abhigya’s destiny episode 15


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Episode starts with ritika following abhigya, nikhil and tanu makes announcement about dance, ritika says yes i will dance with abhi, pragya says wow, awesome, go, plz dance with abhi, abhi says what are u saying pragya, pragya says ritika abhi is a rokstar and u have got golden chance to dance with abhi, ritika says so Sweet of u pragya, abhi com’on lets dance, pragya winks, abhi fumes, ritika and abhi are dancing together, pragya is feeling jealous, pragya says ugh and abhi is enjoying his dance with ritika, well they don’t look cute together, abhi is looking at pragya he leaves ritika inbetween dance, abhi holds pragya’s hand, pragya is happy, ritika fumes, abhigya romantically dance on gerua, all clap for them.. Abhigya leave stage ritika comes, ritika says why u left me inbetween dance, abhi says actually, wo, pragya says actually i gave him challenge to make me dance, and he won challenge, abhi takes deep breath, ritika says oh! Ritika takes abhi from there, pragya thinks to herslef how much ritika is chipku, she is a lizard no witch, no vampire, she is…i hate her and especially i hate her when she is with abhi, see how she is coming near to abhi, i hate her… Tanu comes and says pragya what are u thinking, pragya says i m thinking how much ritika stucks with abhi, tanu says afterall ritika loves… Prahgya asks tanu whom does ritika loves , tanu says wealth as u know abhi is wealthy person but abhi is a nice boy, he never had took advantagee, the more ritika comes closer to abhabhi,the more abhi hates her, pragya smiles and says thank God, tanu leaves and pragya thinks Thank God abhi doesn’t love ritika..

Purab hugs bulbul and asks are u fine, bulbul says i m fit and fine , purab says i didn’t met u for 2 days, u know it was like i didn’t met u for 2 years, bulbul laughs and says so my Charming prince loves me that much, purab says ofcoarse, bulbul truns back and sees surla, surla says bulbul, u love him, bulbul says yes maa, surla says aye my bulbul is blushing aan haan, bulbul hugs surla, surla then hugs purab, surla says bulbul, actually that day when u told pragya about purab i heard everything then pragya made me understood about love, and so i accept purab, bulbul hugs surla and says thanku maa, bulbul says pragya di is best.. Surla says afterall she is my daughter, bulbul says yeah yeah she is ur daughter and me, i m neighbors daughter, surla and purab laughs, purab says aunty ur daughter is too dramatic, surla laughs…

All friends of nikhil and tanu are sitting in a circle abhigya, ritika are also present… Ritika says so guyz let’s start, tell how much wealthy u all are starting form me, I m daughter of business tycoon, i have 2 villas 5 cars, maids sweepers, , tanu and nikhil get up and says guyz sorry actually we have to go u guyz continue, pragya murmurs to abhi, so boring, abhi says same its like we arr sitting in meeting but not a friend circle, ritika says so abhi tell us about ur self, abhi says no first pragya would tell, ritika says so pragya arora tell us about how much wealthy u r, pragya says i m wealthiest person of world, i have mother and a sisiter who loves me most and i love them too, yeah i m from middle class family but i have my bestfriends that are books, i love books, and i also have a precious friend and he is abhi, abhi smiles Allah wariyan play,s ritika laughs harder, all are shocked, ritika says haha so u r from middle class family, and u think u r wealthy, lol, that sounds funnier, and what u said u have a mother and sister, but wait u don’t have father haha pragya is teary eyed and says i will get coffee for u all, ….

Ritika says why u all aren’t laughing, wasn’t this funny.. Abhi in anger says enouhg ritika, do u know how much pragya is hurt with ur stupid, sense less words, u don’t think her as wealthiest person but i know she is the wealthiest person, bcoz her wealth is her relations, and u, for u wealth is money, and what did u said, she has no father, what was funny thing in that, i have no parents now com’on laugh at me, com’on na laugh at me, disgusting , pragya didn’t spoke a word so that u don’t get hurt,but do u know how much she is huhurt, ritika says but abhi.. Abhi says enough and leaves the place. Abhi is searching for pragya, he goes to kitchen and pragya isn’t there, he asks nikhil have u seen pragya, nikhil says yes she is at Terrance, abhi goes to tarece.

