abhigya’s destiny episode 25

Guyz thanku so much, ahm i think u all are bored coz i m getting less coments, well that some how gave me relief that my surprise won’t dissapoint u well do comment….

Episode starts with pragya’s face in opposite direction she turns back and finds abhi no where, after sometimes she hears a voice Sucide, sucide, sucide, pragya and all fan’s look up, abhi is a terrace and standing on edge of terrace, abhi says i don’t want to live in this world any more! Fans in loud voice say Why? Abhi says pragya whom i love ,she is not forgiving me, and without her i m nothing,… Pragya says come down Abhi, u will fall! Abhi says so what let me fall, i don’t want live! Abhi loses his balance and hangs at building, pragya shouts Abhi! Abhi is talking to himself Oh god! Plz give my pragya back or i will come to u and irritate u! A fan girl runs to save abhi, pragya in a childish way and in anger tone says where are u going? Fan says abhi needs me! Pragya says what ,who said abhi needs you? Fan says abhi himslef now said na he loves pragya and i m pragya, Real pragya says what, actually u r mistaken, he said me those words as i m his pragya! Fan says no!

Pragya in anger tone says shutup, pragya pulls fan girl backward, fan falls in mud.. Pragya runs to abhi she reaches at terrace and abhi loses his balance and is about to fall, pragya comes and holds him with serious efforts, pragya saves abhi, all fans say Thank god! Pragya beats abhi, and says what if something happend to u, where would i go, i hate u, i love u, no i hate u very much, abhi smiles and says fuggy decide whether u hate me or u love me, pragya says both! Abhi hugs pragya tightly, Fan shouts and says Abhi abhi pragya pragya, Pragya breaks hug, abhi says hey fuggy, listen up na i love u, Fans in loud voice say Abhi love u, abhi says plz forgive me, all fans say in loud voice forgive him. Pragya aays okay but there are my 3 conditions, abhi says okay i agreed! Fans said in loud voice abhi agreed! Pragya says no listen, my first conditon is u will love me more!

Abhi says yes fuggy i will love u more than anything, fans again said Abhi will love u more, Pragya says abhi u will trust me more, abhi says okay i will trust u more, all fans say He will trust u more, Pragya says and my 3rd condition is U will never leave me alone! Abhi says Never, fans say no he will not leave u, abhigya smile and hug eachother……

Abhi is in his room, thanking to god for bringing pragya back! Abhi gets upset as his dadi left him, pragya comes to his room and faints, abhi holds her and makes her drink water, abhi says are u fine, pragya says yes actually from 2 days i havn’t ate any thing, abhi says same here! Pragya says some one has came to meet u, abhi says who, a voice comes and says me! Abhi turns back and sees. Dadi, purab surla aliya and bulbul, …dadi says forgive me betta i could have trusted u! Abhi hugs dadi and surla says no more crying! Bulbul says enough of it i m bored and yes so well hav decided that abhi jiju and pragya di would marry today, Pragya says today? Abhi sayss so i wont marry me? Pragya says useless joke! All laugh…

Abhi is in mandap waiting for pragya, pragya comes, abhi is stunned to see her! Oragya comes and sits near abhi, abhi throughout wedding kept holding pragya’s hand, now its reception time and pragya says why u are holding my hand, i won’t run away, abhi says i can’t leave u now, these 3 months were very painful for me, pragya says but now our life would be full of roses with no thrones ….whole family dances on song Hello Hello! In end abhigya hug eachother and sayd yes this was our destiny… Abhigya’s destiny……. Everyone similes……

Pre recap): Disclosing of surprise…..

Guyz wait for my next surprise update, and do coment ,i don’t think that this epi is nice but plz leave ur coments….

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  1. Very nice how u said that it is not nice no it was very nice I enjoyed this episode very much….

  2. Wowww awesome dr

  3. u are hoping for nice really ?????? it was just muaaahhhhh…… really yr now I am no more u can name me deewani and can say ye deewani mastani ho gayi… 🙂 :-D.

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