abhigya’s destiny episode 33

Sorry for late update…

Episode starts with anker announcing, guyz now surprise competition is gonna start between last two teams one is of rishab and ranveer(imaginary names) and second of abhi and pragya let me clear u that only leadrs would participate so guyz in this competition these leadrs would take out a chit from jar placed over table, they have to say some lines on that topic ,there is no thinking time for it, just u have to start up ur self so first of all rishab….. Rishab takes out chit, and it was written terrorism, time passed and crowd started counting 3…2….1 and rishab said nothing now ranveer came he took out chit and it was written forgiveness and relationship, he said no matter how many times teeth bites tounge but they still stay and work together….. Crowd cheered, pragya was clapping for him, abhi asked pragya is ur friend, pragya says no, abhi says so why are u clapping for him he is in opposite team, pragya says now i have to ask from u, for whom i should clap, abhi says senseless, pragya says u are! Anker calls abhi and pragya’s name, first abhi went and he got topic family….. He thought and thought, crowd started counting, 3… 2….. Abhi started himself… Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in ur life who want u in theirs. The ones who accept u for who u r. The ones who would do anything to see u smile and who love u no matter what!

Crowd cheerd for abhi…. No it was pragya’s turn she got chit topic was on road called life, she started: you have to take gud with bad, smile with sad, love what u got and remember what u had, always forgive but never forget. People change, things go wrong. But just remeber ride goes on! Abhi and crowd cheered for pragya and anker announced so winner is…….. As u all kniw destiny team, abhi and pragya got happy and said yes they recieved their medals, shields, time passes……. The team is really happy, everyone is hugging eachother, dadi huged abhi, abhi huged purab, bulbul huged pragya, pragya huged dadi, abhi huged tanu, tanu hugged kunal, abhi and pragya were in excitement and were going to hug eachother but they stopped, (kkb theme song was playing in background), just then surbhi came and huged pragya, surbhi came from opposite direction so pragya turned her face and huged her, abhi toi turned to hug kunal, just then he turned to hug pragya but pragya was talking to surbhi, abhi says why am i desperate to hug her? Allah wariyan plays……

Guyz i wanna make u clear that surbhi is jaanki’s daughter……

Days pass,months passed and so last year of university for abhigya is gonna end,…. It is last day: abhi comes and bumps into pragya, abhi says it’s last day can’t u meet me by shaking hands! Pragya says afcoarse i can! Pragya and abhi got up, pragya forwards her hand towards abhi, abhi shakes hand with her, just then pragya’s phone rang! Pragya was talking on the phone, abhi was still shaking hand, so he intelligently took of pragya’s watch from her wrist, abhi soon took his hand back…. Abhi moved forward and forward and then he stopped he screamd pragya, pragya turnd back, abhi says check ur wrist, pragya checks and says what? She soon notices that watch wasn’t there, pragya says give me my watch back, abhi ran from there, pragya too followd him, just then they went out of university’s gate, pragya is taking deep breathe and says plz give me my watch back, abhi says haha i won’t, abhi runs pragya too, time passes pragya is still running after abhi, abhi is tired and sits on bench, he sees pragya coming to him, he stands up, pragya comes she is tired and says plz give me! Abhi in fun says so here u go, abhi runs soon the watch fells from his hand on road, pragya goes to take the watch from road, she goes, she is about to take watch and truck is coming towards her, she is still about to take watch, truck is almost near her! And is about to hit her, abhi holds pragya and takes her away from there, watch came under truck, abhi says are u mad what if u had met with accident, pragya is not listening to him, pragya says my watch! She goes to the same point where watch had fallen, she saw that watch has broken!

Tears came from her eyes, she takes watch , she looks at abhi, abhi says u r crying for this watch, okay i will buy a watch for u! Happy, pragya is still staring him, abhi says acha baba listen ur daughter of a business women and ur crying like a cgild, pragya is much angry and sayd shut up,! This watch is not a watch it is really important for me, it was given by my father, he gifted it to me and what u did! Pragya keeps watch in abhi’s hand and says to do hell with ur words! Abhi is stunned he is really sad… Pragya says today we last time met, our destines are different, i hope to not see u again, abhi is shocked! Pragya leavs….. Abhi is holding watch of pragya!….

At pragya’s home! Its late night ,pragya is at terrace and looks up at sky and says sorry papa ,the watch u gifted me abhi broke it, pragya cries soon she listens a gir crying ,she moves and sees surbhi crying! She says surbhi, surbhi hugs her tightly, pragya sayd what happend why are u crying… Surbhi says i told u na about abhi modi, who loved me,, he never loved me he batryed me u were right, about boys di… Surbhi cries bitterly, pragya says surbhi… Surbhi says i can’t live without him…… But i hate him pragya…. Pragya hugs surbhi and while hugging she says you have to be enough for ur self…… You hav to be enough for ur self bcoz that’s all u hav…. Yourself….. You are onky guaranteed ur self…. People say that they will stay but nevr do… Everybody leavs at end of day ..all u hav3 is yourself…. And that has to begood eenogh….. Surbhi breaks hug and says pragya ur right… I m myself…. I can live without him i m not a puppet i will be strong i will be bold and i willl never ever trust a boy, coz love is nothing but just a time waste, …… Pragya hugs surbhi…. Screen splits abhi is in his room holding pragya’s watch….

Guyz no pre recap sorry but thanks for the support plz do coment… New ff’s are amazing hariny amazing girl go on! Nitika 2 episodes and u hav won my heart, tisha naveena surbhi u girls are amazing, …. Naveena plz do not end ur ff, and at last especially for shriti kaif and harini, : guyz u always comented on my ff but now a days u guyz aren’t commenting and i m feeling like u r not liking my ff if u guyz aren’t liking feel free and plz tell me! Thanks guyz…. Especial thanks to all those who really comment on my ff…stay tuned for next update… 🙂

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  1. Guyz sorry for spelling errors…..

  2. yaar you uploading your ff to late please upload it regularly

  3. Amazing somiya I love this episode

  4. no somiya nothing like that i have too much load of study & my exam are very near so i have too prepare but after that i will comment & dont think i dont like your ff i was thinking about your ff yesterday that u not update .anyway today epi…was heart touching awesome

  5. are kaha ho sun rahi ho ro rahi hu mai…… kitna ro rahi hu kyuki itna padh rahi hu jitna padh rahi hu utna ro rahi hu kyuki aj to maza hi aa gaya….

  6. Nice n emotional

  7. Soumiya from 1st epi to 25 th epi I like more than others but after 26 to now because you make the story worst and don’t think wrong but I still reading your ff

  8. Nice epi…..nd its touching d heart yaa…..

  9. Sowmiya I am also a big fan of ur ff but as everybody said same exam problem so only I can’t comment but still I am reading everybody r reading so pls don’t think we r not liking ur ff we love ur ff so keep going

  10. Very nice loved the episode waiting fr abhigya to unite but the episode is awesome..

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar………..Sooooo Sad for Pragya……….Eagerly waiting for your next one……….

  12. Somiya I am a big fan of urs and I read ur all ff episodes n I also want to write a ff so plzzzz tell me that how can i write a ff plz I also want to write so plz tell me……..first I click on the menu botton then I submit my article but they failed the article I’ve done right ? So plz tell me and ans my question plzz

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