abhigya’s destiny episode 34

Thanks guyz… And thank u kaif for telling actually not u but i also thought that my ff is having the worst track so i hav thought much now and i won’t dissapoint u,….. Guyz last episode i don’t know how was it but i received gud comments and from today the real story would begin so plz do comment and all those who are not able to comment coz of their exam… Best of luck for the exam guyz…

Now back to story….. 2 years hav passed, now bulbul, surbhi and pragya help surla in her business, abhi is a rockstar he also is business man he helps his brother raj in Business, purab too helps raj! For pragya love is nothing, and for abhi. Well he thinks he loves tanu! How will be their destination’s same when their destiny’s are different, for the answer lets start our episode……

Bulbul and surbhi are listen to abhi’s rokstar song, with high volume, pragya comes there and lowers the volume, bulbul says di we were listening to our fav song of fav rockstar, pragya says ah han abhi and fav rokstar, bulbul says di okay u do not like him but see his voice na, pragya says i can’t see his voice coz i listen it, bulbul says di! Pragya says today u both are coming with me, as it is a meeting today, and it’s really important, it is at pearl hotel, at 8 30 so u guyz are coming! As maa won’t be able to come with me, surbhi and bulbul together said what? Pragya says why is there any problem, bulbul says yes di, surbhi says today it is abhi’s concert and we are going to attend it, pragya says so Concert is important for u! Bulbul says afcoarse, surla comes there and says no one will go to concert as u both are going with pragya! Bulbul says maa, surla says no! U both hav to go with pragya, bulbul gets sad and says okay…. Soon bulbul gets a message, it’s from purab, it is written today’s abhi’s concert is cancelled! Bulbul says see i m not going na that’s why abhi just cancelled his concert, pragya laughs and says no the best reason he cancelled concert is bcoz u were going and abhi did not wanted to get irritated by u, bulbul says very funny surbhi laughs, bulbul throws pillow on surbhi and they started throwing pillow at eachother, surla and pragya giggle at them, but then pragya leavs from there ( guys surla and pragya’s differences are not yet ended)…

Purab is saying abhi abhi, abhi turns and he is in his rokstar style, with long hairs and a cap! Abhi says yes! Purab says why did u cancelled concert everyone out there are unhappy ,abhi says aray yar actually raj bhaiya got some work and he left for lucknow, and today i hav to go to attend a meeting at pearl hotel at 8 30, purab says oh! Okay then i will come with u, abhi says is my work done? Purab asks which one? Abhi says aray i gave u watch na to repair it from any shopkeeper, purab says are u psycho or u act like u r psycho! The watch that came under a truck and u want that watch to be repaired! Abhi says yes bcoz it is really important for me! Purab says u know its impossible to repair that watch coz it is almost broken, abhi says i m here and i can spend 1 million just to get that watch repaired! Purab says so give me 1 million ( tauntingly) abhi says where is the watch give me watch and i will give u 1 million! Purab shows watch it is repaired and it is with its perfect shape, abhi takes watch, and flashbacks when pragya gave watch to abhi angrily, Allah wariyan plays, purab says where is my 1 million, abhi says 1 million for what? Purab says for watch, abhi says that was just a dialogue! Purab says senseless dialogue was it! Abhi says i only talk senselessly with u! Purab says so it means i m senseless, abhi says no doubt! Purab says ughhhh….

At pearl hotel: pragya is sitting with surbhi and bulbul, abhi comes with purab and with his manager, manager goes to pragya, and asks u came here for meeting, u r from SPB’s company, pragya says yes! Manager says okay i will call my boss and u can start ur meeting, pragya says surely, abhi and purab went to table where pragya surbhi and bulbul are sitting, the stood up to welcome them ( guyz they weren’t knowing that there meeting is with abhi and purab) just then pragya’s phone fell down she got down to take her phone, abhi and purab with his manager came there! Bulbul gets surprised and says u people ,abhi! Surbhi says so u are from mehra company! Pragya takes her phone and stands up! Abhi is stunned to see her pragya too is stunned ,abhi says so u are also here with surbhi and bulbul so SPB company is urs, pragya smiles and says yes! Pragya forwards her hand and abhi shakes hand with her Allah Wariyan plays…. The start their meetinh, time passes, and soon their nok jhok started, pragya says now cant build this factory here bcoz this area is not good, abhi says no we hav to build our factory here, pragya says no way! Abhi says yes, pragya says no, and with loud voice they started shouting about yes and no, manager of hotel came there, abhi said manager take hr out of this hotel, pragya says no take him and they again started fighting, manager says stoppppp! U both get out of my hotel, purab drags abhi from there and bulbul drags pragya…..

