abhigya’s destiny episode 17


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Episode starts with nikhil saying to abhi that pragya’s train would leave for mumbai at 7 pm, it’s 6 pm so u better go there, abhi says thanks and rushes to Pragya, he comes out of villa but pragya isn’t there, abhi screams pragya, screen splits, pragya reaches at train station, she is about to go in train but she hears an old lady crying.. Abhi sits in car and leaves for train station, humari adhuri kahani plays and abhi flashbacks how pragya trusted him and he didn’t, abhi says that its my fault i should have trusted pragya, oh god its 6 55 pm, i m coming pragya, abhi reaches at train station, he is checking train, but he finds pragya no where, he asks a man, plz can u tell me which train is going to mumbai, man says train already left ,check time, abhi checks and sees that it is 7:05 pm, abhi breaks down, humari adhuri kahani plays, abhi says i m sorry pragya, its all bcoz of me…

Dadi comes to surla’s home, with purab, surla says u both here, dadi says purab is my grand son’s bestfriend and he is almost like my son, so i m here to ask about his marriage with ur daughter, bulbul blushes, surla says oh! Why not, if they both love eachother then they should marry eachother, surla and dadi hug eachother, rabul goes to bulbul’s room.. Dadi says purab has no family but he is also like my grand son, surla says that’s great, dadi says surla ji is this the same daughter, u were buying bridal wear for, surla says no, bulbul is my younger daughter, i was buying bridal wear for my elder daughter pragya, dadi says oh so did u find groom! Surla says still not! Dadi says then eat this sweet, surla says but why? Dadi says we both were fool, look i m finding daughter in law and u r finding groom, so…. Surla says oh! It means ur grand son and my pragya.. Dadi says yes! My grand son is a rokstar, abhishek prem mehra, surla says great and my pragya is a proffesor, dadi says lets see what is there destiny! Surla says yes, i would ask pragya to meet ur grandson, dadi says okay then we would finalize the day and i would come to ur home with my abhi.. Surla and dadi hug eachother…

Abhi is walking on road, humari adhuri kahani is playing.. Abhi says i lost my friend, i lost my love, i lost pragya, she trusted my not ritika and what did i did, i trusted ritika but not pragya, i m a fool! Abhi sees temple, and goes there, he removes his shoes and goes inside,..abhi says i never trusted u god, i never came in temple, but today is the first time i came, i came here to seek help from u, if u r real then plz give my love, my pragya back to me, abhi closes his eyes and stands near god,, screen splits, pragya removes her shoes, she comes inside the temple with her bag. She comes near god, and silently stands there and closes her eyes, she didn’t noticed abhi. Abhi opens his eyes and turns back, he is amazed to see pragya there, he rubs his eyes and thinks oh god! Pragya….pragya opens her eyes and sees abhi there, pragya is amazed but she flashbacks how abhi was going to slap her. Pragya takes her bag and is about to leave temple, abhi holds her hand, pragya says leave me, abhi says i won’t, pragya says sorry i don’t know who u are so leave me..

Abhi says u don’t know me, but i know u. Pragya says enough leave me, abhi says sorry pragya, i know i didn’t trusted u.. Pragya says where there is no trust, there friendship is zero(refrence from hayaathi’s coment ) abhi says i know i didn’t trusted u but at that time my thinking power was blocked, i just trusted ritika, i know i didn’t believed u but u know that cd was so much important to me, i spent day and night to make that music, 3 years and i got that cd, it was really important to me and what ever ritika told me, i just trusted her, i m sorry pragya, i m really sorry, i can’t lose u, u r very special to me, i love…… Abhi stops there, pragya says yes u love.. Abhi says i loved that cd, plz forgive me plz,

pragya wipes abhi’s tear and says its okay my cute rockstar, abhi hugs her and says i m really sorry, pragya hugs him back, Sayiyaaraa plays.. They both break hug, and they both feel awkward, abhi says pragya ur train was about to leave at 7 00 pm na then, u here.. Pragya flashbacks: pragya hears old lady crying and goes to her, pragya asks if everything is fine, old lady says my son he is in mumbai, he met with an accident and he is in critical condition, train is booked fully and i need tiket, pragya says take my ticket, old lady says but u were going to mumbai, pragya says u must go to mumbai as it’s very important, old lady takes ticket. FlaShback ends. Abhi says oh so u helped the old lady, well i have thought a new name for u, pragya asks what? Abhi says fuggy, when u r in anger mood na then ur face looks like a balloon so this name suits on u. Pragya says very funny.. Abhi laughs..

Abhigya come back to villa, they explain everything to nikhil and tanu, nikhil says thank God ur fight has ended, ritika vokes there, abhi slaps her hard, abhi says so cheap u r, ritika leaves the place, pragya says abhi u should not have slaped her, nikhil says no ritika deserved the slap, tanu says okay guys.. Abhi pragya, nikhil and me are going on honeymoon to london, pragya says oh ho! See how nikhil is blushing ,all laugh, nikhil says we will leave tomorrow, abhi says me and pragya would also leave tomorrow, by road we will go to mumbai, nikil says oh so i will semd a driver with u, abbi says no i will drive myslef, pragya says oka! Nikhil says as u wish.. Abhi thinks tomorrow’s road trip would go fantastic as only me and pragya would be there… Pragya thinks i will soon confess my feelings.. Allah wariyan plays….

Pre recap:abhi tells pragya i have a girl friend.. Pragya is shocked and says what? Abhi smiles..

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Credit to: somiya

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  1. super hit I think if real writer will read this he will definitely take some tips from u to make serial super hit 😀

    1. Haha thanku subhi….

  2. u are making me. crazy somiya

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  4. Wow….u rocking… I addicted to your ff

  5. Nice yaar super epi ,I love it

    1. Naveena, u too write ff’s na? Btw thankuuuuu

  6. Just loved it…super 😉

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Really Awesome yaar….Go ahead….. Eagerly waiting for your next update…… …

  8. superbb love it plz update next soon cant wait

  9. divya chandru

    Awesome and lovely move of the story, , waiting for next one , fantastic ya

  10. Really love it

  11. Superrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. awesome no words are there for ur ff and plz update ur next epi today only

    1. thanku, yes i hav already submitted next epi, telly updates would update it soon……

  13. Thnkuuuu alllll, love u all

  14. plz upload next episode fast , egerly waiting

  15. Hey somiya ur ff is really awesome it is making me crazy I can’t wait for ur every episode yr its too good.

    1. thanku, thanku and thanku surbhi seriously thanku, wait for my next epi hope u will like it…

  16. Its very cute….my xpectation will increasing day by day….suprb going…..

  17. Soooo sweet episode… Abhigya plzzzzz confess their feeling as soon as possible plzzzzz

  18. ReAllY AwEsOmE….

  19. Oh thats so sweet of u dr… for taking my comment in positive direction..

    1. :),keep suggesting me dialogues……

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