slap her abhi holded his hand and slapped him, abhi said how dare u ? abhi beats her , just then pragya says stop it! abhi left the man! man said i won’t leave u i will soon take revange! man leavs… pragya says what was the need to slap the man! abhi said he was going to slap u! (in anger tone).. pragya said okay calm down. pragya gets on her knees and wipes the girls tears, pragya said hey why are u crying! and where are ur parents! just then a man comes , man says gudiya, girl hugs man, pragya said so u are her father , she is so small, and u r making her to beg! don’t u feel shame, she is just 9 years old! man says we are forced (hum majboor hain) , we don’t have enough income! pragya said well we need a guard for our company so i can select u , i will look after ur daughters expenses, i will look after her school and her studies! as i hate child labor…. abhi was amazed! man says thankuu so much.. pragya says just u need to come to mumbai! man says thanku thanku so much! pragya smiles, girl hugs pragya! man and girl left the place! abhi said how can u be so nice to them i mean they are poor! but u are doing so much for them , pragya says i really hate child labor! and there is stoey behind it well leave it! and so helped them…. abhi said amazing! pragya smiles! time passed abhi sees a hotel and says hey pragya i m really hungry lets have a lunch! pragya said well i m also hungry lets go! abhigya were going to enter the restaurant, just then tanu came and hugged abhi! now pragya was at peak of jealousy! abhi just felt uncomfortable and broke hug! tanu said well abhi lets have a lunch together, abhi looks at pragya and says pragya would also join us! tanu just makes an anger face! pragya feels it and says ug no ! i won’t well i saw a road side shop and i wanna go there so u guyz continue! abhi said but pragya! tanu says okay pragya! pragya smiles! abhi makes annoyed face!…

abhi is sitting with tanu, he thinks oh God i was okay with pragya na ! then why u sent tanu! abhi says hey whhey why am i thinking for pragya! I m confused! tanu gets a call and she says okay! abhi said what happend? tanu said actually i got some work! but u know what i would cancel it, abhi feels happy and says no no! work is important u should go!tanu said are u sure! abhi said yes with a smile! tanu leaves! Abhi said thank God! abhi leaves from restaurant….pragya was at peak of jealousy and said oh God why am i feeling bad! just then someone hugs pragya from back! just then abhi comes there he hides immediately and says oh so she loves some one! (abhi was very near so he could hear their talk) .. pragya breaks hug , she turns back and sees him and he is kunal, kunal was again about to hug pragya, now abhi was jealous he said screw him (iski toh aisy ki taisy) , just then pragya pushed kunal back! abhi was amazed…. kunal says hey baby! u know na i love u , and i know u love me so what’s the matter i know ur and abhi’s ,marrige is contract marrige! kunal was now going to kiss pragya , but now angry pragya slapped her, now abhi was socked! pragya says an who said i love u , i hate u from bottom of my heart! and i love him (abhi) so this is not a contract marriage , u can leave, kunal leaves in anger! pragya takes deep breath andd turns she is shocked to see abhi! abhi says so u love me ? pragya says hey don’t take it seriously . abhi said hahahha i wasn’t going to take it seriously! pragya said well where is tanu? abhi said actually she had some work, but where is ur road side shop! pragya was confused what to say she said ummmm! abhi said i knew there was no shop, com’on i hav ordered lunch at restaurant! pragya smiled ….

its evening everyone is in garden of hotel, bulbul said hey so listen guyz there are going to be two teams and we are gonna play volley ball, dadi says u guyx play we oldies would have some gossip! bulbul said so umm in on team surbhi , me , pragya , akash , mitali bhabhi in another team , abhi jiju , tanu, purab, kunal, raj bhaiya…so get ur possitions…… and they started playing! pragya was playing like a child , abhi got lost in her , kaisa yeh ishq h plays

jaane kitna hai kiska hai
kaisi bhaasa mein bhasa mein hai likha
isqe uske ye hisse mein
tere mere ye kisse mein
maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
(nobody knows how much is whose,
in don’t know what language it is written..
in his and her parts,
in this story of mine and yours,
O god, teach me without me making an effort to learn..
how’s this love, it’s a strange risk..)…
just then pragya hits the ball , and abhi’s eye got hitted with ball , he screamed ouch! pragya gets panicked and rushed to him , she says sorry! i did it mistakenly. pragya nlows air over abhi’s eye , they share eyelock! tanu gets jealous!……… time passed now abhi was sitting alone near a lake he was writing something , pragya comes there….. and sits with him… she asks show me what is in ur hand! abhi says nothing.., pragya says no show me! since we have left from delhi , i have seen u writing something! abhi says its private! oh oh anwar maqsood.. might be private (han han anwar maqsood hoga private) anwar maqsood is a famous script writer….. but i want to see what poetry is written in it ! abhi says i told u na its private! , pragya snatches and says no need to be shy relax! pragya gets up, abhi says what are u doning pragya! give it back to me , pragya said what are u doing leave me! i will read it! abhi tries it to get back! pragya said leave! leave, abhi says pragya! they both then fell in lake (its not too deep) they screamed aaahhhhh…., soon they looked at eachother and pragya laughed harder, abhi then holds pragya by arm and comes closer, they share eyelock! abhi says You are so pretty i can’t believe,that u are with me in this moment , i want this moment to cease here, and u become mine forever , pragya blushes abhi continues without u i m incomplete ! when i get up in the morning or sleep at night all i think about is how will i keep u happy! You are so pretty that there is a desire to become a better person!… desire…..desire…..abhi says gets frustrated and says desire,,,,desire, damn it….. what was it ? pragya gets back to her sense …. abhi says oh Yes and he again holds pragya’s hand and says when ever i see u a desire in my heart emerges to become a better person! abhi gets confused and says but (emerges) word might be too heavy na! pragya comes back to reality! and smiles abhi then said i wrote this for tanu, pragya pretends to smile but she felt bad as all words were for tanu ….

pre recap: abhi and pragya are laying down on garden, and looking at stars!!!

guyz i hope u liked the

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