abhigya’s destiny episode 28

Guyz thanks for the support, well guyz after making purab abhi’s brother, i noticed that indirectly i made purab Aliya’s brother, so there is no jodi of purab and aliya… And dhaiya, i really felt sorry that u didn’t liked my last episode but as many people supported me so i decided to continue my ff, making this all dream was not my motive but to continue my ff it was really important so guyz i hope that upcoming episodes would be liked by u…

Episode starts with bulbul saying to pragya, di don’t think about that dream, as it was just a dream.. Screen splits and abhi says i won’t think about that dream as it was just a dream, screen splits and pragya says yes it was just a dream! Bulbul says di weekend is over so today is monday we have to go to university.. Pragya says fine, screen splits and purab says abhi fresh up as we have to go to university.. Abhi nods yes (guyz abhi and pragya are in final year, bulbul and purab are in 3rd year) … Pragay and bulbul comes downstairs, bulbul hugs surla and greets her while pragya directly went to kitchen to drink water, bulbul thinks when would differences end between maa and di, 15 years and still they are stuck on that horrible incident that took dad away i hope their differences would end soon!

At university : pragya and bulbul get out of car, pragya crosses her fingers and says not this time God! I don’t want to see abhi! Bulbul says di my class is gonna start i m leaving, pragya says fine! Pragya is walking and on other side abhi is also walking in same direction, he using mobile, so is pragya using! They soon bump into eachother and they fall down! Abhi says again u! Pragya says again u! Abhi says can’t u live without me i mean everytime u meet me u bump into me(kya tum meray bagair reh nhi skty kia? Jab bhi milti ho takra kar milti ho) pragay says i don’t bump in to u, u bumped into me first, and u are so cheap that God has given u eyes but u don’t use them!(mein aap say nhi takraee, aap hee pehlay takraye, or aap kitnay cheap ho God nay aap ko ankhein deen to hain lekin use nhi krtay) abhi gets up, pragya too gets up, abhi says if i don’t use my eyes so u can use ur eyes(agr mein eyes use nhi krta toh tum hee karlo) pragya says ugh i hate u, u just spoiled my day! Abhi says i hate u too, abhi and pragya walk into opposite direction, pragya thinks how cheap he is, i just dreamed about him, our destinies plus our destination’s are different, abhi thinks to himself i just hate her, she spoiled my day!…

Abhi and pragya went into their respective class as they are in same class, they enter the class and they see that only 1 bench is left, they went and sat at same bench, abhi says again u, pragay says ughh, plz get up! Abhi saus why should i? I came here first na! Pragya says already u have spoiled my mood wait i will call tanu and she will sit with u. Abhi holds pragya’s hand, Allah wariyan plays, pragya says leave my hand, abhi says no! Tanu irritates me with her uselss talk, i won’t sit with her, abhi says wait i will call kunal he will sit with u, pragya says no, he irritates me with his useless talks, abhi says so fine! Proffesor enters class, all students greet him, abhi says again this proffesor, i always get bore in his period, i would rather do anything than attending his lecture, pragya listens all this but ignores him! Proffesor starts his lecture, abhi says pragya, pragya says what? Abhi says i hate u,

pragya says so what can i do.. Proffesor says standup u both(abhi nd pragya) proffesor says why are u talking during my lesson? Abhi says why are u teaching during my conversation? Proffesor says get out, abhi in loud voice says : when a teacher says get out it means u won argument, all laugh, pragya too smiles ,proffesor says get out u both !abhigya left class… Abhi says okay startup ur self, pragya says what? Abhi says no! Now u will start ur lecture na, u started argument and teacher punished me! Pragya laughs and ssys no actually i was also being bored in lecture so… Abhi says oh ho! Pragya leaves from there,abhi too leaves….. Again another period starts ,abhi sits with tanu, and pragya with kunal, abhi says i ws okay with pragya but how can i tolerate tanu’s useless talks, pragya says i was okay with abhi, how would i tolerate kunal’s useless talk… Proffesor says attention students, as this is last year for all of u so our university has decided to do a program so we want 6 pair leaders, it means that for each group two person’s would be leaders, so we want 1 pair from this class, so that 1 pair would lead full class, so u all of u would be in one team! Other classes would also take part, so who want to be leader? Abhi and pragya raise their hands, proffesor sayd okay so abhi and pragya would be leader, abhi says ugh again pragya, pragya says ugh again abhi!.

Purab and bulbul are sitting in n canteen, bulbul says so di and abhi had same dream! Purab says that is not a coincident, that is what really their destines want! Bulbul says may be, but u know na how much they hate eachother …purab says yes!..

Pre recap:proffesor says abhi and pragya u both have to prepare a act regarding anything u like. Abhi says fine.

Guyz plz do coment, next epi would be more intresting….

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  1. Its really nice…..

  2. proffesor says why are u talking during my lesson? Abhi says why are u teaching during my conversation? ……
    This dialogue yr Rofl can’t stop laughing wait I can add one thing don’t mind or take my words wrong
    Professor : why you are talking when I am teaching …..
    Abhi : why you are teaching when I am talking …??
    A flying chappal received @ of 180km/h are yar pet dard ho gaya hasi band nahi ho rahi……

    1. Haha best, hansi ruk hee nhi rhy…..

  3. I was laughing when I m reading this episode and I loved this episode

  4. What dream. They are talking about

    1. Vaneesa go and read episode 27 of abhigya’s destiny you will get the answer. Thanks……

  5. What is difference b/w sarla and pragya

  6. Awesome

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Really Awesome…………… ABHIGYA’s nok – jhok is Superb………. I loved it……………

  8. Wow somiya u r back I am so happy u don’t worry about any thing dr u r just awesome and coming back to the story its all dreams omg superb twist. We all going to see another hate love story of abhigya wow I am super excited keep going yaar and upload the next part soon I am waiting…

  9. very nice love today’s episode…

  10. Very very nice episode keep on going

  11. Well I luv this episode because I luv hate stories so don’t worry about those people who don’t like it just chill and update next episode soon and I also understand what was the dream

  12. Superb somiya really awesome… Then their cuts fight n their conversation s awesome I really loved it a lottttt… Then abhi replied to proffesor that thing s extraordinary… Really I can’t control my laugh while reading today’s episode… Keep rocking…

    1. Haha thanks durga…..

  13. Awesome amazing super

  14. i have one confusion pragya have specs (chashma)

    1. Yes! She has

  15. superb yaar…

  16. Ur cme back was awsme..bt i have a dbt..y abhigya hate each other..there shld be sme resn na

  17. sowmiya who is kunal

    1. Imaginary character, he studies with pragya and likes her…

  18. once again read awesome awesome but plz update next epi…. soooooooonn

  19. Please upload th.next part

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