abhigya’s destiny episode 30

Yeah! Its 30th episode.. Thanku all, thanku so so so much.. Well i know neww ff’s have came and they are simply amazing than mine, but if u guyz won’t comment on my ff then how will i know k whether u like my episodes or theg are boring to u..guyz yeah ur waiting for abhigya’s marrige but it will take time so enjoy my these episodes and yes plz do comment as they boost me up to write more…

Episode starts with abhi returning to home, dadi says abhi how was ur day? Abhi says Amazing dadi! Dadi say okay where is purab.. Purab comes there and says so someome remembered me right now !abhi says no! Who said we didn’t remembered u. Dadi asked for u so that u could help ramu kaka in his work.. Dadi laughs, abhi too… Purab says dadi, abhi, ughh i hate u… Abhi says okay! Purab fumes in anger.. Dadi says okay okay don’t fight!purab says dadi i m going to my room, abhi says mee too! Purab says no i won’t let u enter my room! Abhi says dad sometimes i think purab is not my real brother(in teasing voice) dadi laughs and purab says yes yes u adopted me na, abhi says if we had adopted u then we could have find better brother for me,(agr hum nay adopt kia hota na kisi ko then koi better bhaaee nhi lay aatay meray liyea) abhi laughs and runs from there, purab says i won’t leave u this time and runs behind abhi… Dadi laughs…

Bulbul and pragya came down, pragya says jaanki maa (surla’s maid) u made my fav dishes… Jaanki said afcoarse.. Bulbul aays haan haan shower ur love on her who am i to u? Jaanki and pragya laughs, surla comes there, pragya ignores surla and says jaanki maa plz serve me food! Jaanki says surely, bulbul says maa, surla says yes! Bulbul says maa tomorrow it is practice day for my act so plz will u come surla says surely.. Pragya thinks i wish maa could love me same as she loves bulbul.. Jaanki comes and serves food to pragya, bulbul and surla also sat at dinningg ttable, after finishing food, pragya gets up and hugs jaanki, and ssys thank u so much jaanki maa, seriously food was amazing, jaanki says but pragya, surla sighs jaanki to not tell anything ,pragya leaves from therr bulbul too follows her, jaanki says why surla, u should have permitted me to tell pragya that the food was made by u, surla says no! I want pragya to be stronger.. Jaanki says u should tell pragya how much u love her! Surla smiles one day i will surely!

Next day: pragya is walking with surbhi(pragyas friend) surbhi says pragya ihave some wwork, pragya says fine, pragya was now walking alone in her own senses and she bumped into abhi they both fall down… Abgi says ughhhghhh again u, can’t u meet me by shaking hands, u always meet me by colliding. U have 4 4 eyes can’t u use them, pragya says 4 4 eyes? Abhi says yes two original and two artificial, pragya says very funny, (during whole convo abhi and pragya were sitting at floor) pragya got up abhi too got up, abhi says without u i was feeling awesome, yesterday u didn’t came i enjoyed alot, pragya says ya ya i saw that in video clip.. Abhi says listen me and our class have decided to do act and we hav finalized it so come and watch our act as we arepracticeing it! Pragya says fine…

In wide open area, all leaders are there, there are total 6 pairs of leaders, abhigya and rabul are one of them, dadi and surla comes there, abhi sayd thanku dadi, noe we will practice our act so plz if u find anything wrong just point it out, dadi says okay, dadi greets surla, dadi says so u are here to watch pragya’s practice, surla says i came for bulbul! Pragya feels bad, abhi thinks weird! (ajeeb h) bulbul hugs surla and says thanks maa.. Abhi says okay now we are going to present our act! Act starts ,it is all about terrorism, pragya flashbacks: fb starts terterrorists have enterd bank, they are firing at evry body, a man with a daughter is shown, man says run pragya run, the lil girl says yes papa, the toy from pragya’s hand falls down, she stops moving, man says pragya come with me, pragya says papa my fav toy fell down plz get it to me, man says we will get new. It is not time so plz come with me ot tgese bad uncls would kill us ,pragya cries and says no papa i won’t it, man says okay don’t cry i will get it to u, man starts moving towards they toy, and he get hitted by 3 bullets, pragya screams papa…. Fb ends… Surla says oh no again thus horrible incident came before pragya, pragya is in tears, the whole terrorist act was also based on same thing that happend with pragya,

pragya says no no not again, in terrorist act by abhi and his team, man also gets hitted by bullet, pragya screams no! Abhi si stunned to see pragya crying, abhi says chashmish this isjust act why r u over reacting! Pragya says no no this is not the act this is reality, bulbul comes to pragya.. Pragya says plz do not continue this act, plz… Abhi says are u mad we have practiced it forv5 hrs and u r saying not to do it! Bulbul says calm down di, abhi says plz take her to mantle asylum, like a child she is crying, pragya is in tears and leaves from there, bulbul says if u don’t know anything then plz do not comment !surla is about to go to pragya, but she stops herself! Dadi comes to abhi and says if someone is getting hurt by any of ur action u must don’t do it, abhi says but dadi we practiced this act, dadi says abhi try to understand may be something from her past is related to her so that’s why she broke down seeing this ,abhi says fine(in anger)…..

