abhigya’s destiny episode 35

Guyz sorry for that much late update but i hope u will like this epi :

Re recap: dadi asked abhi and pragya to get married, they were shocked but they both agreed!

Episode starts with surbhi in loud voice saying my dream came true , my dream came true ! pragya surla bulbul and janki came there , surbhi hugged pragya, and then hugged everyone! pragya asked why u r that much happy? surbhi says di! i was writing a novel “Story of faith” a famous writer liked it and they are gonna pay to me for writing such a beautiful novel! pragya gets happy and said surbhi i knew one day u will be a famous writer , coz u hav amazing skills ! jaanki said surbhi u fulfilled my dream…. everyone gets happy! surla said hey evryone we do not hav time so bulbul get pragya ready , aray wait a second pragya u know na ring size of abhi so plz go to market and bring the ring! pragya said maa but today its marrige! bulbul said diii , before marrige engagement is necessary , so u r going to be engaged and married today….. pragya thinks to herself how would i live with him (abhi) for 6 months……………
At shop: manager welcomes pragya and shop keeper shows some designs, pragya selected one, just then abhi entrd and he chose one ring Allah wariyan plays …….

tanu comes there and takes abhi from there, just then pragya noticed abhi and tanu , and she followed them…..tanu said abhi how can u betray me , u loved me na then why u r marrying pragya, u said u hated her, but this marrige, i hate u abhi i hate u .. just then pragya comes and interrupts, tanu, abhi is amused to see her, pragya says tanu, u r thinking wrong , prgya explained everything to tanu about why are they marrying ……. pragya says tanu if still u r sure about leaving him then it would be ur great mistake , bcoz i hav never seen such a guy (abhi) he is very honest, truthful and sincere , yea i hate him very much but he is the man for u , i will never love him nor will i ever so he is urs! leaving him would be ur greatest mistake , after 6 months i will leave him i dont know how will i spend these 6 months with him , but i assure u that i will never ever love him , bcoz i dont beleve in love , and i m not gonna perform any wifely duties! abhi was stunned to hear such amazing words for him, he wasn’t expecting that pragya could praise him, just then tanu hugged abhi and said sorry abhi i wont leave, but abhi is still lost in pragya, pragya said bye and left from there, abhi is all lost in her and Allah wariyan plays in background…………

its marriage time: abhi and pragya exchanged rings , while tanu fumes, kunal also saw and he was jealous …….. priest said after 2 hour it is time for marriage: pragya and abhi were seated over there respected seats …. abhi was continuously thinking about pragya’s words and he said pragya, pragya said yes! abhi said what ever u told to tanu was it real? pragya smiled and said ah ha i know i hate , i hate u very much, i just can’t imagine my 6 seconds with u but now 6 months, and i respect u very much, u r sincere person, i know so that’s why i said such things to tanu, but han don’t take it seriously as i dont like u , abhi in joking manner says : so when did i asked u to like me , fuggy. pragya says fuggy? abhi said yes new name for u….pragya gets irked and she leavs from ther…………

surla is engaged in her works , bulbul and surbhi just stole abhi’s shoes, purab caught them , bulbul gestures surbhi to leav with shoes from there, purab was about to go but bulbul holded his hand and said aray where are u going! this is a ritual we hav to do this. purab says so everytime bride’s sister gets money , now it is our … groom’s brothers time to get those shoes, bulbul laughs and says hahahha , so try to find those shoes… bulbul leavs, purab says this time i will win!

bulbul whispers surbhi where are shoes, surbhi in slow voice answers her and they give hi-fi to each other, just then music begins song is joote do paise lo….

purab starts : Dulhe Ki Saaliyon, O Hare Dupatte Waaliyon
Dulhe ki saaliyon, O hare Dupatte waliyon….
(O sisters-in-law of the groom! O the ones with a green dupatta)!

