abhigya’s destiny episode 36

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Episode starts: pragya is moving towards a room with a coffer cup in her hand, dadi calls her pragya turns back! Dadi says oh pragya, sorry i wasn’t feeling well that’s why i asked u to get a coffee to abhi, is he awake? Pragya says its okay dadi, and he is still sleeping, dadi says so wake him up, pragya says me! Dadi says okay i will go! Pragya says no no dadi i will make him awake! Dadi smiles pragya leavs, pragya enters room and thinks how to get him up? She then said suniyea, she has coffee mug in her hand, abhi doesn’t reponds, she in loud voice sayd suniyea, dadi has came, abhi jumps from his bed, and says where is dadi, pragya was laughing, abhi gets irked and sayd aray fuggy i was having a dream, pragya says of tanu? Abhi said no, i mean yes ,actually no bcoz i didn’t saw her face, pragya laughs and says here is ir coffee, abhi sayd well u said u won’t ever perform any wifely duty then coffee? Pragya said actually dadi wasn’t feeling well so i made it, abhi drank coffee and said no u r lying i bet this cofee is made by dadi, pragya sayd no! I made it, abhi said lier, pragya says i m telling truth i made it, abhi said no, u didn’t…..

And then i voice says pragya made it! She is dadi, dadi says if pragya is saying she made it, it simply means she made it, why are u arguing? Abhi said but this coffee tastes like the same coffee u make fir me everyday! Dadi says no, it is made by pragya, pragya with anger face is staring abhi, abhi looks at her and says sorr…. He stops, smile came on pragya’s face! Just then abhi said dadi why u came here any important work? Dadi says yes! Today it is pap phera ritual, pragya says yes this is the same ritual na in which girl goes to her house with her husband, dadi said yes! And abhi u r going with pragya, abhi said dadi no, i hav to meet ta…..abhi stops, pragya understood that he talking about tanu, abhi said i hav to meet tommy for meeting, dadi said no excuses u r going with pragya, abhi gets sad and says okay dadi! Dadi leavs, pragya said oh so u hav to meet with tanu! Abhi said how u know? Pragya said well i m smart! Abhi said if it is a joke then its okay! Pragya gets irked and says okay see now u r coming with me, and then i will say to maa that u hav important work so u can leav soon! Abhi smiled, he took a sip of coffee and says at first it was sour now it’s taste is sweet! Pragya laughed, abhi smiled Allah wariyan plays….

(guyz to make u clear again mitali is wife of raj, and she has two children, 1 is boy, he is 8 years old, he is stutter, it means when is talks he stutters in between like thapki, his name is bunty…. another is girl , she is 9 months old, her name is bubbly….

Abhi pragya came down, abhi saw bunty crying, mitali is woried, mitali jas tears in her eyes! Abhi asked what happend to my prince? Bunty says chaaa….. Chachu, everyone says me that i can’t talk properly, i ….i, don’t.. Kno…. Know how to talk…. I stammer while….. Talk… Talking, abhi says its nothing like that, u are best, bunty says no…. No i m a, a loser, i… Can’t.. Eve… Even… TaTalk properly, pragya comes to him and sayd hey, who said u r loser, so what u r stutter! U are my favourite, sometimes u speak so faslty, that many of us do not understand, what are u talking! Bunty says is it so? Pragya says yes, pragya cups his face and says, u know, the one’s who are stutter, they usually think before talking, that’s why they talk slowly! Bunty wipes his tears and says yes chachi, u r right! I…. I thin…. Think before talk… Talking! Bunty hugs pragya and says u r best! Mitali smiles, abhi smiled and thought to him self, pragya is so gud, then why do i hate her? Allah wariyan plays….