Its late night: pragya is sitting in garden and a fb starts: Surla is saying to lil girl pragya, bcoz of u ,my husband is no more, pragya says no maa! Surla says from today y i end my every realation with u, from today only bulbul is my daughter not u… Pragya cries hard jaanki comes and pragya hugs jaanki, and says didn’t did it! Jaanki says no beta u didn’t! Fb ends… Pragya cries hard and looks up at sky and says papa i miss u alot, i miss u, maa was right bcoz of me u r not with us only bcoz of me! Pragya cries hard, abhi comes and sits beside her! Pragya turns her face and wipea her tears, abhi says chashmish, pragya says i don’t wanna talk, plz leave me alone! Abhi says so who has came to talk to u ,i came here just to say that why did u cried! Pragya says there is something that can’t be told to others(kuch aisy baatein hoty hain jo doosron ko nhi btaaye jaaty) abhi says aan haan, so i also don’t have intrest in listening ur dramatic story, pragya in anger holds abhi’s collar and says so u think this is drama, this terrorist act is drama, my father’s death is drma, pragya cries hard and stands from there abhi is shocked to listen her words, abhu stands up and places his hand at pragya’s sholdrr, pragya turns back and hugs abhi tightly and cries hard, ya rabba plays,

abhi is stunned but he doesn’t hug pragya back, pragya while crying says i…… I….. Bcoz of me my father is no more, i… I miss him, those.. those terrorists take my dad away from me, pragya cries hard (na poocho dard ksi banday say. Line plays in background) abhi is shocked to hear pragya’s words, abhi says i m sorry i didn’t knew that…. Pragya gets her sense back and breaks hug, pragya says sorry, i didn’t meant to hug u but.. Abhi says sorry i didn’t knew that ur dad and that act has relation! Pragya wipes her tears and says fine ,if u hav prepared the act then u can continue it, abhi says continuing it would be greatest mistake of mine! So i hav planed another act! Pragya says oh! Abhi says hey don’t cry when u cry na then it makes me feel that u r…. Pragya asks what am i? Abhi says donkey, abhi laughs, pragya says wait abhi i won’t leave u, pragya runs behind abhi, pragya catches abhi, pragya says ao what u said? Abhi says okay okay i m donkey, pragya laughed! Surla and dadi sees it and says they hate eachothrr but soon there hatred would turn in to love, surla similes…… Surla thinks i at that day i only ended my realations with pragya just to make her stronger ,so she could face up coming difficulties, i love u pragya ,wait for sometime when u will becone stronger i would tell the truth to u……. Abhi says pragya now think for new act, pragya thinks for sometime and says idea! Abhi says what? Pragya explains it, abhi says so who would be girl and boy, all team memebers say that leaders, abhi would be the boy and pragya girl! Abhigya agrees… Allah wariyan plays…

Pre recap: abhi says to all happy rose day to all couples and happy roz jaisa day to all singles… All laugh pragya gets irritated .abhi winks at pragya..

Guyz i kmow neww ff’s have came and i m damn sure that they are 100 times bettrr than mine, but guyz do comment plz guyz

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  1. Hey yo girl .. Don compare dear .. Yuas s gud jus continue yaar .. Y u have such thinking’s ..

  2. nice episode please upload next sooooooonnnnn i am wating.

  3. Superb superb superb yaar… Really soooooo nice no words to explain my love on ur ff n on today’s episode… It’s really amazing n rocking… I really really reallyyyyyy loved it…. I’m very muchhhhhhhhhhh excited for ur next episode….

  4. Awesome update☺️☺️☺️?

  5. hey sowmiya nice ff
    I luved abhigya’s cute scene and pls reveal sals’s secret fast yaar

  6. yeah ne ff’s have come and even I am a new writer. when I was a reader I used to wait for ur ff to display in my screen so don’t feel bad about yourself

    yore writing is really god and new writers like me consider you people as a senior and also a role model so don’t feel like that

    we all luv your ff

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Hey Don’t compare Ur ff to others yaar………Each one have their own speciality………Sooo Don’t think like that……….The Episode is Awesome yaar……The way Abhi consoled Pragya na Superb….. I like it……….

  8. Really nice episode yar… I like it… this ff is amazing

  9. Keep going nice track I just loved it I don’t like any other ff because they r irritated me a lot but ur ff is the best so keep going and post it daily luv ya

  10. Superb n awesome episode……don’t compare your ff to others ff …..because each ff have different story

  11. It’s very interesting keep going it is very nice episode

  12. aahhhh somiya really yr today I felt that pain of pragya it was just awesome u know that dialogue”if we had adopted u then we could have find better brother for me,(agr hum nay adopt kia hota na kisi ko then koi better bhaaee nhi lay aatay meray liyea” can’t stop laughing and yes ofcourse the whole incident I was stunned reading it because it was just beyond awesomeness and at last Surbhi pragya’s friend seriously ….!!!! can’t stop laughing at that girl and yes today I can’t stop myself saying kaun na mar jaaye is aaftab par katl karte hai ar hatho me talwar b nahi 😀

  13. hey ur ff is jst awesome yaar… y r u thinking like this.? ur also superb writer…

  14. Hey u r soooooo awesome its toooo gud i luv it a lotttttttttt…..

  15. Very nice

  16. Amazing somiya I luv u r fan fiction I like everybody’s ff as aishwarya said everybody has different story and I luved u r ff luv u

  17. Hey post next episode

  18. nice pa…

  19. really awsm…. can’t stop reading….. keep going friend….you are doing an exlnt job…wonderful imaginatn……

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