Joote Dedo, Paise Lelo
joote dedo, paise lelo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)
the group of girls starts:
Hey Hey, Hey Hey
bulbul :Dulhan Ke Dewar, Tum Dikhlao Na Yun Tevar
Dulhan Ke Dewar, Tum Dikhlao Na Yun Tevar
(O brother of the groom! Don’t act brashly in this way)
Paise Dedo, Joote Lelo
paise dedo joote lelo
(Give the money, and take back the shoes)
bulbul was continuously singing and dancing , purab and his group were laughing…..
just then purab started :
joote do , paise lo
Joote Do, Paise Lo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)
music was playing: surbhi saw the place where she kept shoes, but shoes weren’t there, bulbul gets tensed …… pragya and abhi were continuously, smiling , purab asked his one group member to hide these shoes, he hid shoes and sat on that basket, bulbul became doubtful but she left from there , bulbul was at peak of anger , just then surbhi got some money from abhi , purab snatched that money and gave it back to abhi, abhi laughed, bulbul got shoes! music was continously playing.. in between these scenes…..

just then boys group said :
Hey Hey, Hey Hey
Bulbul started her slef:
Aji Note Gino Ji
(start counting notes) (of money)
Purab :Joote Lao
(Bring the shoes )(first)
Bulbul :Zidd Chhodo Ji
(Stop being stubborn)
purab :Joote Lao
(Bring the shoes )(first)
Bulbul :Fraud Hain Kya Hum
(Do You think that we are frauds)?
purab :Tum Hi Jaano
You only know this (whether You are honest or fraud)
Bulbul: Akdu Ho Tum
(You’re very stubborn)
Purab and his group :Jo Bhi Maano, Jo Bhi Maano, Jo Bhi Maano
(Whatever You feel)
Bubul at peak of anger said :Aji Bat Badhegi
(The talks will escalate)
purab :Badh Jaane Do
(Let it escalate)
bulbul :Maang Chadhegi
(The bidding will increase)
purab :Chadh Jaane Do
(Let it increase)
Bulbul:Ado Na Aise

(Don’t be stubborn in this way)
purab :Pehle Joote
(First bring the shoes)
bulbul: Pehle Paise
(First give money)
purab and his group :Pehle Joote, Pehle Joote
(First bring the shoes)
Bulbul in teasing manner said :Jute Liye Hain Nahi Churaaya Koyi Zevar
(We’ve just taken shoes and not stolen any jewellery)
Dulhan Ke Dewar Tum Dikhlao Na Yun Tevar
(O brother of the groom! Don’t act brashly in this way)
Paise Dedo, Joote Lelo
Paise dedo joote lelo
(give the money, and take back the shoes)
purab and his group:
Joote Do, Paise Lo
Joote do, paise lo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)
music is playing : just then purab’s member gestures i don’t hav shoes, purab gets frustrated , he starts finding shoes, the food is being served to all guests , surla , dadi and other servants are busy in serving them , bulbul is also serrving them just then she starts to serve purab , bulbul gets irritated and leavs from there, just then purab gestures his memeber where are shoes, member shows him shoes , the girls came to bulbul and sighed her that shoes her not with them , bulbul fumes in anger( music was continuously being played) just then bulbul came to purab with smile :

girls :Hey Hey, Hey Hey
purab and his members: hey hey hey hey
Bulbul :Kuch Thanda Pee Lo
(Drink some cold beverage)
purab :Mood Nahi Hai
(I’m not in a mood for it )
bulbul :Dahi Bade Lo
(Eat Dahi Bade)

purab: Mood Nahi Hai
(I’m not in a mood for it )
bulbul :Kulfi Kha Lo
(Eat Kulfi)

purab :Bahut Kha Chuke
(I’ve eaten a lot)
bulbul :Paan Kha Lo
(Eat Paan)

purab and his members :Bahut Kha Chuke, Bahut Kha Chuke, Bahut Kha Chuke
(i’ve eaten a lot, I’ve eaten a lot, I’ve eaten a lot)
purab ::Aji Ras-Malayi
(here’s Ras-Malayi)

Bulbul :Aapke Liye
(just for You)
Purab :Itni Mithayi
(All these sweets)
Bulbul :Aapke Liye
(Just for You)
PUrab :Pehle Joote
(Give me shoes first)
Bulbul :Khayenge Kya
(Will You eat them or what?)
Purab :Aapki Marzi
(Your choice)
Bulbul :Na Ji Tauba, Na Ji Tauba
(oh my! Don’t do that)
PUrab in joking manner :Kisi Betuke Shayar Ki Besuri Qawwaliyon
(O unmelodious Qawwalis/poems of some trashy poet!)

