abhigya’s destiny episode 10


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Episode starts with surla saying pragya to go to market and bring potatoes, pragya says okay and leaves for market, she goes to stall to buy potatoes man says 1kg of potatoes cost 60 rs pragya pays him, some one says theif theif theif and theif collides with pragya, all potatoes came under a carand pragya gets aangry, aliya was the girl who was screaming theif theif, aliya beats theif, theif gets up and pushes aliya, aliya hits with wall , she bleeds and becomes unconscious, pragya runs to her and takes her to hospital, pragya waits outside of doctor’s room, pragya has Aliya’s purse, Aliya’s phone starts ringing, pragya attends call and it is abhi saying Aliya where are u i m out side of air port waiting for u com’on we have to surprise dadi, pragya says Mister the owner of this phone is in hospital, abhi says what? In which hospital? Pragya says in city hospital, abhi says fine and leaves for hospital,

doctor comes out and says patient is not in serious conditon, she is fine and she would gain concious in just 5 min, pragya says thanku and goes inside, aliya wakes up and says how i came here, pragya explains everything, aliya thanks pragya, pragya says ur brother must be coming, aliya says if u informed her, pragya says yes, aliya thanks her and says how did she informed her brother, pragya says ur purse was with me ur phone was ringing and i just attended it, aliya says oh thankyou! Aliya checks her purse and everything was fine, credit card was present in her bag she thanked pragya, pragya said i must leave, aliya says but listen what is your name, pragya said my name is pragya, pragya arora, and u .. I m aliya, aliya mehra, pragya says bye.

Pragya says to her self the boy she was talking on phone had same voice as abhi but thinks I m over thinking, pragya leaves hospital and at same time abhi entered hospital and asks receptionist about aliya, receptionist says she is in room 26, abhi rushes to see aliya, he enters room and sees injury on Aliya’s head and hugs her and asks are u fine, how it happend? Aliya explains everything, and says humanity is still alive, abhi says what was the name of girl? Aliya says prag… Pragya arora. Abhi thinks if she is same pragya but thinks i m over thinking and asks aliya let’s go home, aliya says fine..

Abhi and aliya enter mehra house, dadi gets surprised and shocked to see aliya, and asks aliya how she got injury, aliya explains everything, dadi says oh! But u did not told me u r coming! Abhi says it was surprise but aliya the fool spoiled it, aliya says bhai! I m not a fool, dadi asks them to stop fighting and asks aliya to fresh up.

Pragya is back home! Surla says is everything fine! Pragya explains everythin surla says i m haphappy that u helped a person, pragya hugs surla, pragya goes toher room an says is aliya abhi’s sister! She can be but leave it, i m not gonna think about abhi now…

Abhi is playing guitar, aliya enters his room and says still guitar, abhi says music is my life and guitar my heart beat, alia laughs and says good dialogue, she takes abhi’s phone and starts watching pics, she sees funny pictures of abhigya and laughs harder, abhi says give me my phone back, aliya says bhai so funny! Abhi says shutup, aliya controls her laugh and says bhai she is the same girl who took me to hospital, pragya, abhi says yes pragya is very good girl, aliya asks is pragya ur girlfriend, abhi says no we r friends just friends, aliya says how u peaople met? Abhi explain everything, aliya says she must have slapped u at the time, she is auch a nice girl, abhi says yes now get lost from my room, Aliya hugs abhi and says chill bhai, aliya was about to leave room she says to abhi, marry her, abhi says shutup! Aliya runs away, and abhi smiles

Bulbul is back home, pragya and surla hugs her, bulbul tells that her meeting went superb, pragya says good! Purab thinks why previous day bulbul left party! Bulbul thinks to herslef why did i left party yesterday!

Pre recap: purab pushes pragya on stage abhi is stunned to see Pragya in new look

Guyz it is short but plz adjust

Credit to: somiya

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    Lovely and cute,

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