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Episode starts with nikhil and tanu leaving for airport, and abhigya leaving for mumbai.. Abhi is driving car, pragya is sitting next to him, pragya thinks should i confess my feelings, no first abhi would confess, what if he doesn’t love me..abhi says fuggi what are u thinking, pragya mistakenly says proposal, abhi says what? Pragya says actually i was thinking that purab proposed bulbul, and bulbul accepted… Abhi says not to worry fuggi, purab is my best friend, he always hated girls but ur sister is Lucky, pragya says yes! Pragya is eating chips, abhi says won’t u share with me, pragya says no i m hungry i won’t.. Abhi gets angry, pragya laughs and says u act like a kid almost.. Okay baba i will make u eat chips, abhi gets happy, pragya makes him eat chips with her hand, abhi smiles , kaisa yeh ishq h plays…

Next day: its 12 pm and pragya is still sleeping, surla comes to wake pragya up, but pragya’s 2 min maa, i m sleepy… Surla says okay 2 min not more. Screen splits, abhi is still sleeping, dadi comes to his room, abhi’s dream:pragya says i love u to abhi, abhi says i love u tooo. Dadi splashes water over abhi, abhi wakes up and says dadi, i was having so beautiful dream and u woke me up, that’s not fair. Dadi says oh, were u having dream of my bahu, abhi says kind of that.. Dadi says get up as its 12:00 pm, abhi says okay dadi.. Abhi goes to washroom…

Abhi is driving car and thinking today i will purpose Pragya, abhigya meet at a restaurant. Abhi orders pizza, abhi says pragya actually i wanna tell u something, pragya says afcoarse. Abhi says i have a girl friend, pragya gets shocked and says what? I mean u never told me about ur any girl friend, abhi says actually few days back i realized that i love her, and so today i m going to purpose her, pragya gets jealous and says oh, girl friend better, abhi says actually i want u to meet her, pragya says but i don’t want to meet ur girlfriend, abhi says no! U have to come.. Pragya says okay, abhi says i m damn sure she would look pretty than u, bcoz she is damn beautiful, and the best thing is her heart is as beautiful as she is. Pragya is almost jeolous, pragya says oh! Abhi says plz, i will purpose her today at night, so will u plz reach at pearl garden today at 7 00 pm, pragya says okay i would. Pragya leaves, abhi says yes! I made her jealous ,but fuggi ur surprise is waiting for u..

Pragya is at her home, she flashbacks about how abhi said that my girlfriend is beautiful than u, pragya is at height oh jealousy, pragya says oh so, his girl friend is more beautiful na, then fine ,today i will get uo like miss world, then abhi won’t purpose her girlfriend he would purpose me, and i will kick his girlfriend out of our life.. Its 6 30 pm, pragya gets up, bulbul whistles and says oh di u r looking damn pretty, pragya is wearing red saaree, bulbul asks where are u going, pragya says i m going at a. Party, bulbul says oh. Time passes, abhi is waiting for pragya at garden, pragya comes, abhi says beautiful, pragya says what? Abhi says my girlfriend has came here and she is looking beautiful than u, pragya says okay but where is ur girlfriend, abhi says wait baba, abhi wraps cloth around pragya’s eyes, pragya says what are u doing, abhi says i won’t kidnap u, pragya says but, abhi says come with me, abhi takes pragya in the garden, garden is fully decorated ,abhi says we have reached, pragya says can i remove cloth, abhi says yes.

pragya removes cloth and says beautifully decorated, abhi says yes for my beautiful girlfriend! Pragya gets sad and asks so where is ur girlfriend, abhi says behind that red curtain, pragya says oh, abhi says wait i will remove that curtain, abhi removes curtain, and behind curtain it is mirror, pragya sees her self and smiles, abhi says yes she is my girlfriend, my love, she is beautiful, her heart is beautiful and i accept i love her, abhi comes near pragya, pragya is fully amazed, abhi says yes pragya it’s u, my first love, my girlfriend, u changed me, u changed my life, i love u pragya i love u, pragya says i never believed in love, i was practicl, i never huged a boy, but today i can say I m in love, yes i m in love with u Abhishek prem mehra, i love u tooo. Abhi and pragya hug eachother, Allah wariyan plays..

Abhi had two ring boxes, pragya asked him what are these ,abhi says open them, pragya opens it and finds rings, on 1st ring it was writtenn abhigya and on second ring it ws written prabhi, abhi says pragya u rule iver my heart so prabhi ring is for me, pragya and abhi are merged in one word and thats prabhi.. And i rule over ur heart that’s why abhigya, abhi and pragya are merged in one word, pragya hugs abhi, and says i love u, i love u… Abhi and pragya exchange rings, the prabhi ring was worn by abhi andd abhigya ring was worn by pragya… Allah wariyan plays….

Pre recap: Abhi is crying in his ro, and pragya is crying in her room… Do pal ruka khwaabon ka karwaan plays…

Another secret another twist ,do coment and waut for next epi

Credit to: somiya

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  1. Great episode 😉

  2. precap 😮

  3. Omg cute abhigya scenes loving it yaar. Pls update soon and u rockzzzz

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  5. divya chandru

    Cute and unconditional lovely episode , especially abhi acceptance of his love

  6. plz upload next episode fast

  7. it’s very nice plse update nxt episode fast

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Really Superb yaar….But it have a mistake that ,The word u written is PURPOSE …..But it’s PROPOSE yaar…..Eagerly waiting for ur next one…….Plzzzzz update it soonnnnnnnnn………

  9. Super maaa no words I love it

  10. it’s yipeeeeeeee…. 😉

  11. Nice one update next episode soon

  12. I think dadi and Sarla maa says abt their marriage bt abhigya doesn’t know tat they r pairing up ,I dono it’s just my guess

    1. Yeah! U guessed it man, but twist is there

  13. Awsome episode somiya now I am getting addicted to ur ff and also naveenas my day doesn’t spend without reading ur ff u r too awesome yr 😀

    1. Thanku surbhi…..

  14. So nice pruposal

  15. superbb naveena i aslo think that only

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  20. Ohhhhh soooooooo cute proposal by abhi… No words to explain abt today’s episode… It’s soooooooooooooo cute,awesome,rocking,amazing,fabulous, fantastic, great,lovely… I really loved it… I guess that precap dadi n sarala ma vl say abt their meeting to abhigya bt they don’t know that they r going to meet their love only na nu.. Bt I’m eagerly waiting for next episode I guess it vl superb than today… Bt somiya grt ff ?????

    1. Thanku so so so much…..

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