Abhi and pragya reached at pragya’s house, abhi said i hav somework i will come in 5 mins, pragya said okay and she gets out from car, abhi said Oh God! Why i feel something when she is near me, why my heart beats faster! Kaisa yeh ishq h plays… Pragya went inside house, she listens, surla talking to bulbul, she wents further in, she was about to get into room just then she hears! Bulbul: maa u luv di so much, u were whole night crying for her then why u act like u don’t luv di, maa plz tell me! Or else i will tell to di that u were crying and then she will question u over this! Surla says bulbul wait, surla tells everything, and last she says i wanted to make pragya strong, just then pragya entrs room and says Strong! So this ws ur way to make me strong! Pragya had tears in her eyes, she in anger comes to tv hall, surla follows her and says pragya listen to me, i did it for ur betterment! Pragya said for my betterment ? Just then abhi entrs, pragya said by doing all this u think u hav made me strong, ha no maa u hav made me weak, u always pretendd like i ws dead for u and now u r saying u did it to make me strong, i don’t think so maa bcoz at every step of my life i needed u, i needed u, and u weren’t there and it made me weak and u r saying u made me strongger! Abhi holds pragya and says this is not the way to talk! Pragya is much hurt and sayd so tell me thr way to talk! I need to know, to how to talk to her so called ma! Janki sayss ppragya! Pragya says no janki ma, this time i m not gonna stop, surla is teary eyed! Pragya says i alwayd needed her,i was 8 years and she left me! She ended all her relation and now she is behaving like she cared for me! Wow, amazing na! Like i m a puppet a road puppet, the day she would like me she will love me or else she would throw me into dustbin! Really great na! She ended all relations and today i heard that she wanted to make me strong! Was this the way ,surla says pragya! Pragya says yes so called maa! Abhi says eniugh pragya she is ur mother! Pragya says i don’t think so! Surla cries! Pragya leavs! Abhi follows pragya, janki consoles surla, pragya comes to garden, abhi said hey, what u just said to maa! Pragya said plz i don’t wanna talk! Abhi said u hav to answer, she loves u pragya, she loves u, be thankful to God bcoz u hav mother, i m all alone i nor have papa ,neither maa! Pragya is teary eyed ,abhi says pragya think for it! Abhi leavs……soon bulbul and abhi meet, bulbul says i didn’t knew di wasthat much hhurt! Abhi said i hav a plan! Bulbul said what? Abhi explained everything , bulbul gives hi-fi, …….

Bulbul comes to pragya, she was taking deap breath! Pragya asked what happend bulbul? Bulbul says actually maa! Pragya said what happend to maa? Bulbul said she was coming down and she slipped from she stairs, her head is bleeding very much, pragya gets panicked and rushes to house, bulbul says yes plan worked! Pragya comes to house and screans maa! Surla came out from her room, pragya saw surla, surla was having no injury, pragya rushed to surla and hugged her and said maa ,maa i luv u, i can’t live without u, i m sorry maa, i know u did it for my betterment , surla gets happy ,pragya breaks hug and cups surla’s face and says maa sorry, surla says no beta i m sorry, pragya says no maa i m sorry! Bulbul said aray stop saying sorry! Yea it’s happy ending 😀 pragya pulled bulbul’s ear and says so this was ur idea, i got so much panicked! Bulbul says aray di it was not mine idea, it was ur husband’s idea, jiju’s idea, pragya said so where is ur jiju! Bulbul said he got some work so he left! Pragya thinks he is so much gud then why i hate him ? Allah wariyan plays….surla again hugged pragya, pragya said maa promise me u won’t do it ever again, durla says i promise…

At mm: pragya was continuously thinking about abhi, she sayd i should thank him, just then abhi said tho whon u will say thanku! Pragya says oh when did u came? Abhi said right now! Pragya said actually thanku, abhi in joking manner said what i didn’t heard it properly? Pragya in loud voice ays thankuuuuuu, abhi said that’s like my fuggy! Pragya smiled , abhi forwards his hand and says friends? Pragya said wait i will think for that! Abhi laughed and says take ur time! Pragya laughed, abhi gets lost in her Allah wariyan palys…..

Pre recap: tanu and kunal enterd mehra mansion and said can we also go for picnic with u all! Pragya thinks to herself not kunal! But abhi agreed….

Guyz i know u all are waiting for abhigya’s reunion, afcoarse, the re union would take place, but after some cute scenes of abhigya…. And i will also take refrence from show! So guyz do comment, abhigya’s scenes are coming 😀 plz tell me if this episode was gud or not?

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  1. Divya chandru

    Superb yaar.. plz post it regularly …

  2. nice episode

  3. goood yar………

  4. It’s simply awesome somiya. I loved abhigya’s scene today. It was amazing amazing amazing. No words to say dr. Keep going and upload the next part soon… I am waiting for it

  5. Wow today’s episode was awesome keep going yar…

  6. Good yaar…but plz post it regularly

  7. Yeah I too want abhigya reunion bt not tat much fast I mean thr must b cute fight n cute love n thy itself dint recognise their love 4 Sundays I mean to say a cute scenes at the stage of after frdship n b4 love..
    Thn today’s episode s superb…

  8. Nce keep wrtng

  9. awesome yaar destiny makes them think they r made for each other but wy these guys r not accepting that? whatever waiting eagerly fr abhigya’s union somiya loved ur episode…

  10. I luv it a lottttt…….superbbbbb…abhìgya scenes r awesome yaar. …..

  11. k
    1. The abhigya scenes that thank u wala I loved that scene
    2.Pragya’s pain hearing the truth it was really awesome.
    3.Abhi and Pragya fight
    over all it was out standing episode yr…. fabulous fantastic fantabulous
    see how I am smiling 😀

  12. nice…

  13. good episode.i really like it! pragya aur abi ko hamesha esehi saath rakna plssss

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superb……….

  15. super duper hit plz united abhigya soon

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