abhigya’s destiny.. episode 3


Hey guyz plz rate this episode out of 10….

Pre recap.. Media questions pragya,pragya leaves room abhi tries to stop her

Episode starts with pragya leaving room and abhi trying to stop her but principal stops abhi and says it is his concert time all are waiting abhi goes with principal and pragya leaves the place, abhi starts his concert by singing O khuda bta day kia laakeeron m likha……. Soon concert ends and all cheers for abhi but abhi is still looking for pragya

Purab calls bulbul , bulbul picks up the phone (purab and bulbul doesn’t know about each other) purab says you have been selected for job and you can join from tomorrow bulbul becomes extremly happy and cuts call, she calls ma and sarla comes bulbul hugs her tightly and says she have been selected for interview, sarla becomes happy and again hugs her at same time pragya enters home, sarla asks how was the day? Pragya answers good, bulbul says she has been selected for job, hearing this pragya becomes happy and hugs her , bulbul asks if today abhi came to her college, pragya in an anger tone said yes and goes to her room bulbul follows her..

Principal thanks abhi and abhi leaves the place. Abhi was driving car and was thinking about pragya. He thought to himself that she was really good girl and at same time his car hits another car.. The driver of the car asks abhi to come out abhi apologises him but he went on saying rubbish things about abhi. Abhi grabbed him from his collar at same time purab came and finished the matter by giving money to driver . Abhi and purab left for their house

Bulbul asks pragya if everything was fine ,pragya brusts out in tears and explains everything what happened with her bulbul say how mean is abhi ,yes he is a rockstar but why did u saved him u should have told truth to media .pragya said bulbul if at the moment i had taken that step then abhi could have lost his fame so this was not right, bulbul says di stop thinking for abhi let’s have dinner maa had made biryani. Pragya says fine

Purab and abhi reached abhi’s home, daadi asks if concert went good, abhi in low tone said yes and went to his room, purab followed him, and asked why he is upset abhi explains everything to purab, purab says u had not done right.. Pragya saved u if she had not taken that step na then there were going to be breaking news on u that abhi the rockstar molested his assistant and wagera wagera. Abhi says u are right purab i would apologize the girl. Purab asks if he knows her name abhi says yes it was pratigya.. And says no no it was pragya Ms pragya.. Purab says u better apologize her. Abhi thinks on

Pragya and bulbul ate dinner and were going to bed, pragya was still hurt with abhi’s words bulbul said her to leave and sleep. Abhi and pragya both w
ere thinking about each other..

Pre recap.. Nikhil meets pragya.. Abhi goes to Pragya’s collage to meet pragya. Purab gets impressed by bulbul

Hey guyz.. Plz tell me whether to continue it or not and rate it out of 10

Credit to: somiya

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  1. Nice ff pls continue

  2. Waiting for next episode , 7 would be good from my thought rating

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s gng nice yaar….plzzzzz continue it & update it regularly…… & Also Abhi is not ….so bad yaar…..He is a gud man….I will give 7/10……for this….Don’t feel bad yaar….It’s just from my view only….

  4. ur ff is good waiting for ur next epi..continue it yaar.I will rate it 8/10 don’t feel bad for it..

  5. It was so cool dr

  6. 8/10.. Keep going…

  7. Actually ur ff is nice but pls don’t show abhi so bad n plz don’t show pragya so ugly…I’ll rate it after few more episodes
    Pls don feel bad

  8. Ur ff s superb bt dint express abhi character in that way it’s my request n I vl give 6 r 7 for tz episode n I need some cute fight between abhigya its my request

  9. It’s very fine episode & started the story now only na just keep on going but make some changes like ur going very fast like express in 1st 2parts so try to describe it continue the story then it will b more interesting… I guess ur not trying to show the abhi a molested but dnt continue it also, abhi wnt suit for it.. Same ur showing pragya like in show that’s ok.. It’s beginning so I rate for 6 by further episode I surely rate good… all the best continue without space..

  10. Hey guyz ya i know abhi is good but listen media can say anything na that’s why i wrote it well stay tuned as there are many twists and truns

  11. 8/10 keep going & plz one request
    u should update long episode plz

    1. Shriti i will try but words limit is 800.. Well stay tuned for my next episode ..

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