abhigya’s destiny episode 16


Guyz thankuuuu,

Epsiode starts with pragya going to her room, and thinking i hav slaped ritika, bcoz of abhi, but why at that time i trusted abhi more, i mean why feel jealous, when ritika comes near abhi, why i feel insecure when ritika is with abhi and why again and again i hug abhi, i hav never huged a boy yeah i huged nikhip, but it was first and last time, why i feel special when i m with abhi, nikhil comes and says pragya what r u thinking, pragya says about abhi, nikhil says oh ho dil m bajee ghantiyan, ting ting, pragya says its nothing like that i don’t love abhi, abhi is just my friend, nikhil says accept it pragya, pragya says plz i m saying na that i don’t love abhi, nikhil says ur choice, if u won’t realize ur love for abhi now, then ritika would confess her feelings, pragya says i don’t love abhi, nikhil says u better know, Nikhil leaves the place, pragya goes into room and says was nikhil right, do i really love abhi, but how can i love him, pragya flashbacks about abhi, pragya says to herslef why i feel special when he is with me, when he is not with me why i think of him, do i really love him, Pragya continues and says yes! Yes pragya arora first time u have felt love, u love abhi, yes I love him,

Allah Wariyan plays, screen splits abhi flashbacks about how pragya slapped ritika and trusted him, abhi says so Miss Chashmish loves me, yeah! I will soon confess my feelings, and i m 100% sure that pragya too loves me and won’t reject me, yes! Allah wariyan plays…

Ritika is in her room thinking about how pragya slaped her, ritika says Miss pragya arora i won’t leave u, but abhi would soon leave u, ritika laughs evil, ritika leaves room and proceeds to abhi’s room, she hears abhi’s voice, Abhi is talking to himslef, This is my dream music, this CD is really important for me, i will keep this CD in a safe place so that no one could take it, i will keep it in my cupboard, ritika sees where abhi is keeping Cd, soon abhi leaves the room, ritika like a theif enters the room and takes Cd, ritika says pragya now u will pay for this.. Ritika leaves rook and nikhil sees her leaving the room. Nikhil thinks why did ritika went to abhi’s room…

Its haldi day, all are applying haldi on tanu, pragya too aplies it on tanu, and nikhil, abhi says i will also, pragya says oh ho, abhi also applies it over nikhil and tanu, pragya takes some haldi and applies it over abhi, abhi says wait chashmish i will aslo apply, pragya runs, abhi takes haldi and runs behind her, abhi says where would u go pragya wait wait, i won’t leave u, pragya says okay let’s see, pragya runs, soon she slips as floor was wet, abhi holds her kaisa yeh ishq h plays, soon they get back to sense, pragya feels awkward but abhi aplies haldi at her face, abhi says yes! I did it, pragya says shit! Abhi laughs, old lady comes and says when girl and boy apply haldi over eachother it means they are made for eachother ,old lady leaves, abhigya smiles, pragya leaves the place, abhi says yes we are made for eachother, i love u pragya, tanu hears it and says oh ho, abhi says u here, tanu says so u r finally in live man, abhi says yes, ritika over hears this and fumes…

Abhi comes to his room and finds CD no where, abhi says i kept it here, where it went, it is very important to me, ritika comes and says what are u finding abhi, abhi says my Cd, ritika says actually i saw pragya coming towards ur room, and she also had a cd with her, abhi goes to pragya, ritika smiles, pragya is in her room with tanu and nikhil, nikhil says i have to wash this haldi pragya and tanu laughs, abhi comes to room and says pragya where is my cd, pragya says which cd, abhi says my cd u took it na from my room, pragya says but i didn’t came to ur room, abhi says where is ur bag, pragya says there in corner, abhi takes the bag and opens it, there was cd in it, pragya says i seriously don’t know where it came from, abhi says this bag is urs na then, pragya says seriously believe u me, abhi says enough, u know this cd is so much important to me, pragya says but, abhi says enough and is about to slap her nikhil stops abhi, pragya is teary eyed nikhil says have u gone mad, when pragya is saying that she doesn’t know how cd came to her bag, so why are u not trusting her, i trust pragya and i know she didn’t stole the cd, abhi in anger leaves the room, pragya is crying tanu is consoling her, pragya says i m leaving gor Mumbai now, nikhil says no u came to attend my wedding, and tomorrow is my wedding so plz stop for one day, pragya agrees, nikhil and tanu leaves the room ,pragya breaks down and says i trusted abhi and what he did he was about to slap me, if don’t trust me then how would he love my, screen splits, abhi says how can pragay do this to me how, abhigya think for eachother, ya rabba plays…

Its next day ,wedding day, pragya comes down, abhi sees her, they both trun there faces away, tanu comes down, nikhil is in mandap, rituals begin, abhigya are teary eyed, wedding is done, pragya informs nikhil thati m going, nikhil takes abhi from there, pragya leaves villa, nikhil says abhi how much pragya trusted u and what u did, u blamed her, abhi says but she, nikhil says i know ritika said u that pragya came to ur room, but i saw ritika leaving ur room and best part is there are cameras in each room so see this on laptop, abhi sees ritika Opening cup board and taking Cd, abhu gets shocked, nikhil says and yes cd was in pragya’s bag na now see this abhi watches ritika coming to pragya’s room, and opening pragya’s bag and keeping cd, abhi is shocked, nikhil says pragya is oing to delhi on train and timing is 7 pm, it is 6 pm so u better go there.. Abhu rushes to pragya…

Pre recap:abhi can’t find pragya, abhi goes to temple, pragya with her bag comes to same temple…

Guyz there is another twist wait for next epi…..

Credit to: somiya

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  1. Nice episode
    Please don’t separate them….unite them fast 🙁

    1. Aray baba i m also fade up of sepration ,but if there would be no sepration how would abhigya come closer!

      1. Ok…..gud story….keep going 😉

  2. Super somiya…:-)

  3. super duper hit hai yrrrr awesome 😉

    1. thanku subhi…….

  4. Guyz there is mistake, pragya is going to mumbai coz she is already in delhi, so nikhil is sayin to abhi that pragya is going back to mumbai

  5. awesome awesome..

  6. Divya Chandru

    Awesome, fantastic, eagerly waiting for next one

  7. nice epi somiya waiting for ur next epi

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Really Awesome yaar…….

  9. Nice episode somiya..
    Problem solved in one episode? without dragging?

    1. Yeah actually i don’t like to drag a episode…. So thankuuuu

  10. When trust is not there love is zero

  11. hey actually dis s a real serial or your own creation

    1. This is not real serial, this is fan fiction, fan’s own creation i m abhigya’s fan and i create thses fictions so this is not real one, u can watch kumkum bhagyaa from mon to sat daiily at 9 00pm. m…

  12. Each and everyline iam impressed…. super ya….

  13. dont no? but i always waiting for your ff & reading it 4/5 times, b’coz its awesome .lov ur ff

    1. Thanku shriti……….

  14. Superb episode… Grt going… Eagerly waiting for next episode that whether pragya forgive abhi n confess her love

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