abhigya’s destiny episode 19


Thanku guyz for ur comments , guyz i hav surprise for u all but wait for it till then enjoy my episode and yes naveena, ur ff’s are amazing i wait whole day for ur ff’s… Ur creativ…..

Episode starts with next day pragya is sleeping, bulbul is ready to go to office, bulbul leaves for office, surla comes to pragya’s room, surla says pragya wake up! Pragya says maa!pragya wakes up and rubs her eyes, pragya says gud morning maa, surla says u look hapoy today, pragya flashbacks about abhi’s proposal and smiles, surla says i will double ur happiness, pragya says how? Surla says today boy’s family is coming, for ur marriage, pragya says what? No maa i won’t marry the person, surla says pragya u should meet the boy, his dadi is so nice, pragya says no maa no! Surla gets angry and says okay don’t marry, why would u marry the boy of my choice afterall who am i to u, just mother nothing else, i would die and u won’t get sad bcoz i know u don’t love me… Pragya says okay maa i will meet him, surla gets happy, pragya gets sad…

Abhi is in his room playing guitar, he thinks about pragya and last night, he smiles, dadi comes and says abhi i wanna talk to u, abhi says surely dadi surely tell me, dadi says today we are going to a girl’s house for ur marriage, abhi says no dadi no i won’t marry her no! Dadi says abhi, i always said u to marry girl of my choice u said yes and today u r saying no, dadi faints, abhi makes her drink water and says okay dadi, i will come with u, dadi smiles abhi gets sad…

Pragya is in her room, abhi is in his room,abhi thinks i proposed pragya now how will i say her that i m going to marry another girl,pragya in her room thinks i accepted abhi’s proposal, now how will i say him that i m going to marry another guy.. Abhi cries and watches his ring pragya cries and watches ring, do pal ruka khwaabon ka kaarwaan plays..

Abhi and pragya meet at a restaurant ,for 10 min they didn’t talked to eachother, abhi says how to say pragya? Pragya thinks how to say abhi? Waiter comes and says any order sir, abhi says no! Waiter leaves, abhi says pragya actually i want to tell u something, pragya says i also want to tell u something, abhi says let me first tell, pragya says okay! Abhi says actually i love my dadi very much i can’t see her in pain ,pragya says i too love my mother and i can’t see her in pain, abhi says pragya actually my dadi she has chosen a girl for me to marry her, pragya is in tears and says abhi my mom too has chosen a boy for me, i can’t reject him as i can’t see her in pain, abhi says so we got same situation, pragya i really really love u but more i love is dadi i love her and….. Pragya says i understand i too love my mother, by rejecting the boy i can’t give her pain, i m sorry, abhi says i m too sorry, abhi and pragya both are in tear, do pal ruka plays, pragya says boy’s family must be coming i must go home, pragya leaves, abhi follows her and says pragya! Pragya turns back, abhi says can i last time hug u, pragy remains iin tears and hugs abhi, abhi hugs her humari adhuri kahani plays….

Dadi and abhi come to surla’s house, surla welcomes them(guyz abhi and surla never met eachother and neither abhi ever has came to pragya’s house so everything is new for abhi) abhi is upset ,dadi says abhi to smile, abhi gets call and goes outside of house, pragya comes and serves tea(guyz pragya doesn’t know that women is abhi’s dadi) pragya touches feet of abhi’s dadi, dadi blesses her.. Pragya says actually i hav a request, dadi says yes, pragy says can u send ur grandson at terrace i would speak to him alone, dadi agrees… Pragya goes to Terrance, abhi comes inside house, dadi says abhi beta go upstairs as the girl is waiting for u there, abhi thinks to himself wao like i m servant of girl, nakhray to abhi say shuru hain! Abhi moves upstair and sees a girl standing there, pragya’s face is in opposite direction, abhi says from back she looks like pragya, okay i m overthinking…

