abhigya’s destiny episode 21


Guyz as i said i won’t drag pragya’s sepration so plz do coment and yes wait for ur surprise guyz….

Episode starts with pragya managing work of hall, she gets call from surla, as she cuts call, bulbul comes there and says what did ma said? Pragya says ma would stay at Calcutta for 2 weeks, bulbul says oh! A lady comes to pragya, she says u r pragya right! Ur mom talked to me and i hope she has said everything to u, pragya says yes! Lady says it’s my son’s wedding and special guest may be coming at any time, so plz manage it.. Pragya says aunty don’t worry,maa told me that special guest would stay at our home, i will look after him u go and enjoy ur son’s wedding, lady thanks pragya and leaves, pragya soon listens voice saying the guest has came, pragya goes to bulbul and asks her to welcome guest, bulbul says no di, actually bride has called me to check her makeup as she is my friend, pragya says okay, pragya goes to welcome guest with flowrs, pragya goes there and is shocked to see abhi, abhi is also shocked to see her, tears come in pragya’s eyes and pragya flashbacks about video of abhi, humari adhuri kahani plays, lady asks pragya to welcome guest, pragya gives flower to abhi and asks him to sit at chair, pragya leaves. Abhi is teary eyed! Bulbul says pragya di are u fine, pragya says after 3 months i saw him, bulbul says u saw whom? Pragya says abhi! Bulbul says i won’t spare him, pragya stops him and says he is guest so we have to behave nice, bulbul says okay di..

A lady comes to pragya and says can u plz hold this baby, pragya says why noy! Pragya holds baby,…purab is managing the work of hall, he bumps into abhi, he sees abhi and flashbacks about sms sent by abhi, in sms it was written go and be with pragya, i know u love eachother, so plz. Purab thinks to himself he should have trusted me. Purab ignores abhi and leaves.abhi sees purab going towards pragya, pragya has baby in her hands. Abhi says so they both moved on!.. Purab says pragya di abhi! Pragya says yes he is especially invited by groom’s family but i don’t want to talk about him. Purab says pragya di whose baby is this, pragya says its of groom’s sister’s baby, purab says so cute baby is, abhi sees pragya and purab playing with baby, abhi says so they both are happy, i should congratulate them, abhi goes to purab and pragya, abhi says so u guyz congrats, pragya this baby is so cute, u both have married that’s great. Purab is in anger and says yes i married pragya any problem, yes this baby is ours any problem, u left pragya on engagement day, and u think pragya moved on! Pragya is in tears, lady comes and sayd thank u pragya for holding my baby, pragya says no problem. Abhi says this baby.. Purab says its enough.. Purab leaves, pragya remains in tears and she also leaves, bulbul comes there and says where pragya di and purab went? Soon wedding ends, lady thanks pragya, and says plz look after the guest, pragya says surely. All leave for their home. Pragya bulbul, purab and abhi come to pragya’s house, pragya sits on couch and says finally wedding is done, soon a ring falls down, abhi picks it up and sees abhigya written on it, he flashbacks about proposal night, pragya takes ring from him. Pragya leaves to her room, bulbul follows her. Abhi and purab sit in tv hall, purab thinks abhi should have asked once about full matter. Abhi thinks to himslef why did purab said me that how can pragya move on? Screen splits, bulbul says di don’t spoil ur mood bcoz of abhi, well.

bulbul picks her mobile and gives it to pragya, bulbul says di, today i have clicked many pics with bride, see them, pragya takes mobile and starts to watch pictures soon purab calls bulbul, pragya says bulbul u go, i will see pics, bulbul leaves and goes to terrace with purab. Abhi says what to do ,i m feeling bored, i should go back to my home, abhi sees that it is raining very much, abhi says its not safe to drive in this weather,, i must go at terrace. Abhi goes at terrace and sees purab giving rose to bulbul amd its raining much, abhi says how can purab cheat pragya, he goes further inside and says purab how can u cheat pragya and bulbul don’t u know that pragya loves purab so how can u both live eachother, purab sayz enough abhi, there is limit for foolishness ,i never loved pragya di, abhi says pragya di! Purab says yes pragya di , i always thought pragya di as my sis, and i always loved bulbul. Bulbul says ys purab is right, pragya di and purab never lived eachother and now u will say what about engagement day! Purab says at engagement day pragya di was reading to me a letter that was written by ritika to me, those words were of ritika. Bulbul says u know, how di spent 3 months ,she missed u so much, she attended ur each concert, even she went to Toronto.

