abhigya’s destiny episode 31

Guyz thanks for the support and tripthi arora i already in last episode cleard that why surla and pragya are ignoring eachother…. It would be better if u would read last episode again and thankuu….

Episode starts with surbhi (pragya’s Friend) saying to pragya Wow pragya what an idea, ah han love! Our whole act is based on love wow na, so u that much believe in love? Pragya says plz surbhi, me and love, are u serious? This is just an act nothing else! Bcoz i don’t believe in love, trust, marriage, u know these things are time waste! Surbhi says no! Love is a pious feeling, pragya laughs, surbhi says why are u laughing? Pragya says haha love a pious feeling, well yeah when a boy says baby did u ate food? Baby na khaana khaya, so what if girl would say no, so what would boy do, will he. Come to girl’s house to make her eat food! (agr larki na bol dety h toh kia larka larki k ghar aayga usay khaana khilanay) i mean this is rubbish and at last when boy gets bored from his girl, he breaks up, this is the foolish thing i hav evr seen! So plz love wove kay chakr mein m nhi parungy, surbhi says u r right! But romeo juielt, the were lovers na! Pragya says so they died! I mean this is time waste why should one sacrifice his life! Surbhi says crazy! I know u won’t understand it! Pragya says yeah! Coz i know its time waste! Surbhi says ughh! Pragya smiles…

1 week passes now its time for competition,……. Anker comes on stage(to clear u guyz, dadi and surla are also there sitting together, parents are there to support their children for competition) andd says gud evening ladies and ggentleman, it is lolo’s competition 2016(imaginary name), this competition includes 4 competitions between 6 teams, each team has two leaders, 4 competitions would include performance by leaders, dancing by whole team, singing by leadrs and a surprise competition for leaders, surprise competition is a surprise that would be disclosed at last moment, 4 competition would take place in 3 days, today is the first day so guyz i hope u all have prepared the act! So.. Lets start there are 6 teams, 1st team’s name is lion team, crowd cheers, 2nd team is lucky team, crowd cheers, 3rd team’s name is oolala team.. Crowd cheers, 4th team is Mortein team, crowd cheers, 5th team is crazy team(purab and bulbul’s team) crowd cheers surla claps, 6th team is Destiny team(abhigya’s team)…. Abhi whistles, pragya claps, crowd cheers, so guys 1st act would be performed by lion team so plz welcome them, wait wait we have some guest also, 3 guest are shown, all cheers….

Time passes 5 teams did their act , judges weren’t happy with 4 teams but they enjoyed rabul’s act! Now its abhigya’s time and they perform the same act they performed on Zee rishtey awards last year… Judges gave them standing ovation, pragya and abhi smile, surla claps, but when pragya watches her surla stops, pragya bcomes teray eyed and thinks why maa, why don’t u show that u love me! Abhi comes hey chashmish, pragya says don’t dare to call me chasmish again… Abhi says chashmish, result is gonna announce that who is going to be eliminated so lets go, pragya aays fine but don’t call me chashmish, abhi leavs pragya follows him, anker says so judges have decided that who is gonna eliminate, 2 teams would be eliminated and i hav got the result and those two teams are….. In mean time abhi holds pragya’s hand tightly and croses his fingers Allah Wariyan plays, pragya tries to leave his hand but abhi says chashmish, can’t u stand properly they are gonna announce na that who is gonna be eliminated so be here! Pragya says but… Abhi aays shut up, anker says so the 1st team is lion’s team, lion team is eliminatedu unfortunately they won’t be part of next competition…