Dulhe Ki Saaliyon Hare Dupatte Waaliyon
(o sisters-in-law of the groom! O the ones with a green dupatta!)
Joote Dedo, Paise Lelo
Joote Dedo, Paise Lelo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)

Purab and his members :Hey Hey, Hey Hey
Hey Hey, Hey Hey
Hey Hey, Hey Hey.. during this bulbul and her friends were looking for shoes………

Purab and his friends :Joote Do, Paise Lo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)
:Joote Do, Paise Lo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)
:Joote Do, Paise Lo
(Give the shoes back, and take the money)
just then surbhi found shoes, bulbul gets surprised and happy : surbhi takes shoes ( music was playing)
purab gets tensed he comes to surbhi, bulbul took shoes from surbhi, purab followed bulbul, bulbul ran from there, purab was about to catch her but he fell on bulbul and they shared eyelock, bulbul gets back to her sense, and leavs from there with shoes and teased purab , purab smiled and said crazy girl………

bulbul came to hall , all girls got happy, abhi said so my shoes, bulbul said my money: abhi laughed and said here it is , bulbul got happy , just then abhi said purab u r loser , purab said any time for her(bulbul) abhi said O romeo? purab gets back to her sense and said oh just shut up yar, just then pandit called pragya nd abhi… Rituals begun , abhigya took 7 rounds , abhi filled pragya’s maang, and made her wear manglsutra………. time passed pragya reached abhi’s house , mitali welcomed her and did her tilak , mitali showed pragya room, abhi wasn’t there ……… pragya got into room and started looking at room , and said wow nyc room , she looked at abhi’s big picture with long hairs just then she realized that today abhi had a hair cut that’s why he was looking nice, pragya started looking at cd’s she said boring Happy love is it a song, love is never happy it is all about sacrifices , she just then looked at guitar , she took guitar and went to balcony , pragya started singing , abhi got into room and heard some voice he went to balcony ……. pragya sang : Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain
(I have small dreams)
Khwabon mein geet hain
(My dreams have songs)
Geeton mein zindagi ha

(The songs have within them life)
Chaahat hai, preet hai
Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab woo
(they have longing and love.
I don’t see dreams anymore)
Jin mein na tu mile
Le khole honth maine
Ab tak the jo sile
(which don’t have you in it
I’ve opened these lips
which were closed til now)
Mujhko na jitna mujh pe
Utna iss dil ko tujh pe
Hone laga aitbaar
Tanha lamhon mein apne
Bunti hoon tere sapne
Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar o o..
Poochungi tujhko kabhi naa
Chaahun main ya naa
Tere khaabon mein ab jeena
Chaahun main kyun naa!
(More than I have in myself
this heart has for you

so much trust.
In my lonely moments
I weave dreams of you
I’ve fallen in love with you.
I’ll never ask you
Should I love or not?
In your dreams, I now want to live
Why would I not want to love!) … she stopped but was playing guitar with same rhythm just then abhi started : Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

(I’d like for you to tell me
Should I love or not?
Give me the directions to your heart
Should I love or not?).

pragya looked at him and was amazed, she stopped playing guitar abi came to her and said wow u play guitar very well , pragya says yes roniee taught me how to play guitar , abhi said who is rony ur boyfriend ? pragya laughed and said no no he is my best friend , abhi said so ur favorite singer is arjit ? pragya said yes , i don’t believe in love but his songs are amazing! abhi said well never touch my guitar coz its mine! pragya gets irked and leaves……… pragya changed her dress and she was wearing suit now , she came to room, abhi was busy on talking phone, pragya took a blanket and started sleeping on couch, abhi turned and saw pragya, he said ugh no, its my pillow! my fav pillow , take any other, pragya said aray u hav so many pillows plz this couch his his hard i need this pillow, abhi said i m emotionally attached with this pillow, he knows all my secrets, he is my partner for night, i can’t sleep without him , he is my soul mate, he knows all my pains, pragya said uffff so much acting , pragya threw that pillow at abhi abhi catched it and kissed it, pragya gets irked and takes an other pillow , she sleeps , abhi was smilinG Allah wariyan plays!

pre recap: pragya says i hate u maa, u always showed me like i was dead for u , now u r showering ur love, what u thought u will make me strong by behaving like this , no maa u hav made me weak! i hate u …… surla is teary eyed , abhi is shocked!

guyz i don’t know how was the episode so plz do comment ! and yes i wrote whole song so that u can enjoy the situation, i was inspired bu srubhi coz she is amazing , go on buddy i m fan of urs! and guys i fan of surbhi , i don’t know how can she imagine so much but hats of to her 😉

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