Pragy thinks to herslef what if i can’t reject but boy can reject me… Abhi thinks to himslef what if i can’t reject the girl, but girl can reject me! Abhi changes his voice and says hello! Pragya doesn’t turn back, and she also changes her voice and says hello, abhi thinks to himself yeww so bad voice how can i spent my life with her.. Abhi says so, u agreed for marriage ,pragya with changed voice says yes as i love money and u are rokstar.. Abhi in change voice says u said i m a rokstar, i m a…… Waiter, yes i m a waiter.pragya thinks to herslef yeww a waiter and proffesor, it doesn’t match, pragya with change voice says oh and i m a maid i work in homes to earn money.. Abhi thinks to himslef yewww! A rokstar and a maid.. Abhi says oh! Well my dream is to become a Cook, pragya thinks to herslef yewww! Pragya sayd nice! And my dream is to become a…….. To become a… Yes to become a sweeper so that i can clean streets.. Abhi thinks to himslef yeww how dadi chose her! Abhi says strange we don’t know eachother’s name ,abhi says my name is laaaloo, pragya thinks to herslef yeww laaloo and pragya, yewww! Pragya says my name is…. Laaalii, abhi thinks to himslef abhi and laali, no ways! Abhi says so u waana marry me? Pragya says no i don’t want to marry u, abhi says me too i don’t want to marry u(guyz to make u all clear again in this whole convo, abhi and pragya changed their voice’s and their face was in opposite direction,)surla and dadi over hears that they both don’t want to get married, dadi calls abhi, surla calls pragya, abhi and pragya turn their faces, and are stunned to see eachother ,dadi says if u don’t want to marry eachother and we won’t pressurize u..

Abhi says no dadi actually we want two min extrs we want to talk to eachother ,dadi says fine, surla and dadi leaves, abhi says laaaliii, pragya sayd laaalu, abhi says maid, sweeper, pragya says waiter, cook, they both laugh harder and harder and says so smart we are, they both hug eachother, abhi says so this is abhigya’s destiny, pragya hugs him and Allah wariyan plays…

Abhigya comes down, abhi says yes i want to marry pragya urf laalii, abhi laughs, pragya says yes i want to marry abhi urf laaloo, abhigya laugh harder, dadi and surla are confused, bulbul comes and says abhi pragya u both are going to marry, bulbul hugs pragya all smile…..

Pre recap:purab murmurs something in pragya’s ear, abhi becomes doubtful(it is engagement day of abhigya) ..

Spolier:Abhigya’s sepration + 3 month’s leap.. Will this sepration bring abhigya closrr,

stay tuned!

Guyz this wasn’t surprise but wait for ur surprise after 3 or 4 episode’s u wipp get ur surprise till then do coment…..

Credit to: somiya

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  1. Why seperation

    1. Answer of this question is surprise for u all

  2. today epi was great i am laughing i cant control my laugh

    1. Haha shriti i too am laughing harder…?????????

    2. U r right shriti.. i also laugh uncontrolably…. my mom ask me r u mad? …. after that also iam not control myself….. great episode yaaa..and sowmiya in ur everyepi u give more happy twist and turns i like that…. plz don’t seperate abhigya..

      1. Harini that’s so sweet of u but sepration is surprise for u alll, i don’t like sepration of abhigya but for a surprise i m seprating them, so wait……

  3. how could abhi always doubts pragya..

  4. how could abhi always doubts pragya.. I guess by the promo

  5. its so nice…. what is leap track and sepertion ?

  6. today epi was great i am laughing i cant control my laugh. i read it 7/8 time only abhiya conver on terraces laaali & laaalo so funny name superbb.but when i read spoiler then my mood off so sad
    if u dont mind can i say i didnt like spoiler coz in naveena ff cutipie achu ff & etc they are separated. but it’ok
    & once again super duper hit awesome amazing beautiful & funny u r great & your ff

    1. Shriti i know actually i don’t want to seprate abhigya but this sepration would bring a surprise for u all

  7. haayeeeee u will definitely kill me somiya ur r making me crazy dear about ur ff its just muuuuuaaahhhh OK finally I am speechless no words .

    1. Haha thanks surbhi i was waiting for ur comment… Thankuu

      1. hey thanks somiya I am glad to know that u was waiting for my comment 🙂

  8. nice Sowmiya

  9. Oh wow superrrr i cant control my smile i read tis epi 3 to 4 times its really awesome yaaa i m waiting 4 d nxt epi

  10. Hey somiya ur creativity is awesome ya its really very superrrr this going to be super duper hit ya

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Really Funny……Enjoyed it……plzz update the next one soonnnnnnnnn…….

  12. Hey somiya today’s episode s chanceless… I swear sooooo sweet n cute particularly that abhigya conversation u r awesome n ur thinking s superb n no word to say I just want to learn it again n again bt I can’t control my laugh its superb u actually delivered Abhigya’s cuteness in best way… In one word u just fulfilled all my expectations of abhigya in ur ff.. I love it a lotttttttttttttt… ???

    1. I m glad that u loved it durga wait for my next updates….

  13. very nice sowmiya

  14. somiya once again read i its took funny & when i am thinking about this epi i am too much laughing
    waiting for next epi.update soon

  15. Seperation 😮
    I laughed aa lot readind todays episode 😀

  16. I just loved it somiya… I’m reading again and again?.. Too good yaar?

  17. Why ni fan fiction are posted today

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