abhigya’s destiny episode 27

Guyz i m back, i just thought no one is liking my ff but then i read ur comments, thanku….. Thanks surbhi thanku very much, and guys i got abhigya married just bcoz i was ending my ff but now as i m continuing it so there would be new Twist’s new stories, i will take refrence from other ff’s and also from original kkb show to make my ff more intresting… So guyz do support..

Episode starts with a girl voice saying this is our destiny, this is our destiny, at same time a new bunglow is shown, it is vey big and beautiful, then i room is shown, almostt a pprincess room is shown, girl’s voice is still there, then i new girl (her face is not shown) comes out of washroom, wiping her hairs, she turns back and she is non other than bulbul, bulbul says oh di, u r still sleeping, and what are u murmuring? The girl is sleeping on her bed, and her lips are shown, she is saying this is our destiny, bulbul comes and sits at bed and shakes the girl, girl wakes up and she is non other than pragya, bulbul says gud morning di, pragya says gud morning, but then pragya gets back to her sense and says what! This all was dream(guyz to clear u from episode 1 it was all dream) bulbul says dream? And yes what were u saying this is our destiny? Pragya says bulbul i saw a weird dream! Bulbul says u saw ur prince Charming? Pragya says kind of that but no abhi can’t be my prince charming! Bulbul gets stunned and says di u saw abhi in dream, the same abhi u hate! The same abhi na who studies with u.. U both are enemies of eachother and i mean tell me what did u saw? Pragya explains everything.. Screen splits at tensed abhi’s face, purab says what u saw pragya as ur love? I mean u hate eachother so much! In university everyone knows that u both hate eachother so much…

Guyz to clear ur confusion, from epi 1 it was all dream of abhigya, and abhi amd pragya had the same dream.. And pragya abhi study in university, and they hate eachother very much..

Purab says abhi can u explain everything in detail, abhi explains everything, screen splits, bulbul laughs harder, pragay says i had so much bad dream and u r laughing, bulbul says it wasn’t a bad dream, it was ur prince Charming’s dream, and ur prince Charming is abhi ,pragya says no! He is. Not i hate him! Bulbul says apart of this what u saw i loved purab well very funny, he is just my friend, and what did u saw we were from middle class family, for ur kind information maa is a Business women, and we are not middle class… Pragya says that’s why i m saying i had this weird dream! Screen splits, purab laughs harder and says abhi u saw that u were rockstar, haha i know it is ur ambition but for ur kind information u r still in university, and then what u saw me and bulbul loved eachother thats really funny bcoz we are best friends ,and what did u saw nikhil and tanu marriedd eachother, haha abhi tanu has crush upon u and nikhil he loves aliya, and aliya loves him too and kunal is nikhil’s brother, seriously abhi this was a weird dream. And at last what did u saw that i was ur bestfriend, seriously.. I m ur younger brother,……abhi says seriously i had a weird dream, i just dreamed about a person whom i hate so much, we can’t live with eachother for 5 min and i just dreamed that i married her….. Screen splits and pragya says it was really a weird dream as i dreamed about person whom i hate so much, i can’t live with him for 5 min and i dreamed that i loved him! Our destiny’s are really different how can we love eachother, screen splits and abhi says our destiny’s are different, soare our destination’s different, i just had a useless dream, screen splits and pragay says this was really useless dream…. Kaisa yeh ishq h plays and screen freezes om their tensedd faces…..

Pre-recap:abhi bumps in to pragya and they both fall down!

Guyz so if u all are confused then i must tell u that i got abhigya married only bcoz i ws ending my ff, soto continue my ff it was really important to make this all dream. So guys new things new stories have just begin, i promise i will get abhigya married, and will continue my ff after their married life also, so here comes how would abhigya’s eneimity turn into love. So guyz stay tuned and i again am giving introduction of characters so u guyz won’t get confused..

Pragya:university student.. Ambition to help her mother in business..

Surla:a business women and pragya’s mother: from highclass family..

Bulbul:pragyas sister..

Abhi: from high class family, ambition :to be a rokstar and to help her elder brothrr czn raj im business…

Purab: abhi’s younger brother.

Tanu:university student has crush on abhi..

Aliya:abhi’s elder sister
Nikhil: Aliya’s husband..

Rest of characters are same, so guyz i hav many ideas so plz stay tuned and wait for my next update… I wrote this all bcoz surbhi and u guyz rose by sprit thankuuu allll

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  1. Ha ha ha 26episodes it was a dream amd sowmya u r real serial writer yaar

    1. Yeah! Haha haythi well plz stay tuned as more things are to come ,making this all dream was not my motive, but i had to do that as i hav many ideas regarding abhigya, regarding their love+hatred…so stay tuned…..

  2. Very nice somiya didn’ t expected this twist eagerly waiting too now wht is coming next pls update the next episode fast I love ur ff a lot

  3. Superb yar thanks for coming back…

  4. Welcome back somiya
    I was waiting for u r ff and u r back with a bang and this episode was awesome

  5. It is really frustrated episode and what the hell it’s all dream

    1. I m sorry to hear that u didn’t liked it, but as i said my motive was not to make this all dream but i had to do that, to continue my ff, well if u are waiting for abhigya’s marrige than i m giving surety that their marrige would take place soon…..

  6. Nyc twist somiya …

  7. nice Somiya keep going

    1. Pls upload urs

      1. I had uploaded but not yet posted?

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Thankzzz a lot yaar……. For ur comeback………….. Sooo The all 26 episodes were dream…… WoW…….So Now we got an opportunity to be enjoy an Another story of ABHIGYA……….. I Really liked the new plot now u introduced to us………..Sach Muuch I liked it………………..Ur way of writing is Awesome yaar………..Once again ,Thankzzzzzz a lot for come back……….

    1. No thank u for supporting me and i m glad that u liked my ff, and i m happy that u were waiting for my ff so this time new stories +combo of old stories will not dissapoint u 🙂 stay tuned for next episodes

  9. yeah girl back with a bang…. wapis aa gayi gul-e-gulzar jaan-e-bahaar meri jaan shano ki shaan somiya form me wapis aa gayi….. 😀 dekho kitni badi smile hai meri face par

    1. Haha surbhi thanks yar

  10. Hey i m very happy to see ur epi back s u r back then ur ff is soooo nice i m waiting for d abhigya s lov nd rock ittttttttttt i lov ur fff soooooooo much its sooo much

  11. Thank u somiya….for ur comeback……& it is really really awesome…..

  12. hey come back is great yaar… super

  13. Thankuuu so sos so much

  14. Tz s tooo much somiya all these episode r dreame bt I dint hate it I keep on smiling while reading whole episode coz really u made 26 episodes r dreame bt anyway let’s c wat vl happen in abhigya’s life… I’m waiting for ur next episode… Bt sooooo funny yaar… How can u imagine to make the whole episode as a dream bt I really love it… carry on with ur storyline…

    1. Durga i know it is really weird to make this all dream but i had to! So stay tuned ;-)i won’t dissapoint u

  15. I luv it ♥♥♥♥♥

  16. awesome yaar cant express in word

  17. awesome awesome awesome super duper hit hai

  18. sowmiya it so sad that u made all ur creativity as a dream but i know u u defintely rock it

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