Abhigya’s coffee with Aastha (shot 3)


HI frns really am surprised to this much tamilians. thnq soooooooooooooooo much to all who cmnted. thnq soooooooo much to silent readers too. now am getting ready to my clg. u all excited to read this so now am posting this hope u will enjoy this part too. 1 thing i said this is three shot but still i cant complete the story so i’m writing epilogue on it. so support me. again thnq to all……keep smiling dears. take care of ur self…….

Aas : u know I hate eating. I don’t know y am dislike to eat but if I stay here I’ll be fuggi..oh…..fuggi is ur name na?
Pra : hey how do u know my name is fuggi?
Aas : few mins ago I over heard ur romance in kitchen..
Pra : u r really naughty.
Aas : ok now I finished my lunch say the balance story.
Abhi starts to tell the balance FLASH BACK.

Prag dazed to see a girl pic. Just then abhi saw her n said come in.
Abhi : suddenly u here?
Pra : actually …voh…file…
Abhi : place the file on table.
Pra : sir can I ask u something If u don’t mind ….
Abhi : sure..what?
Pra : this pic…
Abhi : this is my jaan. My love my world. My Tanu……
Pragya was totally shattered.
Abhi : I’m in love with her for a year but I told my only 6 months ago. She too loves me. U said u likes me bcos am serving to poor na. she is the reason for that.
Abhi : She want me to be fame. That’s y I served to orphans. As per my thought I got lots of fame. Now definitely she will accept me. Will she accept na?
Pra : haa..han sir. Then she leaves frm there. Water drops escapes frm her eyes. She is on travel to her home. Y I loved him? Without seeing him I fell in love with him. Y god… u always deceive me? What is my fault in this? She cries vigorously
After some days, abhigya goes out. Pra thinks that they r going official but abhi goes some where new. Yaa that is Tanu’s home. He knocks the door. She sees abhigya.
Abhi : dear now am very famous u know? Now we will marry na?
Tanu :nan unna panam sambarichi periyalaga sonnen ana ni panatha selauv panra…unna vechitulam indha ulagathula polaika mudiyadu.( of course I said u have to become very famous. But I never told u to spent money. U r wasting money on orphans. R u gone mad? U r not fit to make more money but wasting only.)
Pra : mam avar help panraru ……romba nalla vishayam dana mam. edhuku avara thirunga (mam he is not wasting. He is serving. He makes smile on ppl face).
Tanu : vaaya moodutu po…. just shut ur mouth. How dare u to talk in btw us. Just stay away frm us. Go…
Pra : sry mam. She goes near car. But she can hear everything what they r talking.

Abhi : now y r u shouting at her?
Tanu : I scold her only y u feeling the pain in behalf of her?
Abhi was dumb.
Tanu : whats going in btw u both? U gave ur mom’s saree to her…
Abhi : nan saree ya unku kuduthapa adha kevala paduthuna nan ippo adha yaaruku kudu tha unku enna ? (1st I gave to u but refused n said that’s old fashioned then y r u feeling abt that.)
Tanu : ok leave it. U got fame ok. But to enjoy our life we want money. So make more profit. Ur company going in loss then how will u marry me n live a hpy life with me? U have to become big business man that also asap then only I’ll marry u or else….hope u can understand. She goes.
Abhi comes to pra : sry pra to talked a lot…
Pra : u always saying am starting the sry n thnq business now what r u doing?
Abhi gives a fake smile.
Pra : I can understand ur state. Go n sleep then wake up freshly with courage. All the best my dear.

1 month passed.
Abhi’s that project also failed again. Abhi is feeling sad. At that time Tanu enters the cabin.
Tanu : hi Mr. Abhishek mehra. I know u cant win. By the way I have a good news for me n very bad news for u.
Abhigya looks at each other confusingly.
Tanu : r u confused? Ok I’ll clear it. This is my marriage card….
Abhi dazed after hearing this. He opened the card n saw groom ‘s name. his BP suits up.
Abhi : tanu u done a biggest mistake in ur life. U left me. That’s ok. Definitely I’ll me u. but when I meet u again then u will feel I missed him. U will meet me as a big business man. Any way congrats to ur marriage life.
Tanu feeling strange after hearing his words but she moved on.
Pra : sir…. I thought u will broken after hearing this but……
Abhi : if she married any other then may be… but she chose a wrong person. She chose my enemy. I wont leave. She is going to married whom I hate at most in the world.

