Abhigya’s coffee with Aastha (Three shot – Episode 1)


Hi frnds am ur Aastha back with next shot of Abhigya’s coffee with Aastha. i’m over whelmed by ur cmnts. plz support me like this. n do cmnts more n more.

After completion of show. Out side of set. Abhigya n Aastha goes to restaurant for coffee.

Aas : I’m really hpy that u came to coffee with me.
Prag : its our pleasure.
Aas : by the way may I know how u both got married? I mean ur past? If u like to share with me…
Abhigya starts to tell their FLASH BACK.

A girl wears pink saree. she hires auto. She asks the driver to go fast. She rushes to bus stand. Her bus is abt to go but she catches the bus. She breathes heavily. She goes to her seat. She looking outside thought window. Then she gets a call.
Caller : hey Sri did u catch the bus? (sri is none other than our sweet pragya)
Pra : yes bulbul I caught bus. By the way u know I’m in window seat.
Bul : but ur seat is next to window seat na?
Pra : haan but the seat owner didn’t came. She smiles. Suddenly Prag shouts oouch…..
Bul : what happened?
Pra : don’t know y this driver put sudden break.

A boy enters the bus. He wears white t-shirt n blue jean.

Bul : finally u caught window seat as per ur wish.

The boy taps on prag’s shoulder. She turns towards him. His face shown he is none other than our handsome n heart rob abhi.

Abhi : excuse me this window seat belongs to me. Prag makes pout face. She gives window seat to him.

Still bul is in line. She burst into laugh.
Pra : just shut up. Am already in angry.
Bul : ok ok cool.
Pra : i’m already in very tension. I want to meet him. I cant wait anymore.
Bul : ohh my baby. U r coming to celebrate our sarla maa’s bday or to meet him.
Pra : both. U always had a one n only job that is praising. I’m really curious to meet him. He did a lot to our orphanage home na.
Bul : ok soon come we all waiting for u.

Pra in mind : MEHRA …how sweet name. he did lot 4 our home. But never see him straight. I just have his email id only. I’m chatting with him sometimes. When he is free.

Abhi is hearing songs our prag sincerely eating bread. On 1 turn prag falls on abhi n ketchep falls on him which she holds in her hand. (they r travelling on mountain)

Abhi : how dare u? see my t-shirt… can u see?
Pra knows that’s her mistake so she talks politely. N abt to ask sry….
Abhi : if I kissed u on turning then will u leave me? Mean while another turning point came n abhi kissed prag on cheek.
Prag : how dare u? I just pour ketchep on u but u… blo***y…
They both fights. Every one looks at them. Conductor comes there.

Con ; shup y r u both shouting? This is not ur private place.
Again they both blaming each other.
Con : shup…there is 1 seat free. Any 1 of u go there.
Abhi : I cant.
Pra : I’m not ready to argue with him anymore. I’m going.

Later she sees his mehra is in online. She starts to chat with him.
Pra : hi mehra..
Meh : hi pragya..
Pra : u r coming to home na? 4 sarla maa’s bday?
Meh in mind voice : of course. Y not. I’m eagerly waiting to see u. I’ve lot money soo that’s not a matter to help others but u.. u r working in out of ur home n doing many 4 invalids. I’m impressed.
Meh types to prag : noo I’m little busy. But I’ll try to come. I cant say that sure I’ll come.
Pra calls bul: hey he is saying he is busy… he is coming na?
Bul : sure dear. His frnd only told that he is coming here 4 sure.
Pra : then ok.

Abhi gets a call : hey young man where r u?
Abhi : hi purab. I’m on the way.
Pu : y ur tone is low?
Abhi : y r u asking that…ohh god… already I’m in tension that I missed train to come there.
Pu : it means…
Abhi : I’m coming by bus. I know what u r thinking… my car is in service center. Finally I’m coming by bus that’s it.. b4 a while a girl sat near to me really she is a incarnation of rakshashi.
Pu : okkk ok cool. We all waiting for u. come soon.

that’s a evening time. Pragya seat hai na surrounding of her all men. She gets little afraid. A man looking at her in bad intension. She runs towards abhi n rests on him. He wakes frm sleep n abt to shout but prag puts finger on his lips. There they shares a cute eye lock.

Pra : plz don’t shout… she pleads….
Abhi : what happened? Any problem? In afternoon u behave like rakshashi now u r pleading?
Pra gives a stern look.
Abhi : sry ..what happened?
Prag explains abt the man.
Abhi : then u r not afraid of me?
Pra : ppl never afraid of jokers.
Abhi gives a stern look.
Pra gives a fake smile sry…

Abhi : its ok. I’m abhi.
Pra : I’m sri.
Abhi : nice to meet u.
Pra : me too.
They both talks a lot n easily became frnds.
That’s a ni8 time. Time is exactly 8:45.

Abhigya n other passengers destination will come in just a 1 hour travel. God thinks they want to spent more time together. Soo their bus tyre got punctured n break down at a time.
Passengers gets down frm bus.

Abhi : can u hear the sound?
Pra : mmm (that’s a falls sound)
Abhi : then come we will rock.
Pra : no am already feeling uncomfortable in saree. If I got wet then I’ll feel more uncomfortable.
Abhi : u don’t like nature?
Pra : y not ? I love but ….

Abhi forwards his hand, pra smiles a puts her hand on his hand.
(I know u all thinking what? In ni8 time how falls na? the falls is decorated by light)
They both abt to go but the oldies stops them. But abhi didn’t pay heed to them. He went near to falls. He is feeling pra is not with him. He turned to see her. She is stand away frm falls.
(there is a water flow btw rock falls n normal land.)
Abhi : what happened?
Pra says this with a fake smile on her face : actually…..i’m….fear of water.
Abhi burst into laugh. U loves nature but fears of water…..ha ..ha..haa..she makes a pout face.
Abhi forwards his hand. Pra holds it very tightly.

Abhigya enjoys. She happily baths in falls. But abhi cant move his eyes frm soft hip of pragya. She sees him then he behaves like he didn’t see anything. She thought to go but unfortunately steps on fungus. She shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhh

FLASH BACK STOPPED by the reaction of Aastha….

Aas : then what happened?
Abhigya : r u curious?
Aas : yaa..
Abhigya : then u have to wait for some time. Its getting late… so tmrw come to our home. There we will tell u.. bye.
Aas : bye….love u loads.

frnds do u like this shot? will i continue it or not? if this is boring plz tell me through ur cmnts i’ll stop this.

Credit to: Aastha

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