Pragya is teray eyed and flashbacks ritika’s words, she soon hears some one’s foot steps, she wipes her tears, abhi comes there oh so chashmish ur here, i was searching for u all where, pragya says oh, tear comes out of pragya’s eyes, abhi says hey chashmish, why are u crying, don’t tell me bcoz of ritika, u know na she has no sense, and listen so what a person has no wealth, u are wealthy bcoz ur wealth is ur relations, ur wealth is ur happiness, ur wealth is books, pragya wipes her tears and hugs abhi tightly Allah wariyan plays, soon pragya breaks hug and feels awkward, abhi says hey chashmish, i hate tears, pragya says oh ho! There was a bucket full with water, pragya took some water and threw it at abhi’s face, abhi says chashmish wait, abhi also threw water, pragay soon threw full water which was in bucket, abhi gets another bucket, he is about to throw water on pragya but pragya runs from there and water falls on ritika, abhi says ritika, ritika says what the hell, pragya comes and says what have u done abhi, pragya smiles, abhi says ritika actually i was throwing water aver pragya but u came so it is ur mistake, ritika says its fine but i came here to say sorry to pragya, pragya says its okay, abhigya leaves Terrance, ritika says wait abhi and pragya i will seprate u, abhi is mine…

Ritika says ouch, ouch it is paining so much, ouch, abhi comes and says what happened, ritika says actually my foot, it is paining alot, abhi says ritika get up, ritika says no its paining alot, plz help me and take me to my room, abhi lifts her up, they both go to ritika’s room, abhi makes her sit at bed but ritika pulls abhi towards her, abhi falls on her and pragya comes, pragya is shocked to see them in this state, ritika says pragya, abhi gets up and says pragya,listen there is nothing between us u r thinking off, ritika says actually pragya we both love eachother and we got lost in eachother, pragya says enough, pragya goes towards abhi, abhi says pragya listen to me, pragya moves forward and slaps ritika, ritika is shocked, abhi too is shocked, pragya says ritika how can u be so much characterless, u planed this and u thought i m a fool i won’t understand, abhi is special for me, and u are so cheap, form school days till now u always hurted me, and this was ur cheap plan, i trust abhi so plz ur disgusting plan has vanished so u can leave, ritika leaves the place, pragya turns and abhi says that’s how much u trust me. Pragya says i trust u more than i trust my self, abhi gets happy, and hugs pragya, pragya too hugs him kaisa yeh ishq h plays…

Pre recap): abhi is about to slap pragya nikhil stops him, pragya is teary eyed..

Guys there is twist in my each pre recap but this twist is a secret so wait for my nect epi and do coment….

Credit to: somiya

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  1. ohooo pls update next episode soon as we can’t wait ……. good going but pls don’t separate pragya……..

    1. as u know current track of official kumkum bhagya is being dragged fo much and so is abhigya’s sepration being dragged but i would separte them but there is great twist and they will be together so wait and watch

    2. surly wait somiya as your story is awesome and better than the original dragged serial web will surely wait 🙂

      1. ??? thanks subhui

  2. Wow nice episode eagerly waiting for u r next episode and the twist

  3. Divya Chandru

    Cute and awesome, the way u take the story line is fantastic , waiting for next episode eagerly,

  4. Its too gud..and intresting twist is waiting….

  5. Oh episode was so cool & good but. precap is shocking..

  6. Somiya dnt feel bad for less comment yar… actually I want to say this to all writer’s who r right now writing on abhigya fiction… in previous month thr was very less seriously less than 3 r 4 only thr but getting good response but by this year more than 15 is on track now for al wat happened I dnt everyone started the ff by little similar to each other like someone started of college students abhigya, somebody of present track of kkb at a time al r started updating really it’s very hard to read us…which story we r reading & which story we r continue reading very whr we were confused so pls guys who r planning for new story pls wait for some time of atleast any one track will get to end… By this way u all writer’s also get a good response & encouraging..

  7. Very nice epi ….. i like ur precap twist … its increase our intrest more… keep it up…

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Oh..What happened to Abhi ????Why he is Starting to slap Pragya ????Eagerly waiting for your next update……

  9. wow…. its gng awesome yaar… eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt update… plz update soon yaar….

  10. What abhi ne prgya ko hurt karna chahti hein nooi way

  11. Nice today’s episode s soooooooo sweet n awesome… Bt than today’s episode I’m very eagerly waiting for next episode… Ur precap s interesting…

  12. princess sparkie

    When will u update ur next epi..eagerly waiting for ur next epi…yah ur precap was rocking

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