abhigya’s destiny episode 13


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Episode starts with Bulbul vomiting, pragya asks are u fine, wait i will call doctor, doctor comes and informs that bulbul has fever so she must rest, pragya says thanku doctor, surla says bulbul its better for u to rest, i will make juice for u, bulbul says no maa i will go to office, pragya scolds bulbul and says no u have to rest, or else i will tell mom everything, bulbul says no no di i will take rest, pragya laughs and says better, well i must leave for college, bulbul says fine..

Purab is restless and says why bulbul hasn’t come yet, soon he recieves sms from bulbul that she won’t come as she is ill, purab gets sad..

Pragya is in principals office (well guyz pragya’s foot is okay now) principal says pragya, some guests are coming to our college and they would inspect our college so u must take care of them, pragya asks when are they coming? Principal says they are coming tomorrow anf they would be here for 3 days, pragya says okay mam. Pricipal says fine and pragya leaves.. Pragya enters a class, all students stood up, pragya says sit down, pragya starts her lecture, abhi is also in the class but with a beard and with goggles, pragya looks at him and thinks i have seen him some where, pragya asks abhi to stand up, abhi says yes mam, pragya asks if u r new student, abhi says yes, pragya says i have seen u some where, abhi says oh yes mam actually i m abhi’s czn and u might have seen me with abhi, pragya says but i never saw a boy with abhi, abhi says mam leave it na, continue lecture, pragya says okay sit down, pragya continues her lecture and throughout the lecture abhi was looking at her and kaisa yeh ishq h was playing, soon bell rung and everyone left class but pragya is checking test and abhi is continuously watching her, he is lost in pragya, pragya sees him and says hey u, class is over so u can leave, abhi doesn’t responds pragya again says him but abhi doesn’t responds,

pragya comes to him and shakes him, abhi comes back to his sense and says yes chashmish, pragya says what? What did u called me, abhi says i called u madam pragya, pragya says no no u called me chashmish just the way abhi calls me, abhi says wow haan so ur smart chashmish, pragya says abhi, abhi u r here, in this look, why? Abhi thinks to him what to answer pragya, as i also dont know why i came? Pragya says abhi, abhi says actually i came here to give u surprise, aren’t u surprised, pragya says no i m surprised, abhi says lets go for coffee, pragya says okay ,pragya and abhi comes to cafeteria of College, abhi orders coffee, pragya says abhi why are u still wearing goggles and this weird beard, abhi says pragya i m a rockstar and if i would remove this na then these all students would grab me and then how would i spent time with… Pragya says yes, how would u spent time with whom? Abhi says nothing, pragya says fine, nikhil and tanu come to cafeteria, Nikhil says my plan is good na i came college niw see how would be pragya surprised, tanu says yeah, tanu sees abhigya and tells nikhil about them, nikhil says lets go, nikhil and tanu comes to abhigya, pragya is surprised and asks tanu nikhil u both here, Nikhil says actually we came here to surprise u, but abhi u got surprised for free, abhi laughs haha yes, tanu says so u both have become friends, abhi says bestfriends, Pragya says yeah! By the way why u came here to surprise me,

nikhil says pragya, abhi actually we are going to marry after 1 week so we are not here to invite u people as u both are must, and u both have to come to our marriage, our wedding venue is delhi so u people are coming na, abhi aggrees and says, its tanu’s wedding how won’t i come, tanu laughs and says thankuu abhi, nikhil says u both are coming to delhi tomorrow, pragya says what tomorrow but u said ur wedding is after 1 week, tanu says yes pragya but there are so many rituals like mehndi haldi and many more so u have to attend all functions, pragya says sorry i can’t come, abhi is shocked to here that, nikhil says why pragya? Pragya says actually inspection team is coming to our college and principal has given all responsibilities to me, nikhil says no if u won’t come i won’t marry, tanu says yes nikhil is right, u have to come otherwise we won’t marry, pragya says no, listen i would directly attend ur wedding, nikhil says no u have to attend each function, abhi says guyz guyz cool down i would talk to principal, so it’s final we both are coming to ur wedding,

pragya says okay baba i wipl come, abhi asks tanu how u people, came to know that i m with pragya i mean i m wearing goggles and beard so, tanu says abhi i m ur bestfriend, u always get up like this whenever u go on public places, abhi laughs and says yeahhh, pragya says wait there is a problem ,nikhil asks what? Pragya says u have to talk with my mother, nikhil says wats the bigdeal well i have invited ur family and ur mother has agreed so u have no any problem u r coming, pragaya says fine baba, they all leave..

At abhi’s mansion: abui thinks to himself why i go to pragya’s college everyday, why i like it when she smiles, why i feel pain when she gets injurd, why i feel happy when she hugs me, why i felt happy when on phone she mistakenly said me i love u, why i love it when she is near me.. When i open me eyes i see her, when i close my eyes i see her, when i sleep i see her, why, why, why, why i think for her every second, abhi sits on remote of tv, tv gets on, and reporter says man u r in love, abhi says no! Reporter says yes u, u are in love, u r in love with that girl, abhi says no! Reporter says its better to confess feelings or else she will leave u sooner, abhi says no pragya can’t leave me, abhi switches off the tv, and sayd no pragya can’t leave me he calls pragya, pragya recieves call and says yes cute rockstar what u r upto? Abhi says no u can’t leave me,

pragya says when i saud i would leave u? Abhi says no promise me u won’t leave me ever, pragya says fine baba promisr, but what happend!? Abhi says nothing, well what are u doing, pragya says i m packing my stuff for delhi, abhi says oh, surla calls pragya, pragya says bye abhi sorry bye cute rockstar i would meet u tomorrow, abhi says okay chasmish.. Pragya ends call abhi says okay ,well, i think, no, but yes ,i love pragya i lov her i really love her, and i would confess my feelings soon, abhi flashbacks about pragya about how he came closer to pragya, how pragya hugged him, how pragya holded his hand, how he supported pragya when pragya was about to fall down, and flashbacks his about his childhood ,how he used to snatch book from pragya and pragya used to run behind him, And allah wariyan plays..

Pre recap:Ritika (well yes riktika from meri ashiqui tum ssay he show) ritika hugs abhi, pragya gets jeolous, abhi pushes ritika away from him…

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Credit to: somiya

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  3. Awesome I really luv it its so Gud

  4. fabulous

  5. Superb episode atlast rockstar realized his love thn now it’s pragya’s turn I thk tz marriage function vl give us more cute love between abhigya… I just love today’s episode also like last episodes… It’s superb grt going yaar….

  6. Niceeeee

  7. Divya Chandru

    Lovely, awesome and fantastic

  8. Update as soon possible, it’s good can’t wait

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