Abhigya’s coffee with Aastha (Three shot – intro)

Hi frnds. This is ur Aastha back with a three shot. 1st of all thnq sooooooooooooooo much for ur fabulous support in my os – true love never dies. i never expect that much result. i’m really hpy. plzzz support me like this. this gives me a lot of courage to write.

Hi viewers this is ur fav show COFFEE WITH AASTHA. Sponsored by Telly updates and powered by KKB fans. And I’m ur pretty host Aastha.

Usually we will call cine actors, actresses, directors and music directors. Now ….for a change we r going to invite the leading business man Mr. Abhi.

Abhi enters into coffee with Aastha set.
Aas : welcome to our show sir.
Abhi : 1st of all thnq so much 4 inviting me to the very famous show. I’m ur big fan.
Aas : sir plz…..dont put ice on my head. if i fell in fever then who will host this show.
Abhi : I’m not joking really u r the back bone of this show. Keep it up.
Aas : sir …will u watch this show?
Abhi : ofcourse..its my fav.

Aas : That’s so nice of u sir. Sir we like to give a tribute on u.

Tribute starts.

abhi the name of success. in which field he stepped in that all fields he is in the no:1 place. he is not only a succesful business man but also very kind hearted person. abhi the name of mercy. abhi…he is not only successful in business man but also a very lovale husband too…. we r wishing u to get more success in ur life.

Tribute ends.

Abhi smiles cutely after seeing this.
Aas : sir do u like surprises?
Abhi : y not?
Aas : lets welcome our handsome abhi’s cute wife, Mrs. ABHI.
Pragya enters the set.
We can see full surprise in Abhi’s face.
Abhi : hey pragya ….i saw u getting ready n I asked u to come with me. But u told u r going to meet ur frnd? Now u….
Aastha n Pragya smiles.
Prag : y…. Aastha is not my frnd?
Abhi : when u became frnds ? abhi makes a pout face.

Aastha some pics of abhigya’s beautiful moments. Then abhigya tells abt the incidents.

Aas : ok viewers this is coffee time lets take a short commercial break. This is ur Coffee with aastha sponsored by telly updates and powered by KKB fans.

(hi frnds hope u all will like this. Now I’m talking in btw bcos this is braek na..plz…support me)

Lets welcome back to coffee with aastha sponsored by telly updates and powered by KKB fans.

We talked a lot to abhigya n enjoyed the previous segments. Now we r going to play the last round Rapid fire round.

Aas : sir hope do u have ideal person in ur life. I mean u want to do business with one spsl man. Is in it?
Abhi : ya sure..
Aas : ok. Now ur qn is this. U got appointment to meet that person and he accepted to sign on ur deal. U have to go to meet him at 10 o’ clk. At the same day ur lovable wife’s bday. Frm morning u didn’t wish her. She waiting for ur wish. Now what will u do? Will u go to meet the person or ur wife?
Pragya smiles.
Abhi : I think u planned to kill me.
Aas : mam u r looking like sarasvathi santhi shorubini. But ur hus is saying u like batra kali?
Prag gives killer look to abhi.
Aas : sir still u r thinking. U have to answer this qn like rocket.
Abhi : y r u contucting this round?
Aas : to make understanding sir
Abhi : u r making misunderstanding btw us.

Aas : sir answer….
Abhi: u wont leave me? ok…. I’ll go to meet the person bcos we can’t lose opportunities. But b4 12 o’ clk sure I’ll reach home n I’ll give candle light dinner to my wife. Bcos she likes to live a simple life.
Aas : sooo sweet husband u r….

Now we came to end of our show. Thnq so much for co operating us. This is a gift hamper frm telly updates. U both make a wonderful time. Thnq soo much for coming to our show.

Abhigya : we also enjoyed a lot. Thnq so much for inviting us.

Tata bye bye until then meet u in nxt part. This is urs loving Aastha signing off.

guys how is it? plz tell me through ur cmnts. by ur loving Aastha.

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  1. Totally different track :).I liked a lot Aastha

    1. thnq soo much maha

  2. Awesome aastha it was like seeing coffee with dd loved it the last segment was nice yaar keep it up…

    1. yaa idhu coffee with dd remake dan vaishu. u r also frm tn ah?

  3. nice…

    1. thnq nannu

  4. wowww..very niceee..supr story….ths was end or any continuation??..

    1. no….to be continued dear..thnq soo much for cmnt dear

  5. Its awesome..

    1. thnq sriti

  6. Wow a totally different track ma awesome☺

    1. thnq sooo much saro

  7. Gud yaar. …different thought. ..keep it up

    1. thnq sooo much durga

  8. Different but nice.

    1. thnq boomi

  9. Nice and very funny yaar…….its like coffee with Dd…????kep going….

    1. of course its a remake of coffee with dd dear. u also frm tn ah?

  10. It was awesome aastha…Loved it..Totally different concept…?post soon..

    1. abhi i thought u totally forgot me. u know i read ur os but i cmnted lately so u didnt see mine. anyway dear hpy to see ur cmnt. u r going 4 some cls na? ur cls completed ah? when scl reopen? u r going to 10 frm 11 na? result vandudicha? love u loads dear keep smiling

      1. Actually i saw your comment so late..That’s why i couldn’t reply,…But its okay..you commented na,that’s enough for me…
        N ha,iam now in 10th from 9th…Next year only i will complete my 10th…so no result…

        N my school started on 23rd may…so little busy nowadays..
        How r u?Say about you…

      2. im very fine. now am 2nd year so am senior ..so am ready to show the geth of senior n june 1 is clg reopen. i spend my holiday very borely.
        will u return to swaragini page or not. am not forsing u just asked only. now a days am also paying a little visit thats it.

      3. abhi u r in hangouts or fb? bcos there we can talk easily. if u r in then give the id dear.

      4. I will return..but not as a writer,just as a reader ,….
        Oops..iam not in fb ,hike,insta…only after 10th I will sign in…else my studies will be …?
        But iam in twitter…r u ?

  11. superb….aastha…you know what …..i was really waiting for such an interview between them…..end…means…
    you could have added some more questions…its just a request…anyway it was soooo cute…and wonderful

    1. i dont know what to ask thats y dear. what want to do smthng new in curiosity i posted soon without lots of qn. thnq so much for cmnt dear. do support me like this

      1. defnitly……we will support you…..becoz it is so nice……keep doing the good work…..
        all the best…..

      2. thnq arthi

  12. Coffee with aasatha has become my fav show on its first epi itself
    Excellent dr I really like the way u wrote

    1. thnq sooo much really ur cmnt made my day

    1. thnq soo much moni

  13. awsm

    1. thnq tina

  14. Awesome..

    1. thnq keeks. did u see my cmnt in ur ff?

  15. It was a gr8 start aastha…isnt this supp to b dat ” COFFEE WITH DD”??Ioved d way u talked with us n d.way u made abhigya to speak with us….

    1. thnq dear i replied u but it posted as cmnt so see below

  16. thnq soo much varsha u also frm tn ah? u r the main reason for this u asked me to write os or ff. am not able to write ff ri8 now so i wrote ts.

  17. superrrrrrrrrr no words to explain this.totally different. is this taken from coffee with dd.

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