abhigya’s destiny episode 29

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Episode starts with bulbul and purab sitting in cateen, bulbul says purab is there any particular reason? Purab asks for what? Bulbul says di and abhi hate eachother so much, purab laughs and says no, the first time they met in a party as u know ur mother is a business women, and my elder brother also deals with business, and so they are business partners so pragya and abhi met at party, there abhi and pragya bumped into eachother and they fall down, and from there abhi and pragya’s fight started and it still continues, bulbul laughs and says they are like tom and jerry, purab says yes they can’t live with eachother, and they can’t live without eachother, bulbul laughs…

Proffesor says abhi and pragya u both have to prepare act or play regarding any toipc u like for eg terrorism, love, friendship etc.. Abhi says fine sir…. Time passess and another period starts now tanu sat with pragya and kunal with abhi, proffesor starts his lecture, tanu thinks how to get abhi’s attention, tanu says wait i will throw this pen to abhi, so he might notice me, tanu throws pen, it hits abhi’s head, abhi fumes in anger and looks back and saw pragya smiling (pragya smiled as tanu told her joke) abhi says proffesor, proffesor says yes! Abhi says actually pragya threw this pen to me, she is disturbing me! Proffesor says stand up pragya, tanu says Oh God! Bcoz of me pragya would get punished.. Pragya stands up and says no sir! Abhi is lying, proffesor says isn’t it ur pen, pragya says yes but…. Proffesor says get out, pragya says sir! Abhi could feel that pragya is telling truth but he doesn’t shows it! Proffesor says go and stand in terrace as it is very hot day so this punishment is best for u, pragya leaves with teary eyes nd looks at abhi! Abhi could feel it but he ignores pragya! Tanu says shit!

Pragya stands in terrace, she says abhi is worst! How could he blame me! Soon class gets over and all students came out! Pragya is still in terrace, terrace has no grill so one could easily fall from it, pragya feels very week as she has not eaten breakfast and it is very hot day, she feels dizzy and steps back slowly, she steps back slowly and slowly, screen splits tanu says shit! Bcoz of me pragya got punished, abhi comes there and says hi tanu! Tanu says sorry abhi actually i hav to go to pragya, abhi follows tanu, screen splits and pragya steps back, she is feeling dizzy, the edge comes and she is about to fall, but abhi comes and holds her hand, tanu is shocked to see pragya, pragya becomes unconscious.. Allah wariyan plays… Abhi pulls pragya towards him, he caress pragyas face and says Chashmish, open ur eyes! Bulbul comes and says di, bulbul holds pragya and says di open ur eyes! Purab gives water to bulbul, bulbul splashes it on Pragya’s face, pragya gains consciousness, bulbul says di! What if something could have happened to u, u didn’t ate breakfast na, that’s why how many times i have said u to eat breakfast but no, pragya says bulbul i m fine!

Bulbul aays no we will go home, pragya says fine baba, pragya tries to get up, abhi gives his hand but pragya ignores him and says tanh plz help me, tanu says surely.. Pragya, bulbul and purab left area, tanu says abhi! Abhi says yes! Tanu says actually i threw that pen, not pragya, yes it was pragya’s pen byt i threw it, abhi says shit! All fault is mine, i should not have complained to proffesor…. Time passes, proffesor calls abhi and says abhi listen, as i told u about that act, so it would take place after 1 week, we will have many things like on one day u all would prepare act, next day u both leaders would sing so next day is singing competition, than we will have dance competition, then we will have a surprise competition, that would be a surprise.. Abhi says fine sir!

Pragya reaches home, surla asks bulbul u r home so early! Bulbul says actually di she was about to fall from terrace, but abhi holded her ,she didn’t had breakfast na that’s why! Surla feels very bad but she doesn’t shows it, jaanki(surla’s maid) says pragya i told u to eat breakfast, wait today ii will make ur fav ddishes u go and take rest, pragya is sitting on couch she gets up and feels dizzy, surla says pragya! Pragya is stunned to see this reaction by surla, surla controls herself and in rude voice says pragya i will call doctor , bulbul take her to room!pragya feels bad bcoz of rude voice from surla… Bulbul thinks when would these differences end, maa loves di ,di loves ma but they don’t show it to eachother… Time passess doctor comes and checks pragya, doctor says plz don’t skip breakfast, second thing u should take rest for one day so its better to take leave from university, pragya says but… Jaanki (surla’s maid) says no but wut, u have to take rest it means u have to take rest! Surla hides and watches this all she thinks i m lucky to have jaanki as my maid ,she takes care of pragya, i love u pragya but there are some reasons for being rude!…