This is how much she loved u, and she has listened that song she sung with u millions of times. And u still say that she didn’t loved u. Abhi says what, abhi is fully shaterd, and says fault is mine i should have trusted pragya! Purab says okay now u knew na that pragya di loved u we both will help u in cheering up pragya, bulbul says i won’t, how many times my pragya di would get hurt, everyday she cried, she cried hard and u say i will help abhi, no sorry abhi i won’t help u. As it was raining, bulbul purab and abhi were drenched fully, they three leave teracce, bulbul steps into her room and sees pragya laughing harder, bulbul says what are u watching di? Pragya said video of laalii and laalu that’s so funnier. Bulbul thinks to herself that pragya’s happiness is in abhi so i should help abhi, she goes out and says i will help u abhi, abhi says wow. Pragya comes out and sees them, pragya says why u all went outside u knew it was raining so, wait i will bring towels.

Pragya gives towel to purab and bulbul and she goes to abhi, abhi says thanku. Pragya says no problem. Abhi is shivering, pragya says are u fine wait, purab can u plz give clothes to abhi u brought 2 pairs na then give one to abhi. Bulbul says i will go and change, pragya says till then i will make kaaarra, ..purab abhi bulbul have came in new clothes, pragya gives them medicine. She sees purab and abhi talking in friendly way and thinks so purab has everything told to abhi, but this time i won’t forgive abhi, .pragya says abhi u would sleep with purab in surla’s room. Abhi and purab went to room, purab sleeps, abhi sees photo of pragya in frame, and says i m sorry fuggy, i know its my fault but tomorrow’s morning would bring smile on ur face, Allah wariyan plays….

Pre recap: Abhi along with students of pragya sings Sorry Soory song(Abcd film’s song) pragya is stunned.

As promisd i wont drag…….

Credit to: somiya....

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  1. Great somiya 😀
    Kept ur promise 🙂

  2. No every time he is saying like this no pragya dont try to forgive him

    1. Wait for next episode…

  3. Cute precap.

  4. Non of that baby track dnt u think with in 3months how will b baby for that abhi also congratulating them rubbish i fedup at here … other than everything fine

    1. Yeah even I too felt whether abhi has mind r not hoe can someone get married n also baby within 3 months… Bt except that all nice… Then really pragya shd not forgive abhi tz time as easily tz time… Bt plzzzzzz make abhi to ask his forgiveness in a funny n cute way… It’s a request

  5. Amazing ya….. i really really like ur story…. its amazing.. no words to say… wow… u don’t drag also… u r great..
    Keep it uppp

    1. Thanku Harini

  6. its very nice….

  7. Superb

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Ya,U keep ur promise….. It’s Really Awesome…………Eagerly waiting for your next one………..

  9. OK I think u have decided to make me mad for or episodes so its OK because ur ff is actually making me mad every twist every word every feelings just outstanding I think u should start writing a book somiya I will definitely read it . it was just outstanding excellent and above that I am speech less at last I can say it was just waoooo.

    1. Yar thanku so much ,and again i was waiting for ur magical coment

  10. very nice..

  11. awesome yaar as surbhi say you should books its awesome yaar once again super duper hit hai boss .i am big fan of abhigya now i am your biggggggggggg fan keep it up

    1. Thanku so so so much shrtiti

  12. awesome yaar as surbhi say you should write books its awesome yaar once again super duper hit hai boss .i am big fan of abhigya now i am your biggggggggggg fan keep it up

  13. really nice sowmiya

  14. Next Update very soon regularly

  15. really awesome episode…

  16. Hi somiya…….I love your ff a lot so plz continue it n make it more interesting n plz reply me coz I am a big fan of your


    1. Thanku laiba, thanku very much…

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