abhigya’s destiny.. episode 2


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Pre recap.. Principal assign’s pragya as abhi’s assistant.abhi flirts with pragya

Episode starts with principal leaving the room and abhi saying pragya you are hot girl. Pragya gets angry but she controls herself and asks abhi if there is work for her abhi says yes press my shirt.. Pragya says but that’s not my work. Abhi says he is her boss and she shouldn’t argue. Pragya fumes and iron’s shirt. Pragya says to abhi its done. Abhi says good and gives her tip but pragya refuses it. Abhi comes closer to pragya and says he wants to kiss her and holds her tightly pragya gets shocked and distance himself from abhi., in an anger tone she says to abhi how dare u touched me abhi says relax baby here is no one come closer to me pragya gets angry and says i m not that type of girl that u r thinking of, u might be rockstar but be in ur limits, i know that ur. Pragya stops saying further and abhi starts and says havebu ever saw ur self in mirror, u r not beautiful i was just joking, and says tumhein toh m apni nokrani bhi na bnaaoon. Pragya is hurt and in loud voice says shut up Mr Abhishek prem mehra. A girl is not beautiful by her face but she is beautiful from her heart, yeah ur goodlooking many girls have crush upon u but i hate u type of people ,abhi is stunned.. Suddenly media enters abhi’s room and asks pragya if abhi touched her , pragya looked at abhi and said no Mr abhi is very kind person and we have became good friends, he has respect for girls, abhi is shocked, media leaves room but abhi iis still shocked by pragya’s words , pragya with teary eyes leaves the room, abhi tries to stop her

Pre recap.. Abhi explains everything to purab and pragya explains everything to bulbul. Purab says abhi u should not have done that and bulbul says pragya so mean is abhi

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Credit to: somiya

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  1. Wow different epi of ff

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice one….. I like it….

  3. Nice episode… I vl rate tz episode 8

  4. Thankyou guyz

  5. plzz dont drag more ….
    plzz jaldi tanu and raj ka sach open n i hope k aisa jaldi hi hoga…bcoz its boring nw
    no any twist in ths shw..so plzz reveal the thruth of all enemies of pragya and abhi…plzz

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