abhigya’s destiny episode 32

Episode starts with surbhi saying to pragya it is 14th feb, pragya says so what? Surbhi says aray it is Valentine’s day,  pragya says sooo! Surbhi says actually i m in love with… Pragya says u r in love with? Surbhi says abhi, pragya bursts into laughing and says haha are u serious u love abhi hahaha, surbhi says not abhishek prem mehra, but abhi modi, i met him and now… Pragya says great! Surbhi says i thought u would over react, as u hate love, pragya says yes i hate love but everyone loves love so i can’t change their thinking na, surbhi says ughh u r confusing me well i hav some work so… Pragya says fine..

At class:proffessor comes and greets everybody,  student greets him and says mam plz its Valentine’s day so no study, everyone shouts no study, mam says fine, wo i will call every one here and they would present their ideas their thinking regarding Valentine’s day, so tanu plz come! Tanu shares her ideas abhi too comes, all students 1 by 1 came and presented their ideas,  at last pragya comes and in hindi(guyz plz clear me out that how many of u don’t know hindi)… Pragya says   #Valentine_Day Manao har roz lekin apna tarika badal kar.
* Kisi Rote hue Bache ko #Chocolate dekar toh dekho
* Kisi Anath Bache ko #Teddy dekar toh dekho
* Sare Din kaam krti Maa ke hatho ko #Choom kar to dekho! :’D
* Jisko Paida hote hi Fek dia uss MasuM Bacchi ko #Hug kar ke toh dekho
* Uss Bacche ko #Rose dekar dekho jo tmhre jagne se pehle tmhare ghar me Akhbaar rakh kr chala jata hai :’)
* Arey usse #Propose karo jinko kabhi pyr na mila ho
* Ye sab karne ka #Pomise kro…
Sirf premi ya premika ke liye hi
Valentine’s Day nahi hota……
In English….. Celebrate Valentine’s everyday but wiyh different manner,  ….Give chocolate to the child who is crying, and feel it,,  gift teddy to an orphan child and feel it,  kiss the hands of a mother who works for u whole day and feel it, hug the girl who is thrown just after the birth and feel it,

 Give the rose to child who places newspaper at the time u aren’t even awake and feel it,  purpose to the one who hav never experienced Love and feel it, And promise to do these all things and so Valentine’s is not only for lovers…. Pragya stops abhi stands up and gives pragya standing ovation, Allah wariyan plays, everyone stands up and gives pragya standing ovation, mam says completely different thoughts, and amazing thoughts pragya keep it up, bell rings and everyone praises pragya, abhi too comes and says it was first time u did logical thing, pragya says very funny! Abhi laughs and says i didn’t clapped for u but clapped for ur brain, pragya says u clapped for my brain it automatically means that u clapped for me, abhi says aray no! The brain is not urs i know u stole it from me, as when ever u bump into me u steal somewhat of my brain, pragya gets irked and leavs, abhi smiles…

Its competion time:abhi says hey attention guyz today is our competition we hav to win it and we should do our best… Team cheers,… Anker says now team oolala would dance.. Time passes and every team dances,  now its time for destiny team(abhigya’s team)  they dance on bezubaan kab say mein raha…. They dance so well with slow motion,  and with full energy, crowd says once more, judges gave them standing ovation…it is result time, pragya says no today i won’t stand with abhi, abhi thinks where is pragya? He says leave her i will stand witb tanu, anker says so the team who is eliminated is oolala team…. Abhi gets relieved, anker says so this time 3 teams are left and after singing competition 2 teams would be left so rule for This competition is that both singers would individually sing… Crowd cheers…

So first team is Mortein team…. The leadrs of Mortein team sang a song and then crazy team(rabul) came and started singing everyone shouts stop it and starts throwing water bottles over them bulbul continues and says aaj toh m inhain apna gaana suna kr rahoongy.. Today i will make them here my song, bulbul continues but purab drag her aside, crowd says thankgod!
Now its time for abhi and pragya abhi sings mukrane ki wjaa tum ho, pragya sings agarr tum saath hho… Crowd cheers for them and says great… Anker says brilliant destiny team so guyz as u know the team crazy is eliminated yes purab and bulbul’s team is eliminated…. Bulbul gets sad but pragya cheers her up, abhi thinks pragya has singing talent! Surla comes to pragya and says wow, i never knew that u could dance and sing so well, pragya says u never knew me, surla gets sad..

Pre recap: abhi is teasing pragya, pragya says give my watch back, mistakenly watch falls on road pragya begins to pick itt and on other side truck is coming towards pragya…

Spoiler: leap of two years and the. Abhigya’s marrige…

Guyz plz clear me out that whether u know hindi or not and plz do comment…. Thanks

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  1. I don’t know hindi n your ff is awesome

  2. Hi somiya,i don’t know hindi and ur ff is so nice keep going

  3. I don’t know the Hindi very well so please write in English

  4. I too dono hindi .

  5. nice episode please continue

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb episode……… Sooo leap…….I think it may be much more interesting day by day…………

  7. sowmiya it’s awesome but don’t complete abhigya’s bachelor life so fast …… don’t take to leap it’s my request

    1. Reji i assure u that abhigya’s marrige would be best track ,so i hav many ideas regarding it, so thanks for telling ur wish ,thankuuuu so so so much reji

      1. I to don’t know Hindi yaar..

  8. Superb yaar… Really awesome episode

  9. I donno Hindi… and ur ff is amazing…

  10. omg really really speech less about this yr….. itna pas and aaya khaskar vo dialogue Jo abhi ne bola

    aray no! The brain is not urs i know u stole it from me, as when ever u bump into me u steal somewhat of my brain,
    can’t stop laughing yrrr

  11. Its amazing yaar….really u r ff s just amazing…..nd by d way i m also dono hindi……but ur ff s sooooooo superbbbbb…..i m waiting 4 abhigya s luv

  12. wow yaar very nice interesting yes i also don’t know hindi pls post in english…………..

  13. i dnt knw hindi n ua ff z awesome..from kenya

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