abhigya’s destiny episode 20


Guyz thanks for the coments, and i know that u all are confused about sudden sepration of abhigya, actually there is particular reason for it and that reason is surprise for u all, and that surprise would be disclosed with 2 or 3 days till then do coment…..

Episode starts with pragya’s family coming to abhi’s house as it is engagement day ,abhi’s eyes looks for pragya but he can’t find pragya, he asks surla, hasn’t pragya came? If she won’t come whom would i get married? Surla laughs and pragya comes,, pragya is looking extremely beautiful, abhi can’t move his eyes, pragya takes blessings from dadi, all leave, but abhigya stands there, pragya says hi, abhi is lost in her, pragya says abhi, abhi doesn’t responds, pragya says laalu, abhi comes back to his sense ,pragya laughs, abhi says don’t call me by that name, laalu is so cheap word, pragya says bur for laali u r laalu, abhi says funny! Bulbul comes there and says hi laalu, hi laali, abhi says pragya u told her everything, pragya says no i didn’t! Bulbul says jiju, pragya di didn’t told me but when u both were at terrace na, there i took a video of u both, abhi says clever girl! Purab comes there and says laalu, Hahaha, abhi says so what, i was doing it bcoz i loved pragya, bulbul says ohh ho! Purab murmus something in pragya’s ear, pragya goes with him, abhi becomes doubtful and follows them, purab and pragya come in garden, abhi hides and listens to their convo, purab says pragya di i found a letter written by ritika to me! Abhi can’t hear their convo and comes forward,

pragya reads letter, in letter it was written, i really love u purab, i really love u, i was with abhi just to make u feep jealous but the fact is i never loved abhi, neither i love him, i love u purab, i love u! Abhi is shattered and thinks so purab and pragya loved eachother, i would sacrifice my love for my love and purab, purab is my bestfriend and so i must sacrifice my love, i can’t come in between them, abhi goes inside, pragya tells to purab that leave this as ritika is the girl whom we can’t trust so…. Purab says ur right pragya di! They both go inside and are shocked to see evryone upset and surla is crying, pragya rushes to surla and says what happend maa!surla gives pragya mobile, pragya watches the video of abhi in which abhi is saying, hi everyone, hi pragya, pragya i know u love someone else and i won’t come between u and ur love, bye! Pragya is shattered, and says no abhi can’t do this, he loves me and i lov him he can’t do this, dadi hugs pragya and says sorry pragya sorry!

3 months passed

Surla is talking on phone, she says what! I m coming, pragya comes and says maa what happened? Surla says actually ur nani’s health has worsen so i have to go Calcutta today, pragya says so what maa go! Surla says actually tomorrow kkb marriage hall has been reserved, and their especial guest would come, and the guest would stay at our home for one night, i said them okay but now! Pragya says so maa, go me and bulbul would take care of the guest and would look after hall, surla says sure!bulbul comes and says afcoarse maa, surely! Surla packs her bag and leaves for Calcutta ,purab is also there, surla says purab beta can u stay at our home for 2 days, as u know i m going to Calcutta so i can’t leave pragya and bulbuo alone,

purab says fine aunty, surla leaves ..bulbul says okay we will do party! Pragya says i don’t have mood so u both enjoy! Purab and bulbul go at terrace, pragya comes to her rook, she finds book that are messed up, she sets book at correct place, but from one book a picture falls, pragya picks it and sees that its abhi’s photo, pragya has tears in her eyes! She flashbacks about abhi, humari adhuri kahani plays…..

Pre recap:pragya meets abhi, they are shocked to see eachother..

Guyz plz do comment, i also don’t like abhigya’s sepration but as i said there is particular reason for it, so plz do support and i won’t drag abhigya’s sepration…….

Credit to: somiya

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  1. San episode 🙁

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Sooo sad…..But don’t separate them for a long time………Plzz update the next one soonnnnnnnnn……..

  3. eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt update….

  4. next episode u will update today only if u want

  5. Is he dumb or what cant he ask pragya what is the thing

    1. Yeah! As u have watched current track of kkb ,in that abhi is really dumb but wait for next epi

  6. why this sudden seperation please reveal the surprise sowmiya i can’t wait

    1. I will reveal surprise with 2 days….

  7. Soooooo sad… Bt its sooooo sudden n I couldn’t even imagine how abhi vl thk abt pragya like that anyway I hope that tz separation vl give a good n happy ending nu…

  8. Sad epi…. but i like it…. plz reunite abhigya soon… y abhi always dout on pragya… my guess : again abhi misunderstand pragya bcos purab also stay in pragya house…

  9. Great going !! But somiya.. in the previous episodes dint abhi know that bulbul and purab are in love? Then how come he doubts them?

  10. hey yaarrrr again it was awwweeeeesssoooommmeeeee………. but one thing u matched abhi’s thought as the real one dumb abhi lolzz but never mind u are fabulous. 😀 😉

  11. Eagerly waiting for nxt episode…. it sems very intetesting

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