2,3 months passed. Abhigya works hard together. On the other side purab n bulbul totally fell for each other. They desided to marry. They came with a invitation card. All r happy. Rabul married happily. They is just 1 week for their success.

Abhigya n rabul comes to orphanage home which is in hill. Abhi n pu talks casually. While sarla n bul signals something in eyes. Pragya silently looking outside through the window
Sarla : bulbul u r younger to pragya u too get married but still she is saying the same dialogue “I’m not interested to marry”
Bul : maa.. I think she is in love?
Pra : just shut up bul. Y r u saying now love kive. I’m not interested to marry that’s it just leave the topic.
Abhi : hey now y r u fuming. She is crt. U r I marriage age so u have to marry.
Pu : abhi then r u in oldage. U also same age na?
Abhi : Now I’m talking abt her not mine. So don’t increase my head ache.
Pra : I’ll bring coffee for u then u will feel better. Rabul maa u too want coffee?Every1 nods yes.
She goes to kitchen but milk is expired. (paal ketu pochi) she thinks for a while n lights the gas n stirs it. Finally she make palkova. (that’s a sweet which made by milk) she serves to all.

Pu : u said coffee now giving sweet.
Abhi eats it. : wow….its just like as my mom’s. I thought she only makes sweet in waste things but u also.. I love it I want more.
Milk pan is empty..if u want then bring milk n lemon.
Bul : y lemon?
Pra : if we mixed lime juice in milk then milk will expire. U don’t know this too but u r married. Purab I’m pity on u..
Bul makes a pout face.

At ni8 abhi asks some files. Prag goes to search it. Then abhi saw a diary on prag table. He opens it n starts to read.
When I saw Tanu’s pic at abhi’s home then I shattered. I thought that was a black day in my life………………………………………………………………………………………………….
But actually original black day in my life is when tanu rejected my abhi. He never expressed his pain. But I can understand how pains that is.
We can face our failure but that sure we cant see small burden to our loved one. My abhi was in very stress……..but now he has courage to win. I have to arouse it more n more. I want to see him more successful man in front of his enemies….pra comes there with file b4 she saw he kept diary as usual.

He come out to garden. Heavy wind flows …not only in garden also in his mind. He recalls his moments with pragya…..(HAMARI ADHURI SONG PLAYS IN BG)


(while he recalls their kiss n fighting in bus)

Heavy rain comes there. Prag stands in corridor n thinks abt abhi.


(while abhi thinks abt her food n serving…pragya thinks abt how abhi saved her frm her boss)


(pragya recalls how she cried when she came to know abt tanu, while abhi thinks who tanu talked with him rudely)


Water drops comes frm pra’s eyes. Abhi recalls the words which written in prag’s diary. Prag sees abhi in rain. She comes towards him.

Pra : unku enna paithiyama ippidi nananchitu …..chinna pulla mari……ava mundhanai edhuthu abhi thalaya thodachi vidura…..( r u gone mad? See how wet u r? she dries abhi’s hair by her pallu of saree.) Abhi stares her with out blinking eyes. Prag avoids eye contact. She is abt to go abhi holds her hand n pulls towards him. They both r very close.

Abhi : r u in love with me?
Pra : voh……her heart beat increases.
Abhi : just say the truth only.
Pra closes her eyes n says yes I’m in love with u. I want to live with u…she cries…abhi hugs her. He too cries..he kisses on her forehead.
Rabul n sarla claps.
Abhigya comes to sense n breaks the hug.
Sarla : ivanga manasu maaruradu kulla marriage pannidanum. (we’ve to marry them b4 they chage their mind)

Abhigya gets married in simple manner.

To be continued…………….

by urs loving Aastha

Credit to: Aastha

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