abhigya’s destiny episode 22


guyz i think u all are bored of abhigya’s separation but i said na there is a reason for it and it is surpprise for u all so plz wait for 1 day , and thanku shriti ,surbhi durga and many more are ther u guyz boost me up to write more so plz do coment guyz……
Episode starts with pragya preparing breakfast , she says to herself in loud voice, why did abhi came back to my life, i was okay without him na, i don’t want to see him, he is so dumb i mean he is so fool, first thing is that at engagment night he could have asked me, about purab and my convo but what he did he left me alone, and when we previous day met at hall , he congratulated me for baby, i mean how can be one so dumb , we didn’t met for 3 months and he thought that i have a baby, he so fool .. Abhi listens all this and gets upset he says pragya is right, we didn’t met for 3 months so how can pragya have a baby. Pragya turns back and sees abhi, she gives him coffee and leaves, abhi says coffee is too hot but i will cool down pragya.. Soon pragya is ready for college , she says bulbul i m leaving for college, so purab would be with u. Pragya leavs for colllege, abhi says how to cheer up pragya, bulbul says idea , abhi asks what, bulbul explains her idea, abhi says fantastic ! bulbul purab and abhi smile…

Pragya reaches at college and sees a board and sees that on board its written I m Sorry! pragya ignores it and sees guards holding a paper and on paper it is written i m sorry, pragya ignores it and moves inside, she sees principal holding a chart paper and on it, it was written He really loves u , forgive him. Pragya ignores it and goes inside class, all students are standing , and one by one they say, mam plz forgive him, hi is really sorry, he won’t leave u , he loves u ,pragya leaves class,pragya soon listens a music and turns back he is abhi singing song for him:

One, two, three!
I am a fool, I am a fool
I am a fool fool fool!
You big heart, you big heart
You got very big heart!
I come near, I come near
I come near near near
You go far, you go far
You go very very far
Arey thanda rakh kaleja
Thoda baraf pe ghis le bheja
Sorry le ja, maafi de ja humko free
One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya
I know you love me and You know I love ya
Hai apne understanding to phir locha-lafda kya
I want a big big smile and
I want it only only now
Are! andar se tu okay hai upar se khaye bhav
Aise kaai ko atka
Tere ghar ka jhadu katka
Tu jo bole kar denge daily free!
One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bachche ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bachche ki loge jaan kya?
Final warning, final warning,
Don’t you break my heart
Automatic guilty feeling

One time over smart
See, see, see can’t you see see see
Kitne deep deep deep mere dil ke jazbaat
Hai kaai ko naaraaz
Karle maandavli maharaj
Hum sab aaj ye teri khaaj khuja de free
One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya?

Throughout song students were singing and dancing with abhi as song ended abhi sat on his knees and says i m sorry pragya. pragya is teary eyed and says enough! pragya takes abhi aside and she says abhi, enough how many times would u hurt me, u didn’t trusted me and u r thinking that i will forgive u , abhi its enough, again and again u leave me , as like i m a puppet ( jab mun kiya chor diya jub mun kia wapis aagaye) what u think u will say sorry and i will forgive u , no abhishek prem mehra no, i know i love u , and i love u very much, but i don’t have any potential to bear ur betrayed again and again, plz leave me plz , pragya breaks down into tears , abhi is teary eyed and says okay pragya, if my presence hurts u then i surely would leave u but i know i m fool i should have trusted u sorry! abhi leaves pragya cries hard………

pragya goes to principal’s office and says mam did u called me, principal says yes, abhi enters principal’s office. Humari adhuri kahani plays, principal says pragya u have been called to america for 1 year so will u go? pragya thinks if i would be here then i wouldn’t move on,pragya looks at abhi, abhi thinks to himslef no pragya no , plz dont accept this offer i can’t live without u , pragya says yes mam i would! abhi is stunned , principal says so ur flight is tomorrow, pragya says thanks , pragya leavs , abhi follows her , abhi holds pragya’s hand and says i m happy with ur decision. abhi is teary eyed and levs place, pragya thinks to herself is it right decision? Humari adhuri kahani plays…

pragya is back home, bulbul says di how can u accept offer , did u told it to maa? pragya says yes , maa has agreed so i would leav tomorrow… Abhi is in his room crying hard ya rbba plays…

Pre recap : bulbul says di, abhi left u bcoz of u and ur leaving him.abhi loves u di, pragya looks on…

guyz do coment……

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. Soo sad episode…Unite them please 🙁

  2. Hey plz reveale d truth ya plz break d separation nd unite abhigya….but 2days epi was superrrrr…….

  3. Fantastic somiya…. I like this episode so much ….. Waiting for next episode

  4. Omg!!!! Plz don’t separate abhigya…

  5. awesome somiya

    1. Thanks……

  6. Surprisr what it will be

  7. Yaarrrrr an mai kya bolu such me mai such me kahi pagal na ho jau itni awesome story I think writers at directors ko tumse kch seekh hi Lena chahiye agar ye wakai serial me hota na to mai kehti hu definitely TRP 5.9 se upar jati . Give some tips to me also yr I also use to write a ff but tumhara padhe bina meri to himmat nahi hoti hai likhne ki really I use to read urs first then I use to write mine . 😀

    1. Surbhi thanku, ek baat kahoon ek creative mind hee dosray creative mind ko smjh skta h and definitely if u will write ff’s na then seriously i won’t miss them, i suggest u to write ff’s and thanku ur every coment brings smile on my face seriously

      1. Acha u seriously write ff’s what is name of ur ff

  8. Its very touching….

  9. superbbb heart touching

  10. i think in after 2/3 episode they will become together pragya will forgive abhi

  11. Thanku shriti

  12. Awesome episode… Bt soooooooo sad plzzzzzz update next part plzzzzzz coz I want to know whether pragya vl go to america r not… Plzzzz reveal suspence n give us ur surprise… Coz ur surprise s killing me n I can’t wait plzzzzz… Then ur ff s grt… ???

    1. Thanks durga, i know everyone knows that i don’t like to seprate abhigya, butl they would unite, how? Well thats the surprise and i will disclose surprise afret epsiode 25 so plz do coment

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    Sooo Sad for Abhi……..Its just emotional episode……

  14. Thank u naveena but actually u have missed it Maine likha hai KB story of faith that is my ff. hehe anyways I am fan of urs . 😉

    1. no i didn’t i was silent reader for that and i know u ended kb story of faith wih terrorist attack and abhigya prabhas were lil champs of abhi and pragya! well i wasn’t knowing but u also are creative 😀 and i m fan of urs ,,,, waiting for ur next update for season 2 😀

      1. Actually Somiya I have already updated 2 episodes of season 2 u can read them.

  15. oh sorry naveena nahi somiya actually naveena ar tumhara dono ka padhti hu to get confused sorry ha .

  16. very nice sowmiya

  17. I already had! And i m eagerly waiting for ur next update girl……..

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