Abhigya’s coffee with Aastha (shot 2)

Hi frnds thnq sooooo much for ur response. i’m expecting more cmnts frm u. negative cmnts, eggs tomatoes also welcomed so plzzzzz cmnt me. inga neraya tamilians irukinga oru saga tamizhachi kaga idha kuda panna mattingala? ok i’m frm tn. tmrw is my clg reopen. what abt u all? will u all share abt u or……..? i’m waiting for ur cmnts. frnd in title i wrote as shot 1 in previous i dont know y tu changed it as epi. sry for that. now enough my bakwas.

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Aastha comes to Abhi’s home. Its soo beautiful. She enters the home. There pragya serves food to Abhi.
Pra : hi Aastha join with us.
Aastha eats the food. Mmmm yammy.
Abhi : y not…its made by pragya na…

After breakfast they starts to tell the FLASH BACK.

Pragya unfortunately steps on fungus n shouts. She is abt to slip but as usual our hero abhi catches her. There they takes a very deep eye lock. Then they comes to sense by driver voice that bus is ready.

Both enters into bus with their wet cloths. Oldies looking them wired.
Abhi gives towel to prag. While a shirt falls down. Ohh shit…..prag takes the shirt. She can see only back side of the shirt. She gives it to abhi.
Pra : don’t wry. It didn’t get dirty.
Abhi : it’s a present frm my frnd.
Pra : ohh.
After some time they reches to their destination @ 11 o’ clk.

Nxt day morning.
Bulbul n pragya comes to auditorium of their orphanage home.
Bul : hey u asked abt Mehra na? he is there…
Pragya tries to see him but she can able to see his back pose only. She goes near to him. He turns. Pragya dazed to see him.
Pragya : YOU? She smiles.
Person : ya its me …but u….here? sri what r u doing here?
Pra : abhi I’m also can ask the same question to u.
Pu : abhi she is pragya whom u came to see .
Bul : pragya he is Mehra whom u came to see.
Abhi : but she is sri..not pragya.
Bul : she is sri pragya.
Abhi :ohhh
Pra : but he is abhi… I want to meet Mr. Mehra.
Abhi : hello…I’m Abhishek mehra. see u only presented this shirt to me na?
Pra : ohh..yaa
Pubul : do u know each other?
Abhigya : I told na I met rakshashi / rakshash in travel. That is she..thats he..
Both gives a killer look n realise what they said.
pragya : sorry.
Abhi : dosti aur pyaar mey no sry no thnq. They shakes their hands.
Pubul : come on every 1 is waiting 4 u.
Pragya gives the knife to sarla.
Abhi : maa..cut the cake.
They all feeds to each other.

Nxt day ni8.

Abhi n his partner signed for new project so they r giving party. Prag invited by abhi so she went there. Bul is working in abhi’s company n pu is frnd so they too attended the party.
PraPubul talks casually. While a man enters there.
Bul : hey…pra.. ur boss….
Pra looks at him. N gets irritated by didn’t showed.

All r busy in party. Pra stands alone. She asks orange juice to waiter. Her boss mixes something in 1 orange juice. Abhi saw it. But didn’t mind it. Waiter give otca mixed orange juice to pra. She asks again n again. Now she is in fully drunken state.

Her boss use this time. N tries to misbehave with her but at crt time abhi comes there beats him n saves pragya. He brings pra to his car. He asks her to wear seat belt. She is not responding. He puts seat belt to her while they shares a intense eye lock. They both reaches to abhi’s guest house at the mountain. (till now they didn’t come to city)
Abhi makes pra laid on bed.
Pra : hey…don’t touch…stay away.
Abhi :idhula ellam ushara iru… thappa nadandu kitavankita onnum sollala…kapatha vandavan kita.. stay away..yenna kodama saravanan!!!!(u r clear in this matter but u r saying don’t touch to me who saved u..but u didn’t utter a word to him who tried to misbehave with u….omg)

Next day morning
Pragya wakes n gets shock to see abhi in same room.
Pra : hey..what r u doing here?
Abhi : this is my room. Pragya realises that. She holds her head.
Abhi : there is a lime juice. Drink it. Then u’ll feel better. Then he explains what happened yesterday.
Pra : thnq sooo much.
Abhi : its ok. Get ready we have to go to Mumbai na..
Pra : but…dress….
He thinks for a while then a red colour saree. Prag comes out in that saree. He was totally mesmerised to see her.
Abhi : this is old design saree…do u like this?
Prag : it may be old design but its very comfortable to wear. Its really cool. by the way whose saree is this? (she is little bit tensed n prays god..)
Abhi : its my mom’s pragya gets relaxed.
They both goes to home n picks bul with them.
Bul : u dont have any sense. Do u know how I tensed yesterday?
Pra : sry dear. Actually I like to visit his home so I went there.
Bul : tmrw u have to go office na? so sad. But I don’t have any prob, sir will u give me leave for 2 days?
Prag reaction changed.
Bul : what happened?
Pra : I cant go there anymore. Sry 4 hiding this from u. he is not good. 3 days b4 he tried to misbehave with me so I resigned the job.
Abhi applies a sudden break.
Bul n Abhi : what? Prag was numb.
Abhi scolds her. Bul : ok forgot abt it. Just cool. Now what to do for ur job?
Abhi thinks for a while then..y don’t u join in my company?
Bul :ya he was crt. U join in our company. Prag thnks him.
Abhi : again u started sry n thnq business..
Prag :ok ok. Cool.

She joined in his company as his PA. days passing quickly.
One day abhi is jogging then he met pra near market.
Abhi : hi…u don’t have a habit for jogging?
Pra : panakkarangaluku dan udambula KOLUPU yeri poi kadakum. Yelaingaluku thinanthinam odi odi vela pakuradunala thaniya oda tevai illa. (over fat is only in rich ppl’s blood not in poor. Bcos we r running in our entire life. So there is no need to run separately)
Abhi : now y r u talking like this?
Pra : I just tell the truth sir.
Abhi : ok leave it. I want to eat.. I’m hungry..
Pragya smiles. Come on sir. In few mins I’ll prepare food. She gives a tasty food.
Abhi : u always remembering my maa…will u come with me without asking where?
They both goes to a house.

Pra : whose house is this?
Abhi come inside. Both enters. He takes her to 1 room. Their a a lady’s photo in big size. Pragya understood that she is his maa. He nothing tell abt her. Just showed the pic only n he is stares at the pic without blinking his eyes.
Suddenly he felt brightness in that home. He turned n saw pra lighting the lights.
Abhi : u only brought brightness to this home after my mom. Haan u never ask abt my mom’s husband?
Pra :u never utter abt ur dad..n now also u saying ur mom’s hus…frm this I can understood there is a prob. I’ll never like to hurt u that’s y am not questioning u.

Some more days passed.

Prag want abhi’s sign in files but he didn’t came to office. So she goes to his home where she saw his mom’s pic. Abhi is watching something in very big size tv. She ahead her head to see the tv. She is dazed to see a girl’s pic on that tv.


Aas : who is the girl? Do u know her b4?
Abhi : u r asking story but u only stops the story by ur curiosity.
Pra : its ok leave ….now see the time..i want to prepare lunch. U can hear the balance story in next session. Ok?

Aastha makes a pout face.

frnds how is the shot 2? plz support me. try to share abt u too. by urs loving Aastha

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