abhigya’s destiny episode 24

Thanku guyz for the coments, seriously and laiba thanku for ur coment, well best part is i got a parosan ?? when i talk to her i just feel like that she is my friend well yeah She is Surbhi….. I seriously love ur ff’s guyz 1 day to go for surprise just wait for it and plz do comment….

Episode starts with abhi saying i lost my love… Pragya hugs bulbul and says bye.. Pragya sits in her taxi and leaves for Airport…..
Some mens come in mehra mansion, dadi asks them who are u, they say we are directors and we are here to take action against abhishek mehra, dadi says action? What are u saying! Directors say ur grandson tried to kill our friend who is a director his name is varun, dadi says why? What are u saying! Directors say yes he tried to kill varun, bcoz varun was not agreeing to cast abhi as his model so abhi tried to kill him! Dadi says i know my abhi very well he can’t do that! Directors said we have proof, directors show dadi clip, dadi gets shattered seeing it, abhi comes down, and sees dadi crying, abhi says dadi what happend? Dadi slaps abhi and says this is what u have done, u tried to kill a director for some amount of money, abhi says dadi, what are u saying, i havn’t done such thing… Dadi shows abhi clip in which abhi is beating director(guyz in clip abhi’s back is shown not his face) abhi says dadi that’s not me, dadi says look clearly u r wearing the same bracelet that my son, ur father gave to u when u were 10 years older, abhi says dadi no, i havn’t done such a thing!

Pragya is in taxi she flashbacks about bulbul’s words and gets sad, at same time she hears reporter on radio saying, breaking news, fan’s are throwing stones at mehra mansion, yes u heard right! Fans are throwing stones at abhishek mehra’s house, and the realtives of abhi have ended their relationship with rokstar, reporter asks dadi ,how u feel, abhi is ur grandson! Dadi in anger voice says abhi is not my grandson anymore bcoz he tried to kill a person for sake of money! Pragya is shocked hearing dadi’s words, she says what, i mean how can abhi do that, but no abhi can’t bcoz…. Wait how can dadi misunderstand abhi, pragya says to driver to drive back to mehra mansion, driver agrees… Dadi packs her stuff, abhi says listen to me dadi! Dadi says enough, today i m ending all my relationships with u, i was proud that yes abhishek is my grandson, but today i feel ashamed, Today i aliya purab everyone is leaving u, stay with ur money ur fame, bye! Dadi leaves mehra mansion, abhi breaks down into tears and says dadi!

Trust me i havn’t done it!…. Pragya reaches mehra mansion and sees fans throwing stones, she tries to go inside but police says her to not go inside, she says i know abhi, police says sorry! Pragya says how to go inside, this time abhi needs me i can’t leave him alone, pragya tries to stop fans and says stop it, abhi havn’t did it! There is much crowd so a fan says i won’t leave him, for sake of money, he tried to kill a person.. Fan pushes pragya back, pragya falls and gets hit with a big stone, she bleeds,, she gets up and sees another way to get inside mehra mansion, she goes inside and on way she sees kunal talking to man, pragya says what is he doing here i should record video of him! Pragya records video and kunal on other hand says to man, good work here is ur money, haha abhi has lost his fan’s, his realtives, his wealth, his love and his fame, Mission accomplished.. Pragya is shocked! Pragya says i won’t leave u kunal, kunal leaves the place, pragay hides, pragya gets into mehra mansion, pragya says abhi! Dadi, aliya any body there? No one answrs! Pragya says abhi would be in his room, i should go there!

