abhigya’s destiny episode 14


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Episode starts with abhi and pragya waiting for nikhil and tanu, abhi says oh god we are getting late, pragya says yes! Abhi flashbacks about how he realized love for pragya, a girl comes to pragya and says di i havn’t ate anything from 2 days, pragya says oh, pragya goes to get food for the girl, abhi soon comes back to his sense, and finds pragya no where, abhi says where did pragya went, oh no she can’t leave me, abhi goes to find pragya, pragya comes back and finds abhi no where, abhi soon comes back to his place and finds pragya, he hugs pragya tightly, pragya breaks hug and says are u fine? Abhi says actually i thought u left me, pragya says what haha, abhi says i was so afraid and u r laughing, pragya says cute rokstar i promise i won’t leave u, abhi says paka wala promise, pragya says yes baba, soon nikhil and tanu arrives at same place where abhigya are waiting for them, abhigya sits together at back seats, tanu and nikhil are talking to eachother, abhi is thinking how to tell pragya, i love her, pragya is listening to music with earphones, abhi says what the hell, i m sitting beside her and she is listening to music, abhi removes her one earphone and listens to the song, abhi says pragya this is the same song na we sang together, pragya says yes! This is the same song, abhi says how many times u have listened this song, pragya says manytimes, abhi says same song i listen everyday, pragya says we have so many things in common, abhi says so what do u feel for me? says i feel for u in the same way a friend feels for another friend abhi gets sad and thinks to himself pragya has no feelings for me, so what i m a rokstar and i would make her love me, pragya says i think u r mad? Abhi says yes for u! Pragya says what? Abhi says i mean that u made me crazy, pragya says very funny, suddenly nikhil takes a u trun and abhi falls in pragya’s lap, Allah wariyan plays, pragya says get up, abhi says no, pragya says why, abhi says i feel relaxed in ur lap, actually i have headache so can i plz, pragya says fine, pragya thinks to herslef i have never allowed a boy to come near me then why abhi, he is just my friend nothing else, Allah wariyan plays, abhi is sleeping, pragya gets lost in him…

Abhigya nikhil and tanu reaches delhi, tanu takes pragya to her room and nikhil takes abhi to his room, pragya tells tanu that this villa is very beautiful, tanu says yes, actually we have booked it for 1 week, pragya says oh nice!

Its mehndi day, mehndi h rachnay wali song plays, abhi sees pragya and gets lostin her as pragya is looking very bebeautiful, nikhil comes to pragya and says pragya com’on apply mehndi on ur hand, pragya says no, nikhil says to mehndi girl to apply mehndi on pragya’s hand, abhi goes to pragya and says ur looking beautiful today, pragya says thankuu, tanu comes to pragya and convo starts between them, abhi is standing there mehndi girl asks what letter i should write in pragya’s hand, abhi says write A, mehndi girl writes it Allah wariyan plays… Time passes soon nikhil says pragya that i have also invited ritika, pragya says no! U know na she always humiliates me she tries to insult me, i don’t like her, nikhil laughs and says first time u have hated a girl, pragya gets upset… Tanu tells abhi that ur deewaani is coming, abhi says no u can’t invite that chipku girl ritika, i hate her, she flirts with me, tanu laughs harder and says first time i have listened that a girl flirts with a boy, abhi says shutup.. Pragya and abhi both are upset, abhi says why are u upset, pragya says actually nikhio has invited a girl whom i don’t like, abhi says same here, pragya says are u talking about ritika, abhi says yes i hate her… Oragya says same here, ritika entrs abhi hides pragya hides too, tanu and nikhil welcome ritika, ritika asks if abhi and pragya have came? Tanu says yes they are behind the pillar, ritika catches abhigya, ritika says abhii i missed u so much, abhi says but i didn’t, ritika hugs abhi, pragya gets jealous, abhi is uncomfortable and he breaks hug, ritika hugs pragya and says so pragya arora, do u remember we were bestfriends, pragya says no i don’t remeber.. Ritika laughs and says u guyz are funny, abhigya leaves the place and ritika follows them…

Pre recap:abhi was dancing with ritika, pragya was feeling jealous, abhi leaves ritika inbetween dance and asks pragya if we can dance together, ritika fumes…

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Credit to: somiya

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