abhigya’s destiny episode 23


Guyz thanks for coments and yes surbhi, i never knew that a person could be fan of my ff’s but thanku, ur every coment brings smile n my face, and i have read evry episofe of ur ff, i was silent reader for them, but u are doing amazing job….. And yes all of u thanks, coz ur coments boost me up, so guyz i m sorry for surprise ,i would disclose it after episode 25….till then do coment….

next day:Episode starts with purab knocking door ofaabhi, abhi opens door, he is taery eyed, abhi says purab plz leave me alone, abhi closes door, purab says 1st time i have seen tears in abhi’s eyes,i should tell it to Bulbul… Purab calls bulbul, bulbul picks phone up and says hey! Purab says bulbul there is something very serious, bulbul asks what? Purab says first time i saw abhi crying, first time i saw tears in abhi’s eyes, he is really sad.. Bulbul says so that’s how much abhi jiju loves pragya di, okay purab i would talk to pragya di… Purab cuts call…

Pragya is packing her bag, and flashbacks about abhi’s sorry, pragya says am i doing right? Bulbul comes and says no pragya di, no u r not doing right, abhi jiju yes abhi jiju loves u di, u think abhi didn’t trusted u, but did u ever thought that abhi jiju sacrificed his love, when he misunderstood ur and purab’s convo, he chose to sacrifice his love for u and what are u doing u r leaving him, pragya di it wasn’t easy for jiju to sacrifice his love but he sacrificed na! And today u r going to america, okay u will move on but what about jiju. Pragya says bulbul, i don’t want to thinks more about abhi and his sacrifices, if once again i will give him chance and he would leave me then surely i would die, i don’t want to trust him, his sacrifices, and yes i would leave for airport at 6 pm, and maa said that she would come after one weak, so purab would look after u, its 4 pm, so i must leave for airport, bulbul says di plz think, pragya says bulbul plz understand my situation, pragya takes her bag and leaves from room, bulbul follows her, pragya comes in tv lounge and abhi is sitting there, pragya says abhi , abhi says ahm pragya actually i came here to drop u at airport, pragya says there is no need for it i will go by myself, abhi says last time!

Pragya says okay, pragya begins to move and loses her balance, abhi holds her, humari adhuri kahani plays, they share an eyelock and abhi’s tear falls on pragya’s face, pragya comes back to her sense, pragya says thank u, abhi says welcome, pragya wipes the tear that fell on her face and flashbacks about bulbul’s words, pragya gets call, and the call is by principal, pragya says oh okay mam, tomorrow, okay…. Pragya cuts call, bulbul asks what happenend, pragya says actually ky flight is tomorrow not today, so tomorrow at 3 pm i will leave, bulbul says oh, bulbul thinks haye this is perfect situation i should leave abhi and pragya alone, bulbul says di i have some work i would be back, pragya and abhi stands in lounge, pragya again flashbacks about bulbul’s words, but thinks no! I can’t bear it again! Abhi thinks pragya can’t u give me second chance, humari adhuri kahani plays, abhi says pragya i should leave now so best of luck, i……abhi leaves, pragya says bye, abhi and pragya flashbacks about their first meeting, their proposal night, and laalu laaali event, abhi leavs……

Rabul meets, bulbul says i feel sorry for jiju purab says it was first time that abhi loved a girl……. Abhi comes back home, dadi ignores him, abhi says dadi 3 months and u havn’t talked to me, dadi says bcoz i don’t talk to stranger, u batryed a girl, u are not my grandson, abhi says dadi u know na i love u if u will break relationship with me then i will die, abhi says sorry dadi and break downs into tears, dadi says okay abhi, i forgave u but promise me u won’t every betray a girl, abhi says that’s promise bcoz i won’t ever marry anyone.. Abhi hugs dadi…..

Kunal says to someome is work done! Man says yes! Kunal laughs harder and says Abhishek prem mehra, tomorrow’s day would be worst for u and best for me, i never loved ur sister but i had hatred for u r fame and wealth but tomorrow’s morning would change ur life…

Pre recap:Pragya is in taxi on her way to airport, she listens news on radio that fan’s are throwing stones at mehra mansion, and rockstar’s realtives have ended their relationship with abhi, reporter asks dadi, u are leaving ur grandson, dadi says abhi is not my grandson anymore.. Pragya is shocked to hear dadi’s words…..

Credit to: somiya

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  1. plz keep writing its very interesting to read your ff and today ff was emotional episode and tomorrow also I think its very good keep it up never give up, I like your all episode you should keep continuing till 100 episode see you tomorrow for your new episode

    1. Thankuu kaif……

      1. you most welcome

  2. dear somiya keep writing more and more I like only your ff its look like real so plz do not stop it

  3. its more intresting..

  4. What happend to abhi

  5. OK somiya I am not desperate for your surprise because your every episode is surprise for me every episodes of yours make my day yr the only thing I can say yr pls likhti raho bas likhti raho ar mje padhne do bas padhne do mai such kehti hu agar ye originally serial me hota na to shayd mai episodes download kar k bar bar dekhti yr bas likho tum ar padhne do mje yr ek kam karo ek did me do episodes likho kyuki u r just awsomeee…… aaaahhhh no words to explain .
    🙂 😀

    1. Haye surbhi jab tum coment karti ho na toh mujhe aisa lgta h k aasmaan m ur rhy hu, i don’t know mera surprise tumhn disappoin karay ga ya khushi dayga i don’t know, i know tum meray surprise kay liyea desperate nhi ho but m humesha exited hoty hu tumhara coment parh kay coz ur coment makes my day! Agr ho skta na then seriously m india aakr tumh shukria kehty, i seriously like ur coments seriously!

      1. Don’t get upset that u can’t come to India u can talk me on fb if u r there. I will give u my email address then it will become possible yrr….

      2. if I m producer definitely I will try to bring this all episode in tv so plz don’t stop it keep writing keep writing keep writing and make us happy

      3. Are Somiya tumhari to nikal padi yr ho sakta hai ab tumhara ff T.V par dekhne ko mil jaye. 😉
        And Kaif pls keep reading she really writes good
        no no I should say she writes awesome.

      4. Haha surbhi, mein apni jaga tumharee story day dungi toh teray mzay hojaeingay ?????? thanku kaif thanku so much thanku

  6. Plzzz continue writing it…..it’s really nice…..

  7. Superb… Today’s episode s more emotional n precap s soooooooooooooo interesting… Keep on writing n plzzzzz upload next part as soon as possible plzzzz

  8. wow… today episode is amazing… eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt update…

  9. Thanku vry much inshi, durga purinama, nasima, kaif, thanku very much guyz

  10. Ohhh its superrrrbbbb but plzz disclose d secret asap ya ur ff s really awesome ya

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