abhigya’s destiny episode 12

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Episode starts with purab being restless about bulbul and continuously thinks about bulbul, aliya comes, purab is surprised to see her, aliya says so Mr purab, purab says when did u came? Aliya says 2 days before, purab says u must have told me, aliya says its fine baba, purab remained silent for 5 min, aliya asked if everything is fine, purab says yes, aliya says u r in love and are continuously thinking about a girl purab is surprised and said no its nothibg like that, aliya says purab, i can read ur face, purab says yes i was thinking about a girl but i don’t love her, aliya says seriously! Purab khaanaa u r thinking about a girl and u r saying u r not in love, love is a pious relationship, and u should confess ur love to the girl u love, purab says no i m not in love, aliya says i know u r in love and i better know u, aliya gets a call and says to purab i must leave now, purab says fine, purab thinks to himself if aliya was right, i m in love yes i m, i m in love with bulbul, (place is purab’s cabin) he stands up and shouts yes I love you bulbul, i love u he didn’t noticed that bulbul was behind her, bulbul gets surprised seeing this she was not knowing how to react and purab turned back and saw bulbul, purab says u, i mean when did u came, bulbul thinks to herslef yes he is myy prince charming, and thinks, let’s tease purab,

purab says bulbul, bulbul gets back to her sense, purab asks bulbul if u heard anything i said now, bulbul says no what did u said, purab said nothing important, well why u came, bulbul said actually sir can i go home, purab said why? Bulbul said actually i m gonna marry and boy’s family is coming to our home so, purab gets teary eyed, and said oh so u r going to marry, nice good, yeah u can, u can go home bul…. Bulbul, bulbul smiles and said thanku purab, and leaves cabin, purab gets completely shattered, and says to himself no! No bulbul can’t marry, no i love her, i will confess my feelings i love bulbul, bulbul is ready to go and says to herself well-done bulbul arora, now purab would confess his feelings as a hero conffeses his feeling to heroine, omg its like dream come true, bulbul leaves the place, purab gets out of his cabin and sees bulbul no where, he runs out of building and sees bulbul going in rikshaw, he gets into his car and follows bulbul, soon bulbul reaches at a spot of lovers, purab gets out of car, bulbul goes at a place where there was no one,

purab rushes to her and says bulbul, bulbul turned back, purab hugged bulbul, and gehrua plays soon bulbul breaks hug and says purab u here is everything fine, purab said yes, actually i wanted a file, bulbul said oh so u followed me for a file, purab tomorrow i will come and give u that file, i m leaving as groom’s family is coming, bulbul was about to leave but purab holded her hand and said ugh what u said groom, and his family, u think about them not me, i m here, i m restless and ur thinking about that groom, bulbul asked why are u restless, purab answrs the day i met u, i had been restless, bulbul says why? Purab says bcoz i love u i love u bulbul, plz don’t marry that Boy, plz don’t leave me or i will die, I love u bulbul, i love u bulbul said but i don’t, purab says what u don’t love me, bulbul said no i dont……. Like tears, i love u toooooooo, purab gets hapoy and hugs bulbul..

Pragya goes to a park, she is having difficulty to walk, she is about to fall but abhi holds her Allah wariyan plays, abhi makes pragya to sit on a bench, pragya says abhi, u here, abhi says yes why? Pragya says i thought u r a rockstar and u might not come in this park, abhi says yes i m a rockstar but i have many memories in this park, pragya says same, when i was a child i used to come here, abhi says wow me too, do u know there was a girl, i don’t remember her name but she was almost like u, i teased her every day, she came to park just to study in fresh air and i used to snatch book from her, pragya suddenly said u used to say her bhaag Chashmish bhaag, (run chashmish run) , abhi says how u know, pragya says i was that girl, abhi says haha so we know eachother from childhood, thats pretty amazing, pragya says yes i remember how u used to say that one day i will become a rockstar, and i used to say okay we would see and ur mom she used to bring mango juice for me everyday, i still remember its taste, abhi gets teary eyed, pragya notices ut and says are u fine? Abhi says ya, pragya says so u won’t tell me, ugh i understand i m just ur friend, who else, abhi says no u r very special to me, pragya says so tell me, abhi says actually i lost my mom and dad when i was 13, i, i really miss them that’s why i come to this park, pragya says sorry, abhi says its fine..

Pragya thinks to herslef how to cheer up abhi, she thinks to eat ice cream she asks abhi about ice cream but abhi refuses, pragya says okay i will go myself, she stands up and she looses her balance but again abhi holds her, abhi says what the hell Chashmish, how many times would u walk cant u see injury on ur foot, have u any sense, ur foot might be paining too much, pragya says okay baba okay, cute rockstar u look too gud in anger, abhi asked her what did u called me pragya says cute rockstar, abhi smiles and says oh that suits on me, abhi hears Aliya’s voice and looks forward, aliya is with kunal, kunal is saying Aliya, listen, we can’t end this relationship, aliya says kunal its over, its over, abhi and pragya looks at them and listen to their talk, kunal says I love u Aliya, aliya says but my brother he won’t accept this relationship, abhi says i would, aliya is surprised to see him, aliya says bhai, abhi says so my sista loves a boy, aliya says yes, abhi says oh ho,

aliya says stop teasing me pragya laughs and says u both fight like i fight with my sista, pragya is supported by abhi, aliya says u abhi bhai what a jodi abhi says shut up, pragya laughs, abhi says kunal u and aliya would marry soon, kunal hugs abhi, aliya too hugs, pragya again loses her control but this time aliya supports her and says abhi bhai why u left pragya’s hand, abhi says i won’t ever leave pragyas hand, pragya says what, aliya saya nothing bhabhi, pragya says what, abhi manages the situation and says ctually pragya, aliyaa calls each ffriend of mine bhabhi and teases me, pragya says ohh! Aliya sayss yes pragya bhabhi, bhai is right, pragya laughs , abhi smiles.. They all leave for home

Bulbul comes back home and is continiosly thinking about purab, pragya is laying oh her bed, and coughs, bulbul says di, pragya says why are u smiling like a fool, bulbul says after love everyone smiles like a fool, pragya says what, bulbul says nothing di, pragya says okay i can guess so u r in love with sooraj no ranbir no ranveer no kartik no no, bulbul says diiiii i m not in love, pragya says tell me or else i will tell this to mom, bulbul says no no i m telling u, bulbul explains everything to pragya and pragya says oh so purab haan, bulbul says ddi, don’t tease me, pragya says haha okay, purab is smiling abhi says oh ho first time i saw my idiot friend smiling alone wats the matter, purab says nothing, abhi says why would u tell me, i m ur friend not brother, purab says again emotionally blackmail, abhi laughs and purab explains everything, abhi says so u are also in love, purab says who else is in love , u, abhi says no baba aliya loves kunal, purab says kunal ,he is cheap, i hate him abhi says but aliya loves him, purab says fine but when will be u in love abhi thinks about pragya and Allah wariyan plays

Pre recap:nikhil and tanu invite abhigya for their marriage, pragya says i can’t come abhi is shocked

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