Soon they came home, surla is standing with abhi’s dadi, pragya greets her, soon abhi also comes to pragya’s house, pragya says why u came here ughhhh! Abhi says don’t think i cane here for u , dadi asked me to come, pragya gets irked! Dadi sayd today we are all here just bcoz of ur father’s ( abhi and pragya’s fathers) ,abhigya sayd what? Surla says pragya ur father made agreement for 6 months when u were of 8 years…. Pragya says maa for what they made agreement! Dadi says ur marrige, pragya gets shocked and says my marrige with whom ? Surla says abhi! Abhi is shocked, pragya too is shocked! They say what! Abhi says dadi, u nevr told me about it, i mean i know u r joking! (tensely) surla sayd no we aren’t , pragya gets shocked and said no maa! U know na how much i hate abhi then whg this contract and what is need for this contract marriage! Dadi says pragya ur father and my son, it means abhi’s father both were best friend! Not bestfriends but they were more likly brothers they made agreement so that it could benefit our company and so did this agreement to make the realtion peaceful between both familes, abhi sayd dadi 6 month marrige i can’t live with her for 6 seconds and u r asking me about 6 months, pragya sayd yes maa, dadi, he is right! Surla says pragya it was ur father’s last wish! When he was in ICU fighting a lost battle he asked me to get u married to abhi, if not for whole life then only for 6 months, pragya gets teary eyed and says no maa, i can’t, abhi too says no dadi i can’t marry her! Dadi’s health goes worsen, bulbul and purab holded dadi, abhi came to dadi, dadi sayd plz marry her plz if not for ur father then for me plz, pragya too comes to dadi, pragya says first we will call doctor , then we will decide what to do further! Doc cam and checked dadi, dadi was in unconscious state, doc sayd to abhi and pragya, dadi has became tensed, if this thing wilk further continue then…… So plz anything that dadi wants fulfil it, pragya is teary eyed and leavs from there, …..she is in garden , abhi too is in garden , but they are very far from eachother, surbhi comes to pragya, pragya is crying and says surbhi u know na how much i hate abhi ,i hat3 him i can’t live with him, why did papa made this agreement, surbhi says for ur betterment, di just think na this marriage would make the relationship of two familes so gud and after all u spent 4 years with abhi, so u can spend 6 months also, pragya says that was university but this is marriage, at another side abhi says purab i can’t see dadi in this state u know na i love tanu, i hate pragya but! Purab says abhi think for it it is first time dadi has asked something so can’t u do this for dadi, abhi sayd but i love tanu, purab says u never loved her well leav this topic only 6 months abhi, plz think for doctors word’s, u can’t make dadi tensed, surbhi sayd pragya di plz do it for ur father! Pragya thinks, purab sighs surbhi to leave pragya alone ,purab sayd abhi think for it and pragya is standing there u can talk with her, surbhi says di plz think for it and haan abhi is standing there so u can talk to him, surbhi and purab left place! Abhi goes to pragya, abhi sayd so u hav decided to marry me, pragya sayd i m confused, abhi says look at me pragya, pragya looks at him, abhi says listen i know we don’t love eachother ,neither we will love bcoz i love tanu and u well i don’t know whom u love but we hav to be together for 6 months only for our father’s, so i think we should get married! Pragya says u r right, 6 months, and after that we will part ways…. Abhi sayd yes! Pragya says so lets go inside! Wait abhi said what? Do have money, abhi says yes why? Pragya says plz have a hair cut as u look gud in short hairs! Abhi says ah han! Tanu likes me inthis way, pragya sayd as u wish! Well lets go…

Dadi and surla blesses abhigya and saud finally u both agreed i m much happy, so tomorrow is ur marrige! Abh says what? Daadi sayd yes bcoz we can’t make it late! Pragya said as u wish ! Everyone started talking to eachother , abhi calls pragya, pragya sayd yes! Abhi shows her watch, pragya gets happy and said this is the same watch na! Abhi said yes! Pragya said it wss almost broken ! Abhi said as i said i never said sorry to any body so i just corrected my mistake, looking at pragya’s smile abhi too smiles and Allah Wariyan plays….

Pre recap: tanu sayd abhi u batryed me, pragya comes there and said no! Rituals of marrige begin ,abhi and pragya are taking rounds…

Guyz plz do comment, more twists are coming! And yes i will take refrence from show … Thanks…… 🙂

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