Pragya’s head is bleeding, she somehow manages to go up, she faints but manges herslef, she gets into abhi’s room! Its dark, pragya moves on and something stucks into her feet and see falls over someome! Yes he is abhi, pragya’s hand places over abhi’s hand, abhi is not in his sense, pragay says why u r sitting in dark, and not facing problems wait i will light on ur room, pragya on’s light, she sees blood in her hand and then sees abhi’s hand bleeding, she says abhi wait i will get first aid box for u, pragya cares abhi’s hands and covers it with plaster! Abhi is still not in his sense, pragya shakes abhi, abhi gets back to his sense and sees pragya! He hugs pragya tightly! Pragya breaks hug! Abhi says wait ur head is bleeding! Abhi cleans blood from pragya’s head, pragya says so u did this? Abhi says pragya i have nothing to explain, today i lost my fans whom i loved ,today i lost my dadi, ad todsy i lost u! U know raj bhaiya, mitali bhabhi all left me bcoz i have no fame no wealth now, i know u r also here to taunt me, okay then start up ur self. Pragya says so u mean i also loved u bcoz of u fame and wealth, u have never understood me, i love u abhi, bcoz u are u, wait come with me, abhi says where? Pragya says come with me, pragya takes abhi outside of Maison, all fan’s shout abhi is a killer, pragya gets a mike and says.

Enough, enough of it, yesterday u loved to see, u loved to hear abhi’s songs, u went to his late night concerts and today u are saying he ia a killer, but were u all present when he was trying to kill director? Media had shown u something and u all like idiors Belived on it! Well yes u all are fools, bcoz see that video clearly, common take out ur phones and see the video clearly, all fans take out phones and they watch the clip, pragya says abhi’s back is shown what about his face, can u identify whether it is abhi or not! U can’t identify bcoz u all are idiots, u are everyday made idiot by media! Well i have a proof to show that abhi is innocent, pragya says wait i will upload a clip now on YouTube, u all better watch it, abhi looks at pragya in stunned way, all fans watched the clip, pragya says now? U all were yesterday fans of abhi and now his enemies, u all should be ashamed! All fans say Sorry Abhi! Full crowd shouts Sorry, sorry sorry, pragya gives mike to abhi and abhi says its okay! A fan comes forward and says abhi who is she to u? Abhi says my well wisher, my dreamer ,my love, my pragya, abhi says i m again sorry pragya, pragya turns her face in opposite directio……

Pre recap:Some one says Sucide Sucide Sucide! I m not going to live in this world anymore! Pragay looks up and is shocked to see the person!

Sorry guyz i don’t know whether this epi is intresting or not so plz do comment, thanku guyz….

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  1. Its good pls upload next episode

  2. Super episode….Precap I guess its abhi 😮

  3. How could u told about this epi is intersting or not…. … actually i like this epi more more… i start to read epi in everyline my heartbeat slowly slowly increasing…. i really imaging ur epi by each cn….hatsoff to you… do welll… keep it up

    1. Thanku harini

  4. Who is that person

  5. I like your today episode and you bring them back again and you make kunal as a spoiler that’s good keep writing and add some more twist and plz do not stop it keep continuing

  6. Nice episode yaar… Waiting for next part ?

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Ajeeb Precap………….

  8. today episode really intrstng yaar…

  9. Aaaj to rula hi daala reee ladkiii. ……
    emotional kar ditta Pragya Abhi love.
    um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um
    Nahi na !!! exactly because samjh nai aa raha ki kya bolu at likhti raho mje padhne do. Bas padne do deewano ki Torah.

    Are padosan nahi bolo na yr thoda ajeeb lagta hai don’t take my words wrong

    1. I got a friend and u r saying to not mind hahs well i always wait for ur coment thanku so much surbhi……

      1. Hey somiya yr I said na don’t take my words wrong I agreed u got a friend and I also got a good friend as I am in love of her ff and of course it is u dea. just chill.

        😉 😀

      2. Hey Somiya where is episode no. 25 I am waiting for it since last night haven’t you uploaded it yet ?????


      3. Thanks surbhi, actually surbhi m nay toh kal raat ko hee episode 25 update kiya h but telly updates is taking time to update it i don’t know why

  10. omg it is awesome waiting for the next episode eagerly

  11. Speachless yaa….

  12. Superb episode… Really sema bt I don’t know how u felt that today’s episode vl b boring episode nu… Today’s episode s full of emotional love n trust… Bt really awesome… u gave a grt episode every1 dint trust abhi bt except pragya… So here u expressed such a awesome feel(love) in a grt… Really I loved it a lottttttttt…in short today’s episode s Superhit..???

    1. Thanku durga

  13. semma epi precap is interesting waiting for nxt part

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