Abhi gets relieved but tightly holds pragya’s hand, pragya thinks, why this anker is making elimination suspenseful, abhi is holding my hand so tightly ughhhh i wanna leave… Anker says so the next team that won’t be part of nect competition is…. Pragya sayd jaldi karna, anker says lucky team, abhi gets happy and is going to hug pragya in excitmemt but pragay moves from there and abhi hugs tanu, tanu hugs him back! Abhi says yes! We aren’t eliminated ….abhi was that much excited that he didn’t noticed that whom he was going to hug, ans whom he hug? Purab and abhi hug eachother…… Dadi hugs abhi, pragya greets dadi, and hugs her, dadi hugs surla, surla hugs abhi, abhi says aunty u also should hug pragya as this was pragya’s idea, pragya stands there wishing to hug surla, surla opens her arms, but bulbul at the moment came and hugged surla, pragya steps back, bulbul says woo maa! I m so much happy…. Surla sees pragya, pragya sees surla, and there was minute ofssilence but bulbul hugs pragya and says yes di we did it and now we will be part of next competition !abhi thinks why chashmish and aunty ignore eachother may be there is something ,why am i thinking! ……abhi looks at pragya… Allah wariyan plays.

Its next day: pragya and abhi are walkinh towards eachother in their own senses but then pragya sees abhi coming in his own senses and says now i won’t bump into him as i m standing here hushhh i saw him, but at mean time abhi bumped into pragya and pragya fall down, pragya says u should wear specs, abhi says give me yours! Pragya says why should i? Abhi says ughh u know u r mentally ill, pragya says like u.. Abhi gets irritated and leavs… At class:all students are talking with eachother, abhi comes infront amd says attention guyz as u know today is rose day so happy roz day to all couples, and happy roz jaisa day to all singles, abhi winks at pragya, all laugh,… Abhi says so u guyz can give eachother roses na what are u waiting for? All girls and boyz got engaged in giving roses to eachother, tanu comes to abhi and gives him rose, abhi says waho my crush comes from therr where a single question doesn’t arise (meray crush wahan peda hojatay hain ja ek question bhi peda nhi hota) tanu says funny! Pragya sees it and thinks tanu only found him(tanu ko srf yeh hee mila) kunal comes to pragya and says hi prago, pragya says what did u called me, if u don’tt know my nname? Kunal says no pragu, a friend can take half name of another friend? Pragya says when did i made u my friend?kunal says so what from now we will be friends plz accept my rose… Abhi sees it and thinks kunal only found her(kunalko eeh hee milli) pragya says actually i have allergy from roses! Kunal says nothing.. Can we be friends, pragya says sorry i hav some work, kunal says one day we will be more than friends, abhi listens it but ignores it!….

Pre recap:abhigya’s tean dance on bezubaan kab say mein raha, and abhi sings muskrane ki wjaa tum ho, pragya sings agar tum saath ho…

Guyz i know this track is really boring but leave ur coments as this boring track would leave u to most intresting track ever so guyz do comment.. I think most of u aren’t liking it… But tisha, naveena and my especual wali especial girl surbhi u all are going with amazing track, i just could wish to attain same creativity u guyz have! Go on…..

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  1. hahaha who said this is boaring Somiya ye wala dhaansuu tha yr… mera crush b waha paida hota hai jaha sawal hi paida nahi hota u got that….. can’t stop laughing it was justtttt awesome…….

    1. and yup one thing I forgotten that first half part of girlfriend boyfriend I totally agreed with that yr……

  2. Cummon don’t say its boring,its good…update faster so that we can read day special track you are talking about

  3. please unite abhi and pragya yaar

  4. Superb episode… I dint felt boring…. I really enjoyed it n loved it..

  5. its not boring…..ok……and plz update faster……plzzzzzzz…..

  6. I love your updates:)

  7. Nice1

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its not boring ……..Its really gng on an interesting track……..plz update the next one soonnnnnnnnn…….. .

  9. Hey its really awesome….nd dont think like that plzzzzzz……its not boringgggg……its rrally really superbbbbbb i m waiting 4 abhigyas scene……keep rocking yaaaa……

  10. It’s not boring…..really awesome….waiting for next part

  11. osym girl ,go ahead

  12. Can u please make the episode longer

  13. not boring pa nice and different thought.

  14. Thankuuu allll.. U boosted me up

  15. hey its nt boring… really awesome yaar… I really enjoyed it…

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