abhigya’s destiny episode 37

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Episode starts with pragya going in a room, it is a room where clothes are pressed(ironed) , pragya switched on iron, and she began to iron her clothes, abhi came there ,he has a T-shirt in his hand, pragya doesn’t knew that abhi has came, she steps backward and bumps into abhi, abhi says are u blind! (andhi ho), pragya sayd actually bcoz i do not have eyes from back, abhi said so should we laugh(to hansay) pragya said u asked u to laugh, (aap ko kaha kis nay k app hansay), abhi gets irked and says are u done! Pragya says yes i m, abhi said so excuse me i hav to press my clothes , pragya in joking manner says so a rockstar would press clothes? Amazing, abhi says so what, i know how to press a cloth, pragya says oh! Abhi thinks to himself oh God i seriously do not know how to press! Now?… Pragya says suniyea, iron’s switch is on! Press ur clothes, abhi began to presss his t-sT-shirt, but accidentally his finger touched hot part of iron and he screamd Oouuch! Pragy gets panicked and brang water, she said, ugh what was the need to proove that u know how to press clothed bcoz i know that u do not know how to press clothes! Abhi said actually robin isn’t here he went to bring dadi’s medicine and i want to wear this shirt today, pragya says well i will press it , pragya begins to press, abhi says u said u won’t perform any wifely duties so now? Pragya said so if robin would press ur T-shirt, he would become ur wife, pragya laughed, abhi said it was better to have him as my wife! Pragya said after 6 months i will ask dadi to get u married to robin, abhi laughed and says it would be better, they both laughed, Allah wariyan plays…..

Dadi said abhi, pragya, mitali, raj, akash, indu(dasi)…….everyone comes to dadi, abhi asked if everything is fine? Dadi sayd yes actually i wanted to tell u that for 2 to 3 days we all are going for picnic! So pack ur things! It’s 10am we will leave at 12:30 pm….. Abhi said no dadi Actaully there is my concert, raj says sorry dadi actualky i hav some important meetings so plz cancel this plan, dadi said okay! I just made this plan so that we could spend some time in jaipur…. Pragya and abhi surprisingly sayd jaipur, abhi said it means hawa mahal, pragya says amber fort! Abhi says jaigarh fort! Pragya said and my fav naharghar fort from which we can overlook the pink city jaipur! Abhi said final we are levibv for jaipur today at 12 30, dadi said okay and pragya i hav also informed surla jee so they would also join us… Bunty said yes! We are going for picnic…. Just then tanu and kunal entered mm and greeted everybody ,tanu said can we both also join u all for picnic as we both have work there! Pragya said not kunal, but abhi agreed! Abhi comes to room, pragya said suniyea why u said yes to kunal, u know na he irritates me, abhi said yes but tanu and kunal are siblings, pragya said u mean they both are brother sister? Abhi said yes! Pragya said i never knew! Abhi said well pack up all the things…. Pragya agreed….

Bus has came! Purab and akash placed bags over roof of bus! Purab thinks to himseld i will purpose bulbul soon! Tune of sangemarmar song plays…. Everyone is seated over their seats…. Tanu sat with abhi, so bulbul sat with pragya, mitali sat with raj, dadi with dasi, surla with jaanki, kunal with akash, and at very back seat purab, surbhi, bunty were sitting, (guyz its not a bus but yes its almost like bus, but it has only 20 seats) mitali had bubbly in her arms…. Time passed, Bulbul said Oh God so much boring journey is this! We should take selfies, bulbul got up and started to take selfies with everybody… She then sat at very back seat with purab surbhi and bunty, they were singing songs and enjoying, no one was now sitting with pragya, she then saw abhi and tanu, she git jealous but she started to look outside of window…. Time passed, pragya slept… Abhi sees her and thinks how innocent she looks while sleeping, just then kunal got up from his seat and was going to sit with pragya, abhi then got up from his seat as he was jealous, he said to kunal excuse me, pragya is my wife so i would sit with her! Kunal said oh sure! Kunal got angry and got back to his seat, abhi sat with pragya, pragya was sleeping so her head was again and again being hitted my glass of window, abhi just then placed his hand on pragya’s head so that she won’t get hitted by that glass, tune of kaisa yeh ishq h plays…. Just then pragya placed her head over abhi’s shoulder, abhi looked at her, pragya opened her eyes, and then share eyelock…. Kaisa yeh ishq h plays…. Pragya got back to her sense and she moved! She said oh when did u came here? Abhi said when u were sleeping like a doll! Pragya said yes like a doll! Pragya smiled!…

Jaipur :everyone came to hotel, manager says yes sir! Abhi said we booked 7 rooms! Manager said here are ur keys……
1 room: dadi, dasi
2 room:surla ,ja ki
3 room: mitali and raj with children…
4 room: kunal and tanu
5 room: abhigya
6 room: akash and purab
7 room: surbhi and bulbul….

Abhi got into room, pragya too, they were tired very much, abhi slept on bed! Pragya said oh shit, there is no sofa or couch here…. Abhi jokes and sayd i asked manager to give us a room without couch so that u can sleep on floor, pragya said oh shit! Now i hav to sleep on floor! Abhi said fuggy u r so fool! Pragya said like u! Abhi said well sleep with me! Pragya said no! Abhi said i won’t eat u, ! Pragya said are u sure! Abhi said no no! I hav asked the cook of this hotel to boil water so that we can cook u and eat u, pragya said very funny! Abhi said i know! Pragya gets irritated, abhi said hey sleep with me i was joking! Pragya slept with abhi on bed, there faces are in opposite direction, they are feeling awkward….. Abhi thought to himself why always i get attracted to pragya, why i felt jealous when kunal was about to sit with her why? Pragya thinks to her self why did i got jealous when he was sitting with tanu, Oh God why? Allah wariyan plays….

Pre recap: a man huged pragya fron back, pragya turns and is shocked to see that person!

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  1. Divya chandru

    Superb yaar,

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  2. Hey its really awesome…..nd their jealous soooòoooo cute yaar…….sooooo interesting yar…….i m eagerly waiting 4 d nxt cute epiiiiii?…..

    1. Then i surely would make my next episode cute…….

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  4. keep going nice episode

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  5. Awesome epi ..bus scenes are really superb

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  6. It’s just awesome

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  7. no yar its really intresting…… plz continue wrtitting……

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  8. Wow super episode yar… please update next episode fast

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  9. Superb yaar… Really interesting yaar n sooooo cute don’t feel tat ur ff s boring… It’s not at all boring its rocking…

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  10. Wowww superb keep wrting

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  12. It’s not bored ….amazing

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  15. hayee….. kya episode tha mai te mar hi gayi bus wala romance kya idea lagaya imagination thi yr…. ar han unki jhak jhak total episode full of masti I read it again and again ar mai ab tak 6 bar ise padh chuki ho par dil hai ki manta nahi I am going to read it again 😀

    1. tumhara comment dekh kr smile aa jaty h chehray per 😀 haha thanku budddy, thanku dost! thanku, chaped na lgaa na haha 😀

  16. Somiya pls don’t think like that u r awesome yaar pls don’t think like that.. And today’s episode was superb especially when Abhi get jealous over kunal was amazing. Pls dr u keep going and update the next part soon…

    1. surely i will update next part sooner 😀 thanks nivethitha, i m glad u liked!

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar……….Its not Boringgggg……….Its tooooooooo gooodddddddd………..I like it a lot………..

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  19. somiya i am a silent reader of your ff plz dont stop writing its just amazing no words to explain all words fell short to describe your ff plz continue

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  23. I read all episodes today
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  24. yeah its really superb……. waiting for your next episode.

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