Its next day, abhi is wondering here and there, abhi says how can be my day so perfect! I mean something is missing that makes my day worst! At a distance too girls bump into eachother and fall down, abhi at same times thinks yes! Pragya, chashmish havn’t came today, so today i hav not fallen down! I feel so much happpy, bulbul comes and says hey abhi, abhi says hi! Bulbul asks where is purab, hasn’t he came to university today? Abhi says he has came but he was with some girls i don’t know where is he, bulbul thinks oye teri purab is with girls i won’t leave him! Bulbul ia about to leave but abhi calls her, bulbul says yes! Abhi says hasn’t pragya came? Bulbul laughs and says so tom is looking for jerry haan! Abhi says i wasn’t looking for pragya, but she is leader of our class na so i hav to discuss something with her, bulbul says actually di wasn’t feeling well, so she hasn’t came, she had severe fever.. Abhi says oh! Bulbul says actually today proffesor was going to teach really important topic in ur class so pragya was coming to university even when she was ill but jaanki maa, she forced pragya to sit at home and to take rest, di was really upset.. bhi says oh! Bulbul leaves…. Abhi says idea i will record whole lecture of proffesor, i m not doing it for pragya but i m doing it to correct my mistak as bcoz of me pragya is ill, i know i hate her, but humanity is still alive!

Lecture starts, abhi with his mobile records it, he is recording it and so proffesor notices it and says hey get up, abhi says proffesor i m recording ur lecture, proffesor says i won’t allow it, go out! Abhi thinks kharoos, now how will i record it, abhi is standing outside, he sees a window, he goes there and from there he starts to record lecture….

Bulbul is about to leav but abhi comes there, abhi says bulbul listen, i m sending u a video so plz ask pragya to watch it, as it related to study, bulbul says fine!….

Bulbul is back home, she comes into room and finds pragya reading novel, bulbul says di! Pragya says hey u came back! Bulbul says i got something for u, pragya asks what, bulbul says actually abhi he sent me video amd it is related to study, pragya says so! I don’t want abhi’s any video, bulbul says wait i will forward it to u, bulbull fforwards it, and leavs from room, pragya watches video, and it is of same lecture she wanted to attend, pragya says ugh okay okay, abhi is not too bad,at a moment pragya also sess the clip in which proffesor was scolding abhi for recording video, pragya laughs at it! At last there is a message from abhi in video, abhi says tanu told me that u didn’t threw pen, actually i havn’t said sorry to anyone so don’t expect any sorry from me, this video was correction for my mistake.. Pragya says egoistic person i hav every seen… Allah wariyan plays..

Pre recap : Abhi and his team practices a terrorism act,in university… pragya is in tears, surla sees pragya and she says again this horrible incident came befor pragya!….

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  1. Is this the same episode you re posted it I guess
    Correct me if I am wrong cuz I felt I read this already

    Msg from Team: We re-posted it as it didn’t come on KB page previously.

  2. Superb n awesome episode

  3. Awesome episode speech less to speak and of course that dialogue oye Teri !!!!! purab ladkiyo k sath awesome dialogue maza aa gaya chha gaye guru dil khush kar ditta 😀


    see that big smile on my face it was there when I was reading it…

  4. great go ahead

  5. Superb episode… Thn wat s the reason y pragya n her mom s behaving lk tat

  6. Superbbb superbbb superbbbb

  7. nice epi please post it cintineously

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb……..U rocked it………..

  9. amazing… fantastic yaar… it was really nice epi…

  10. Sry to say…It was smewat awkward abhi complaints to professor jst for throwing pen as they are not scl kids na to complain for silly things..i love ur ffs very much..bt today it disappointed me

  11. Very nice

  12. Somiya can u tell me why sarla and pragya behaving like a stranger what happened I can’t understand but the episode was awesome amazing

    1. Wait for next episode…

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